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Bera Cemetery

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The Bera Cemetery (sometimes called Vera), established in 1912, is located approximately 1/4 mile south of Harmony Elementary School on the county road know as "Bentley Road." The original land for the cemetery was donated by Mr. Lark Wilson who along with many of his family members, lies buried there.

The cemetery is enclosed by a chain-link fence, and is kept in excellent condition. It is financed by donations from families having loved ones buried there. Each year on Mother's Day, people gather for the purpose of decorating the graves. A covered-dish dinner is held at noon on this day, and in earlier years, a church service and group singing was observed. The church service is no longer held, and the day is spent in visiting and reminiscing.

It was canvassed by Loretta Peacock, a descendent of Mr. Wilson, and Janice Allen on June 21, 1979, and again on November 4, 1980 by Ruth Williams and Gwen Lowry Walker. On this last date there were 353 graves plus 184 unidentified ones. It was canvassed in Aug. 2001 by Drunell Atteberry Adams & Gary Adams


Abernathy, Winnie; Beloved wife and Mom Forever loved Granny B        
Adkins, Hugh P.         
Adkins, Lena        
Alford, Harvey; S/o S. A. & V. I. Alford        
Alford, John M.; Double Stone w/Minnie Alford         
Double Stone w/John M.         
Allison, Mary Lytle; Double Stone w/Ollie Buford Married: Feb.14, 1932        
Allison, Ollie Buford; Double stone w/Mary Lytle Allison        
Athenson, Pamela Ann        
Atkinson, William G.         
Austin, Nora Vivian        
Austin, Robert L.        
Austin, Sarah J.         


Bachelor, Beatrice        
Baker, Rollan        
Barlow, Mae A. ; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Bartlett, Gary D. ; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.         
Bayles, Erika        
Bayles, Vernon Fortenberry        
Bayles, Henry; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Bayles, John Marion        
Bayles, Kathamae; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Bayless, Larry Ray        
Bedford, Casey        
Bell, Frank In Loving Memory        
Birdsong, Nannie E. Double Stone w/ William R        
Birdsong, William R. Double Stone w/ Nannie E. Birdsong        
Blackburn, Bethel Alta Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. T. H. Blackburn Triple stone w/Hilary Hugh & Ola Belle        
Blackburn, Hilary Hugh S/o Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Blackburn; Triple stone w/Bethel Alta & Ola Bell Blackburn        
Blackburn, Ola Belle D/o Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Blackburn; Triple stone w/ Bethel Alta & Hilary Hugh Blackburn
Blevins, Jack Handmade Stone        
Bomesberger, Michael Todd Funeral Home Mrkr        
Bomsberger, Jim Warren Mil. Stone; PFC U. S. Army WWII – Purple Heart        
Bomsberger, Nancy Forever Loved        
Bonham, Jackie Lee HAND        
Bonham, O. C. Handmade Stone        
Bonham, Orren Carl Daddy        
Boone, Herman Double Stone w/L. Marie        
Boone, L. Marie Double stone w/Herman        
Bradford, Littie May Handmade stone        
Bradford, Mack C.         
Bradford, May Handmade stone        
Bradford, Mentie Handmade Stone        
Bradford, Nettie Ola w/o John Moats        
Bradford, Nora Handmade stone        
Bradley, Ida B.        
Bradley, Isaac T.        
Brannan, Sarah Jane        
Broome, Clyde Allan Military Stone: Oklahoma U. S. Army – Viet Nam        
Browning, Neva Esther D/o S. G. & Emma Browning        
Bryant, Adella Double stone w/ Hiram        
Bryant, Hiram Double Stone w/Adella Bryant        
Bullard, Thomas Eugene        
Burgess, Georgia Anna Double Stone w/Charles W.        
Burgess, Hadlee P.        
Burgess. Charles W. Double Stone w/Georgia Anna        
Burke, Robert W.O. W. Stone        
Burke, Sam Hunter Mil. Stone; Texas 328 AUX RMT Dep. QMC PVT WWWI        
Burns, Rosie Mae        


