Boggy Depot Cemetery

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The Boggy Depot Cemetery is located 10 miles west of Atoka on Highway 7, and about five miles south. It is one of the oldest and most historical burial sites in Atoka County, and is within the confines of the Boggy Depot State Park. It is enclosed by a chain-link fence, is very well kept and still in use. This is not a complete list of this cemetery. When I locate the canvass I made in the fall of 2001; I will make the additions and post the notice to this page. It will be re-canvassed in the fall of 2002.

Received: August 21, 2002
FYI... A graveside funeral service with military honors will be given at the Boggy Depot Cemetery this Saturday 11:00 AM August 24, 2002.
James Freddy Hill, age 57, US Army Veteran of the Vietnam War, Two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star Medal were awarded. Military Honors by Boyd Fallwell will follow the graveside funeral service.
This info is to update your records if you wish. Found your website in a search for Boggy Depot Cemetery.
Chaplain Boyd Fallwell
2828 S.W. 53rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK. 73119
Ph. 405-681-4263 Mobile 405-834-4690
Chaplain Boyd Fallwell
Honor Guard


Adcock, Bettie K.
Applegate, Claire
Arbogast, Caroline Our Mother
Armstrong, Joan Handmade Stone
Armstrong, Sep Handmade Stone W/o L. D. Armstrong


Ball, Odiles W/o T. J. Ball
Beebe, Mrs. N. M
Booze, Carol Ann
Booze, Lena Karen
Booze, Luther David
Booze, Thomas Elmer Papa
Breeding, Nancy E. Handmade Stone
Brumley, Ira L. S/o Harvey L. & Ruby Mae TAYLOR Brumley
Buck, Joyce
Buckholts, Matilda W/o WM. Buckholts
Buckholts, Napoleon G.
Buckholts, Robert E. Lee S/o William & Matilda Buckholts
Buckholts, Robert Orion S/o R. E. & Oprah Buckholts
Burton, Mary C. W/o R. D. Burton


M. C. Handmade Stone
Campbell, Baby
Campbell, Joe Double Stone w/ Linda
Campbell, Linda Double Stone w/Joe
Carnes, Alva B.
Carnes, Mary A.
Carns, B. M.
Carns, W. D.
Carter, Eula
Carter, Wilson
Casey, John J.
Cathey, Baby
Cathey, Gene Harlan Double Stone w/Patricia Lee Cathey
Cathey, Patricia Lee Double Stone w/Gene Harlan Wed: Aug. 1, 1960 Parents of: Gene Jr. (1961) Jackie Dean (1963) Roger Clay (1964)
Cathey, J. Walker Double Stone w/Mattie Cathey
Cathey, Mattie Double Stone w/J. Walker; Wed: Dec. 19, 1892
Cathey, Selba Jean Double Stone w/Tommy Lavern Cathey
Cathey, Tommy Lavern Double Stone w/Selba Jean
Chastain, Isaac Stephen Handmade Stone
Cleek, Jim Handmade Stone
Clowers, Calvin
Clowers, Lee Edward Father
Coates, Steve S/o Earnest Lee & Donnie Mae MAYES Coates
Coats, Mathew C. Double Stone w/Minnie M.
Coats, Minnie M. Double Stone w/Mathew C.
Colbert, Telephus Inside stone wall w/Israel Folsom graves:
Cook, Edgar W. Hennegar-Allen Funeral Home
Cook, Leslie S/O Robert & Elizabeth Cook Cook, R. L.
Cook, Robert Lee Double Stone w/Lizzie Cook
Cook, Lizzie Double Stone w/Robert Lee Cook
Courtney, Kenny Handmade Stone
Courtney, Tammy Handmade Stone
Cox, Jess Papa Double Stone w/Cora
Cox, Cora Mama Double Stone w/Jess
Cox, Jessie Handmade Stone
Cox, Marry Handmade Stone
Crites, Metta Lea
Crites, Mural Leon
Crowell, Infant Son of Triple Stone: L. C. & M. E. Crowell (See Mary Dugger)
Currie, Robert R. S/o J. M. & M. E. Currie


