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Bethany Cemetery

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To reach the Bethany Cemetery, go 1 1/2 miles east of the stoplight on Court & Mississippi Streets in Atoka to the Forest Hill Road. Turn south and go 5 1/2 miles to the General Assembly (Church of the First Born) Church and turn west .3 mile. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. It is enclosed by a chain-link fence, is well kept, and is still an active burial place. The first grave dated here is 1904.

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Baldwin, Clarence H.
Baldwin, Florence J.
Baldwin, William A.
Bayles, Walter Coffey Fun. Home Mrkr.
Blann, Infant S/o MM John Blann
Blann, Lynn

Campbell, Lillie Mae (Blanchard)[Hicks] [Henderson] [Bayles] Dau. of Joseph and Lizzie "Bullard" Blanchard
Carey, Edgar D. (Son)
Carey, Inez wife of Jesse Double Stone
Carey, Janet E. (Daughter)
Carey, Jesse h/o Frankie Inez Double Stone
Carey, Larry D. Son
Chavers, B. E.
Chavers, C. J. Jewell h/o Mona J. Double Stone Married: 45 Years
Chavers, David H.
Chavers, Gene Eldon h/o Shirley (Lewis) Chavers Son of: Columbus Jewell and Mona Juanita "Magby" Chavers
Chavers, Johnnie M. w/o Robert H. Double Stone
Chavers, Mona J. w/o C. J. Double Stone Married 45 years
Chavers, Mona Juanita (Magby)W/o Columbus Jewell Chavers - D/o Francis and Ethel Magby
Chavers, Pearl A.
Chavers, Robert H. h/o Johnnie M. Double Stone
Chubbee, Zelzy
Cooksey, Charles D. Military Stone
Cooksey, Clarence D. Coffey Fun. Home Mrkr.
Cooksey, Elizabeth Funeral Home Mrkr.
Cooksey, Sheena Louise Handmade Stone
Coslow, George Funeral Home Mrkr.
Crittenden, Aaron Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.
Cruse, Harry S/o Frank and Julie (Johnson) Cruse
Culley, Larkin Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.

Davis, Claude A. H/o Dellar Double Stone Military Stone AS U. S. Navy WWII Yoakum Fun. Home, Purcell, OK
Davis, Dellar (Mama) w/o Claude A. Double Stone
Davis, Infant Daughter of M/M Claud Davis
Davis, Joe Mil. Stone Pvt. U. S. Army WWII BSM PH & OLC
Davis, LeRoy
Davis, Rueban A.

Earnst G. L. J. Son E. W. Illegible handmade stone

Furr, Julia E. Atoka Fun. Home Mrkr.

Garveston, E. L. (Father) Mil. Stone WAGR US Army WWI H/o Violet Double Stone
Garveston, Violet M. (Mother) w/o E. L. Double Stone
Gibson, Willie

Henderson, Anita L.
Henderson, Baby Boy Fun. Home Mrkr.
Henderson, Della Fannie (Cooksey)[Hamm] [Wardrip] D/o John Thomas and Emily Belle "Gabriel" Cooksey
Henderson, Dock D.
Henderson, John Samuel (Uncle)
Henderson, Julius G. (Daddy) Double Stone H/o Lillie Bell Henderson
Henderson, Lillie Bell (Mother) w/o Julius G. Married: Sept. 17, 1925 - 45 Years
Henderson, Paul Lafayette (Grandpa)
Hicks, James Ishmel
Hicks, Joseph S/o Joseph Daniel and Kathamae "Hamlin" Hicks
Hicks, Mike Handmade Stone
Himes, Flossie Marie (Bowles) D/o James Alonzo and Mildred Maybelle "Edwards" Bowles
Hodges, Jesse J. Funeral Home Mrkr.
Hodges, Nora B. Funeral Home Mrkr
Hodges, Roy L. Funeral Home Mrkr.
Hodges, Shelt Funeral Home Mrkr.

Jackson, Bobbie S.
Jackson, Caramel (#1 Jackson Fenced Plot) Dau. of E. & Jessie Jackson
Jackson, Edmund (#1 Jackson Fenced Plot)
Jackson, Folsom (#2 Jackson Fenced Plot) #2 Jackson Plot contains 8 unmarked graves
Jackson, Frona (8 years old) Dau. of Robert & Elizabeth Jackson
Jackson, Hayden Linebaugh (#2 Jackson Fenced Plot Mil. Stone U. S. Army WWII
Jackson, Jessie (#1 Jackson Fenced Plot) Wife of E. Jackson
Jackson, Lamar H. (#2 Jackson Fenced Plot)
Jackson, Quanda Madge (#1 Jackson Fenced Plot)
Jackson, Robert H/o Amada
Jackson, Stella Virginia (#2 Jackson Fenced Plot)

Lewis, Bessie Homer D/o Smith & Julia Lewis
Lewis, Hattie D/o Smith & Julia Lewis
Lewis, Otis L.
Lewis, Raymond S/o Smith & Julia Lewis

Pound, Nancy Louise (Pool) Daughter of Thomas and Mary Pool
Pound, Newman Lafayette Rev. S/o Richard & Patsy Pound
Pound, Paul O. Rev. Funeral Home Mrkr.
Prewett, Evelyn Mae Atoka Funeral Home Mrkr.

Rackley, Gertie Handmade Stone
Ripley, Dixson
Robinson, Jas. M. Military Stone Co. M. 2 MO. Cav.
Robinson, Sarah J. (Handmade Stone) W/o Smith B. Robinson

Scott, C. Oliver
Scott, David B.
Scott, Troy W.
Scott, W. F.
Sipes, Clarisa D/o U. E. & S. M. Sipes
Sipes, Earl S/o U. E. & S. M. Sipes
Sipes, Grace D/o U. E. & S. M. Sipes
Sipes, Missouri Mother of U. E. Sipes
Sipes, S. M. (Mother) w/o U. E. Sipes
Sipes, U. E. (Father) H/o S. M. Sipes
Sipes, Ueal S/o U. E. & S. M. Sipes
Stogner, Mary (#1 Jackson Plot) Wife of Millard Stogner????
Stogner, Millard F. (#1 Jackson Plot) Husband of Mary Stogner?????
Story, Albert Coffey Fun. Home Mrkr.

Trent, Baby Son of G. W. and Lizza Trent
Trent, George
Trent, Jessie

Urabazo, Karen Sue Funeral Home Marker

Williams, Betty Lou (Leuty) w/o Ronnie Williams D/o Lester and Lola Leuty
Williams, Johnie Mae
Williams, Leta Faye D/s w/ Lonnie Doyle Williams
Williams, Lonnie Doyle D/s w/Leta Faye
Williams, Nina Leona Handmade Stone Williams, Tom (Father) H/o Zona Williams
Williams, Tommie
Williams, Zona (Mother) W/o Tom Williams