Cain, Benny s/o Sam & Ruth Cain Informant: Mabel Withrow        
Caldwell, Charles I. Brother        
Caldwell, E. E. Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Caldwell, E. Mabel ; Mother; Double Stone w/ W. E. Billie Caldwell        
Caldwell, Edward Ezra—Husband of Shirley Ann; Mil Stone T/Sgt. USAF WWII Korea-Vietnam        
Caldwell, Ida J. ; Sister        
Caldwell, W. E. Billie; Father Double Stone w/E. Mabel        
Caldwell. Shirley Ann w/o Edward Ezra Caldwell; Wed: Dec. 4, 1964        
Camp, Richard L. ; Mil Stone Oklahoma PVT U. S. Army        
Carroll, ? T. ; Handmade stone: Bottom of this stone reads M. A. Carroll 1916        
Coats, B. H.         
Coats, Claud Handmade stone        
Cochran, Laurasena        
Coffelt, Josephine        
Coffelt, Richard        
Cole, Harvey Ray        
Cole, Millie I.; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Cole, Wanda Merl; Baby Sister        
Cole, William H.        
Conaway, Albert L.; Mil Stone Oklahoma PVT. Co. D 161 Med Trn BN WWII        
Conaway, Albert Lynn; AB USAF-KOREA        
Conaway, Donnie Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Conaway, Dorsey Lee; Beloved Son        
Conaway, James Dean “Buster” Wood Fun. Home Mrkr; Bogata, Deport, TX        
Cone, Charlie        
Cone, Elmer P.         
Cook, Carmel        
Cooksey, Calvin E.; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Cooksey, Colleen L. Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Cooksey, Coly Bell; Handmade Stone        
Cooksey, J. T. Handmade Stone        
Cooksey, Jeannie V.         
Cooksey, Jimmy C. ; Atoka Fun Home Mrkr        
Cooksey, John; Loving Father        
Cooksey, John T.; Double Stone w/Lucille E.        
Cooksey, Lucille E Double Stone w/John T.        
Cooper, J. J. ; Father (F. L. T. ) each letter inside a circle.        
Cooper, J. V. ; K. K. K.        
Cox, Emerson D. Our Papa        
Crews, Velma E.         
Crow, Frank; Double Stone w/Grace Crow Married Aug. 28, 1910        
Crow, Glen Gene Infant Gus Pool & Son Fun Mrkr Durant, OK        
Crow, Grace Double Stone w/Frank        
Culver James A.        
Cypert, Rev. S. I. Handmade Stone        


Dacus, Adam Mil. Stone Ok. Cpl. Co. K 143 Inf. WWI        
Daffin, Edith A.         
Daffin, Ish Mil Stone Oklahoma PFC U. S. Army WWI        
Daffin, May Belle        
Daffin, Minnie Mother        
Daffin, Sidney Daddy        
Day, Annie Keeling        
Delay, Hanie H.         
Delay, M. E.         
Dillard, E.        
Doshier, B. E. Handmade Stone        
Duncan, Murlle N. Zweigel Fun. Home Mrkr        


Emerson, Claud C. Mil. Stone PVT U. S. Army WWI        
Evan, Elizabeth Mother        
Evans, Lee W.        


Farmer, Cieria Renay Our Tiniest Angel Infant d/o Ray and Dona Farmer (Bertha Shakota Farmer)        
Faulkenberry, John F. Double Stone w/ Maggie B. (lived at Lane)        
Faulkenberry, Maggie B. Double Stone w/John F. (lived at Lane)        
Faulkenberry, Mary Ann        
Faulkenberry, Nellie        
Ferguson, Anna M. Mother        
Fisher, Mary Catherine D/o Wm. H & Mary Johnson Fisher        
Fisher, William H. Husband of Margaret        
Fleta Bell Wise        
Fortenberry, Erika Seleak; b. Dec. 28, 1976 in Tulsa, OK. d. Dec. 10, 1991


G., J. A.        
George, Ellar Mom; Double Stone w/R Wayne; Wife        
George, R. Wayne Double Stone w/ Ellar; Dad        
Glover, Martha;         
Goodson, Charlie Double Stone w/ Eva Goodson        
Goodson, Eva Double Stone w/Charlie<Br        
Goodson, John Double Stone w/ Mary Goodson        
Goodson, Mary Double Stone w/ John Goodson        
Green, Celia Mitchell Wife of William Woodville        
Green, William Woodville Husband of Celia Mitchell Green        
Griffith, Jess; Father        
Grunert, Clariece; Beloved Wife of Herbert H. Grunert        
Gunter, S. A. ; Handmade Stone Coffey Fun. Mrkr. Reads Samantha Gunter        
Gwaltney, Elizabeth        