Denton, Wm. F.
Deskin, Arvel Ray Double Stone w/J. D. Deskin, Jr.
Deskin, J. D. Jr. Double Stone w/Arvel Ray Deskin
Deskin, John David Father
Deskin, Minnie A Loving Mother
Dewitt, Annie Double Stone w/W. R. Dewitt
Dewitt, Artie F. Rev. Daddy
Dewitt, Henry W. S/o James Dewitt & Maggie ROYALES Dewitt
Dewitt, Truman F.
Dewitt, W. R. Double Stone w/Annie Dewitt
Dugger, Mary E. Crowell Triple Stone w/Infant Son of L. C. & M. E. Crowell
Dugger, W. M. Triple Stone w/infant son of L. C. & M. E. Crowell
Dwight, Anna


Eddy, Miss Clara W. Born in New York-Died in Boggy Depot, C. N. A Resident of the I. T. 32 Years
Elliott, F. L.
* Evans, Beulah Mae; w/o Jacob Evans & sister to Clifford F. Hill (Tushka)
Evans, Chance D. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Evans, Danny Leo Military Stone: OK PFC U. S. Marine Corps Vietnam – PH
Evans, Jacob E. Military Stone: PFC U. S. Army WWI
Evans, James Wylie
* Evans, Phillip Eton; Grandson of Jesse & Beulah Evans, brother of Danny Leo Evans; Killed in a trucking accident in Idaho.
*Evans, Tonya Michelle D/o Phillip Eton & Vickie Evans. Killed by an accidental gun shot.
Evans, Timothy George


Fahrny, John Christian Double Stone w/Sarah Eugenia
Fahrny, Sarah Eugenia Double Stone w/John Christian
Flint, C. W.
Folsom, Rev. Israel Enclosed in a rock wall w/Lovica, Lula Folsom, and Colbert, Telephus
Folsom, Lovica Nail W/o Israel Folsom
Folsom, Lula Dau. of Dr. I. W. & Bell Folsom
Freeney, Sarah W/o Robert Freeney
Freeney, Robert H/o Sarah Freeney


Gray, Claudie Lee Triple Stone: S/o R. R. & M. P. Gray
Gray, Twin Boy of Triple Stone: R. R. & M. P. Gray w/ Claudie Lee Gray & Maggie Belle Hoskins
Gudgel, Johnnie L. S/o Thomas A. & Emma C. PRICE Gudgel
Gudgel, Phyllis Rea D/o Floyd H. Seybert & Beatrice Cline Seybert
Guyton, Pauline Dau. of J. T. & A. M. Guyton


Hall, George W. Military Stone: PFC U. S. Army WWI
Hall, James Henry S/o George Washington Hall & Nettie Lou JACKSON Hall
Hamersley, Nancy Vera Mother
Harkins, Charlotte Z. D/o G. W. & S. Harkins name one of four on stone w/Sopia C. Harkins, Willie G. Harkins & Charlotte Thompson w/o Giles Four sided stone. One name on each side.
Harkins, Sophia C W/o G. W. Harkins on stone w/Charlotte Z., Willie G. Harkins and Charlotte Thompson
Harkins, Willie G. Brother of G. W. on stone w/Charlotte Z. Sophia C. Harkins & Charlotte Thompson
Hester, G. B. In Memory of a Beloved Husband & Father Masonic Stone
Hester, Joseph E.
Hester, Rebecca Mrs. Broken stone
Hester, Robbie J.
Hicks, James W. Double Stone w/Lizzie B. Hicks
Hicks, Lizzie B. Double Stone w/James W.
Hill, Arrabella C. W/o Charles Hill
Hill, Dot Handmade Stone
Hill, James Freddy
Hill, Joe Handmade Stone
Hokett Darrell Dwayne....For a complete obituary, see: Brown's Funeral Service

Hoskins, Corry Lee W/o W. J.
Hoskins, Julia Lee W/o J. H. Hoskins
Hoskins, Maggie Belle Dau. of J. H. & M. A. Hoskins Triple Stone w/Claudie Lee Gray and Twin Boy Gray
Hotchkin, John Jay S/o John & Fannie G. Hotchkin
Howard, Carrie
Howard, Joseph E.