Hamlin, Clara Bell; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.
Hammond, Bill; Triple Stone w/ Iva & Minnie Hammond
Hammond, Iva; Triple Stone w/ Minnie & Bill Hammond
Hammond, Minnie; Mother; Triple stone w/Iva & Bill        
Harkey, B. Lloyd; Vault        
Harmon, Fannie        
Harrall, Carmie D. ; H/o Zettie Mae        
Harrall, J. E. Atoka Fun Home Mrkr        
Harrall, Zettie Mae; Wife of Carmie D.        
Harris, Addie Nola; Double Stone w/ James Sampson Harris        
Harris, Ben F.         
Harris, Bessie Jane        
Harris, James Oliver        
Harris, James Sampson; Double stone w/ Addie Nola Harris        
Harris, Phillip W.         
Harris, rev. Benjimen        
Harrison, Glenna Glee; Handmade stone        
Hazelbaker, Helen        
Hensley, Gary Arvin; Twin Son        
Hensley, Orelen Ray ; Mil Stone S1 U. S. Navy WWII        
Hensley, Ruby; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Hill, Eddie L. ; Husband        
Hollon, Effie L.; Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Hollon, Leota        
Hopson, Ann; Handmade Stone        
Horn, Francis M. ; Father; Double Stone w/ Willa Horn        
Horn, O. C. ; Double Stone w/ Othel Horn        
Horn, Othel; Double Stone w/ O. C. Horn        
Horn, Willa; Mother Double Stone w/ Francis M. Horn        
Hunt, Charlie C.; Mil Stone: Oklahoma PFC 20 ARND Inf BN10 ARMD Div. WWII        
Hunt, Lela; Loving Wife & Mother        
Hunt, Lonney L. ; S/o O. T. & M. O. Hunt        
Huttson, Mary B.; Hand made Stone w/o C. J. Huttson        


Jack, Ernest; Double Stone w/Oda M. Jack        
Jack, Oda M. ; Double Stone w/ Ernest Jack; Married: May 9, 1914        
Jack, Toby A. O. ; We four Miss You        
Jennings, Everett G. ; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Johnson, Charley C. ; Double Stone w/Viola        
Johnson, Debbie; Our Littlest Angel        
Johnson, Deborah        
Johnson, Jack E. ; Mil. Stone: Sgt. U. S. Army WWII        
Johnson, Viola; Double Stone: w/ Charley C. Johnson; Wed: Jul. 17, 1945        
Joles, Albert        
Jones, Adelpha E. Moreland; Handmade Stone        
Jones, John R. ; Double Stone w/Sarah A.        
Jones, Martin Newton; Mil. Stone U. S. Army-Korea        
Jones, Patsy; Fun. Home Mrkr        
Jones, Rosie Lee; Mother        
Jones, Sarah A. ; Double Stone w/ John R.        
Jordan, Francis Lougene        


Keeling, Sarah F. Handmade Stone        
King, Myrtie; Mother        
Kuntz, George; Fun. Home Mrkr        


Ladd, Ruth Ann; Handmade Stone        
Lang OR Long, Emma Jean D/S w/John Stewart Long or Lang; Mil. Stone U. S. Army-Vietnam        
Lang OR Long, John Stewart (Star of David @ Top of stone) D/s w/Emma Jean        
Latimer, Thomas A.        
Latimer, Zelen Lou        
Lawson, Josephine A. ; Double Stone w/ William J. Lawson        
Lawson, Randy Jackson        
Lawson, William J.         
Leeds, Jane; w/o Perry Leeds        
Leeds, Perry        
Leuty, George O., Sr.; Mil. Stone: Oklahoma PFC 485 Bomb SQ AAF WWII        
Leuty, Lester; Double stone w/ Lola Bell. Children: Betty, Emma, Imma, Hurshell, Earl & Peggy. Wed: 3/24/1936        
Leuty, Lola Bell; Double Stone w/ Lester        
Leuty, William Bert        
Looper, Dennis; Our Darling: S/o T. S. & O. F. Looper        
Lowell, Goffery Allen ; Mil. Stone: AN U. S. Navy        
Lynn, John C.         
Lynn, Mary Frances        
Lynn, Ola Annie        
Lytle, Annie Lee ; Mom. The Lord Is My Shepherd        
Lytle, Edward J. ; Dad. Jehovah Is My Strength        


Marshall, Minister J. S.; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Mason, Glenn Albert; S/o Roy & Verda Mason        
Mason, Sarah E. ; D/S w/ W. B. Mason        
Mason, W. B. D/S w/ Sarah E. Mason        
Maxey Misouria M. ; D/S w/ Jarvis L. Maxey        
Maxey Odie Lee; My Grannie        
Maxey, Curtis R.; Mil. Stone: Oklahoma PFC QM Corps. WWII        
Maxey, Jarvis L.; D/s w/ Misouria M.        
Mayhew, J. C. , Jr.        
McCabe, Julia A.        
McCabe, Marion M. ; Double Stone w/ Sallie N. McCabe        
McCabe, Sallie N.; D/S w/ Marion M. McCabe        
McClary, Myra; We loved you mom        
McCormick, Effie M. COLE; Mom        
McCullar, Lona; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
McHardie, Lester        
McKinney, Melvin E.; Husband, Son & brother        
Mead, Ben; Informant: Ollie Scarlett Wilson        
Mead, Charlie T. ; S/o C. & M. C. Mead        
Mead, Floyd H.        
Mead, Henry C.         
Mead, John W.; Fun. Home Mrkr.         
Mead, Mary F.; Mother        
Mead, Mattie C. ; Wife of Charlie Mead        
Mead, Richard Louis; Mil. Stone: Arizona FR U. S. Navy-Vietnam        
Meeks, J. W.         
Milam, Bertha Mae         
Milam, George Delbert; Brother        
Miller, Granvil        
Miller, Jewell M.         
Miller, Lillie; Atoka Fun Home Mrkr        
Moore Jerry Lee;         
Moore, A. D. ; Handmade Stone Keith & Son Fun. Home Mrkr at this site        
Moore, Alex; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Moore, Ida P. W. Jones; Mother        
Moore, Janie; Handmade Stone        
Moore, Julia; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Moore, Lillie; Handmade stone        
Moore, Odis, ; Fun Home Mrkr        
Moore, Ray Glenn        
Morris, Beatrice; Mother        
Morris, Jim; Mil Stone: OK PVT U. S. Army WWI        
Morris, Little Robert Wesley ; Hand made stone        
Mosley, Clara WELCH; W/O Lee W. Mosley; D/o James Edward and Lucy Ann WOOTEN Welch
Mosley, Jodie; D/s w/W. R. (Crip) Mosley        
Mosley, Leon; Pops We love you; Glendon & Robby        
Mosley, Myrtle; Zweigel Funeral Home Mrkr        
Mosley, Patricia Denise YORK; Loving Mother of Tommy Wayne        
Mosley, Robert; Funeral Home Mrkr-no name        
Mosley, Tommy Doyle; Mil. Stone: SP4 U. S. Army        
Mosley, W. R. (Crip); D/s w/ Jodie Mosley        
Muncy, Z. T.         


Nephvin, Raymond McLoy ; S/o A. A. & E. P. Nephvin        
New, Martha; Double Stone w/ William F. New        
New, William F. ; Double Stone w/Martha New        
Nichols, Betty Sue; Infant Dau. of Winston & Vivian Nichols        
Nichols, Euna M. ; Double Stone w/John P. Nichols        
Nichols, Ida; Wife of Bob Nichols        
Nichols, John P. ; D/S w/ Emma M. Nichols        
Nichols, Nora; Name is carved into a curb around this grave site        
Nichols, Vivian SMITH; D/s w/ Winston B.        
Nichols, Winston, B. D/S w/ Vivian Smith Nichols        


Oxford, Edward Lee        
Oxford, Lois Viola        
Oxford, Theresia E.        


P, E. C. ; handmade stone        
Parker, L. B.         
Parker, Martha Elizabeth; Mother of Mrs. Wilie Ann Fleet, Harvey & Ray Parker; Informant: Mabel Withrow & Luan Powell        
Patton, Debra Gwyn        
Patton, Jessica E.         
Pelts, Sam; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Pelts, Susie Louise; Handmade Stone        
Peters, Dorothy Lee; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Phillips, J. Z. John Zachary ; D/s w/Mary C.         
Phillips, Mary C.; Mother; D/s w/ J. Z.        
Phillips, Mary Catherine (FISHER) [Davis] [Williams] (See under Fisher)        
Potter, Herman B.; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Price, Edith L. ; Dau. of Tom & Ina Price        
Province, Irene Bonham        


R ? ; Infant Dau. Moon Funeral Home Mrkr Durant, OK.        
Rains, Earl A.        
Rains, Gravil A. ; Papa- Double Stone w/ Minnie L.        
Rains, Mary Lucy        
Rains, Minnie L. ; D/S w/ Granvil        
Rankin, Earnest Eugene        
Reagan, Thomas Brown; Mil Stone: PVT U. S. ARMY WWI        
Reeves Baby        
Reynolds, Dewey; Father        
Reynolds, Mike; Handmade stone        
Ridgway, Betty        
Ridgway, Dana S.        
Ridgway, J. R.         
Ridgway, Jimmy A.         
Ridgway, R. S.         
Ridgway, Stanley J. ; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Ridgway, Stanley, Jr. Dan        
Rieger, Harmon ; S/o C. D. & Dovie Reiger        
Roberson, Chester Elbert; Mil Stone: SP4 U. S. Army-Vietnam        
Roberson, Chester Elbert; SP4 U. S. Army Vietnam        
Roberson, Elmer E.        
Roberson, Jeanice Carolyn; Infant        
Roberson, Robert Bryan         
Roberts, Edward A.; Mil. Stone PFC U. S. Army WWII        
Roberts, Frank R. ; Papa        
Roberts, Frank Richard; Papa; Double Stone w/Ora O. Roberts        
Roberts, Joseph E.; Mil Stone CPL U. S. Army WWII        
Roberts, Ora O. ; Mama; Double Stone w/Frank Richard        
Roberts, Worthy Forbus; Military Stone PFC U. S. Army WWII Korea        
Rodgers, Charlie B.; Father        
Rodgers, Elvira (CARNELL); Double Stone w/ Ike Rodgers        
Rodgers, Ike; Double Stone w/Elvira CARNELL        
Rorex, J. J. ; Double Stone w/ Suesie Rorex        
Rorex, Suesie; Double Stone w/J. J. Rorex        
Rounsaville, W. T. ; Father        


Scruggs, James Henry        
Seabourn, Carl A. ; Double Stone w/ Minnie B. Seabourn        
Seabourn, Charlie A. ; Military Stone PVT. U. S. Army        
Seabourn, Herman Ray        
Seabourn, Mack A. ; Military PVT U. S. Army WWII        
Seabourn, Minnie B.; Double Stone w/Carl A.        
Settlemire, Mary Edna; Brown Fun. Home Mrkr        
Sewell, Fred W. Masonic Emblem        
Sewell, Irene C.         
Sewell, J. P. ; Handmade Stone        
Sewell, Nora E.         
Sheffield, A. V. ; Handmade Stone        
Sheffield, Alice V.         
Sheffield, Florence L. BUTLER; Double Stone w/Leonard E. Sheffield Married Dec. 23, 1927        
Sheffield, Herbert D. ; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.        
Sheffield, Leonard E. ; Double Stone w/Florence L. BUTLER Sheffield        
Sheffield, William E. ; Double Stone w/ Alice V. Sheffield        
Smith, Bertie        
Smith, Charlie A., Jr.        
Smith, Cleora; Handmade Stone        
Smith, Jack        
Smith, William         
Smith, Willie Mazy        
Spray, Mandy P. ; Double Stone w/ Wayne W.        
Spray, Wayne W. ; Double Stone w/Mandy P. Spray        
Starling, Alice F. & Huford; To The Memory of my Wife & Child        
Stephens, W. H. ; Handmade stone        
Stout Uncle Henry        
Strickland, Helen ; Handmade Stone        
Swindell, Ann Elizabeth; Quad Stone w/ Esther E. Bobbie Joe & Robert O.        
Swindell, Bobbie Joe; Quad stone w/ Robert, Esther, and Ann Elizabeth Swindell        
Swindell, Esther E. ; Quad stone w/ Robert, Bobbie Joe & Ann Elizabeth Swindell        
Swindell, Etter        
Swindell, R. O.         
Swindell, Robert ; Quad Stone: w/Esther E., Bobbie Joe & Ann Elizabeth Swindell        


Tate, Della ; Bradley        
Taylor Brothers Lum Ernest; Double Stone w/ C. H. Taylor        
Taylor, Alvin; Handmade Stone s/o J. f. & A. T. Taylor        
Taylor, Ancel; S/o J. F. & A. T. Taylor        
Taylor, C. H. ; Double Stone w/Lum Ernest        
Taylor, James A.         
Taylor, Jinnie A.        
Taylor, Lee Roy         
Taylor, Maud; D/o G. M. & M. E. Taylor        
Taylor, N. J. ; Handmade Stone        
Taylor, Wm. F. ; Mil. Stone: CPL Co. M 1 Ark. Cav.        
Thompson, Velma        
Tyler, John Wilson Jr; Mil. Stone PFC US Army WWII        


Veal, Essie; Wife of E. A. Veal        
Vinyard; Handmade Stone        
Vinyard, Jamie; Handmade Stone        
VonSlyke, Hugh R.         


Wade, Lucy Mead; W/o Jim Wade and sister of Ben Mead Informant: Ollie Scarlett Wilson        
Walker, Almeda; W/o Elmer Louis        
Walker, Carl R.; Mil. Stone PFC U.S. Army WWII        
Walker, Charles E. ; Double Stone w/ Ima R.        
Walker, Elmer Louis; H/o Almeda; father of Woula, Virginia, David, Richard, Floyd & Cecil         
Walker, Gayla Jean        
Walker, Ima R. ; Double Stone w/Charles E.        
Walker, Marvin Louis        
Walker, Thelma “Toni”; Dau. of J. W. & Bessie Oxford        
Walker, William L.         
Wallace, Dewitt P.; Father        
Wallace, Roy L.         
Walthall, Mary C.         
Walthall, Robert        
Wayne, Donnie ; Leon We Love You Beloved Husband and Dad        
Weakley, Bonnie N. Double stone w/ Oscar : Our Beloved Parents        
Weakley, Margarette Jane; Mother        
Weakley, Oscar Connelly; Double Stone w/ Bonnie N. Weakley        
Weaver, J. A.         
Weaver, Leslie; S/o Charles and Maud Weaver; Informant: Mabel Withrow        
Welch, J. E.         
Welch, Larry; Double Stone: w/ twin brother Tarry; Sons of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Welch        
Welch, Safonia        
Welch, Tarry; Double Stone w/ Twin Sons Larry; Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Welch.        
Whitmire, Aaron W. ; W/ Geraldine J.        
Whitmire, Geraldine J. ; W/Aaron W.        
Whitmire, Joyce Renay; Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr        
Whitmire, M. R. ; Handmade Stone        
Williams, Carrie Ola Emerson        
Williams, Clyde; Browns Fun Home Mrkr        
Williams, Elvira Elizabeth        
Williams, James Anderson        
Williams, Mr. E. W. ; Handmade Double Stone w/ Mrs. M. F. Williams        
Williams, Mrs. M. F. ; Handmade Double Stone w/ Mr. E. W. Williams        
Willson, Wm. R. ; Mil. Stone Co. M. 16 MO. Cav.        
Wilson Don Edward; Browns Funeral Home Mrkr.        
Wilson, Alfred Lee; Mil. Stone Oklahoma MEC U. S. Army WWI        
Wilson, Charley; Handmade Stone        
Wilson, Elizabeth; Wife of L. A. Wilson        
Wilson, Ella Me; Double Stone w/S. W. (Turkey) Wilson        
Wilson, Francilla M. ; Wife of Arthur Wilson        
Wilson, Hallie Burden        
Wilson, Holly B. ; Mil. Stone CPL U.s. Army WWII        
Wilson, Infant; Dau. of L. A. & E. Wilson        
Wilson, James Jr.        
Wilson, Lark Anderson; Father        
Wilson, Lelia L. ; Coffey Fun. Home Mrkr        
Wilson, Mary; Handmade Stone & F. H. Mrkr        
Wilson, Mary Jane        
Wilson, Paul; Mil Stone PFC U. S. Army WWII        
Wilson, S. W. (Turkey); Double Stone w/ Ella Mae Wilson        
Wilson, Susan Rebecca        
Wilson, Zelora; D/o L. A. & E. Wilson        
Wilson, Zemna Jewell; Double Stone w/James Alie Married: May 6, 1922        
Wise, Eloise        
Wise, Fannie        
Wise, Tom        
Withrow, Bessie; D/o A. C. & L. P. Withrow        
Wood, Bood Elisha; Mil Stone OK. PFC SVC BTRY 372 SA BN WWII        
Wood, Joel Lee; Tins Fun. Home Mrkr        
Wood, Lige P. ; Mil. Stone Oklahoma PVT U. S. Army WWII        
Woods, Harrison; Double Stone w/Maud Woods        
Woods, Lucille C.        
Woods, Maud


Young, Julia Ann
Young, Samuel; Mil. Stone: Ok. Chief Cook 1 U. S. Vol. Cav. Spanish-American War