Inge, Mary D/o Thomas & Teresi Tranquil Inge


James, H. Grady Chaney Funeral Home Marker-McAlester, OK
Johnson, Barnes
Johnson, James Father (Myrtle Johnson, see Myrtle Mills
Johnson, Willard Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Johnson, W. M. (Father) Double Stone w/ Mother no name listed for wife
Johnson, Mother Double Stone w/W. M. Father
Jones, Baby Son Of J. f. & M. E. Jones
Jones, Cora Lee Beloved Wife and Mother
Jones, Minnie Ola Dau. of F. M. & E. J. Jones
Jones, R. T.
Justus, J. W. – Father Double Stone w/ Wife Emily
Justus, Emily – Mother Double Stone w/husband J. W.


Kingsbury, C., D. D.
Kingsbury, Hannah M. Wife of John P. Kingsbury
Kingsbury, John P. Age 46 Yrs. 2 mo. 12 days
K., H. M.


Lackey, L. C. Son of James & S. E. Lackey
Langendorf, Charlie
LeFlore, Forbis Age 71 years
Long, Gus B. Son of C. B. & M. F. Long
Long, Mrs. Lizzie Wife of Frank Long
Ludlow, Anna WRIGHT Grave is inside rock wall w/Rev. Allen Wright Family graves


Marical, Ethel D/o Thomas A. Willeby & Louella CONWELL Willeby; w/o Ray Marical
Maurer, Charles Joseph
Maurer, A. M.
Maxey, Danny D.
Maxey, George W. Atoka Funeral Home
Mayo, J. A.
Mayo, P. E.
McBride, Kate MOORE -W/o H. Y. McBride (inside stone wall w/Rev. Israel Folsom family graves.) Reason to believe she is the daughter of Dr. John Henry & Sophia P. FOLSOM Moore
McCorkle, Lillie Belle Sister
McCurdy, William
McDaniel, Paul S/o W. E. & T. E. McDaniel
Miller, William T. S/o Isaac & Mary Miller H/o Cora BRUMLEY Miller Wed: Nov. 16,1924 Johnston Co., OK
Mills, Little Edna Dau. of Myrtle-Granddaughter of J. R & A. C. Johnson
Mills, Myrtle Johnson This grave is next to Little Edna Mills, we can assume that Myrtle's Surname was Mills. D/o J. R. & A. E. Johnson
Moore, Emma Mae Our Darling Mother
Moore, John Henry, M. D. Inside the rock wall with Rev. Israel Folsom Family graves
Moore, Sophia P. Folsom Wife of Dr. J. H. Moore grave inside rock wall w/Rev. Israel Folsom Family graves
Moore, Thomas B. Inside rock wall w/Rev. Israel Folsom Family graves.
Morgan, Lawrence Oval


Neal, Dorathy W/o James Neal
Nichols, Emly
Norris, Amanda Sue Atoka Funeral Home Marker


Pettett, Ray......For a complete obituary, see: Brown's Funeral Service

Pettigrew, Nadine Laverne CARTER D/o Walter L. And Ann Elizabeth MERRIFIELD Carter
Powers, Eddie S/o F. M. & Mary T. Powers
Pritchard, Maggie Mother
Pritchard, Robert Lee


Quigley, Eudora


Ray, Gene This and the following three stones are listed on one stone: w/ Polly, Wid & Wid, Jr.
Ray, Polly On stone w/Gene, Wid, & Wid, Jr.
Ray, Wid On Stone w/Gene, Wid, Jr. & Polly
Ray, Wid, Jr. On stone w/ Gene, Wid & Polly
Reeves, Leonard H. Died at Camp Pike
Rigsby, William T. W. O. W. Stone
Robinson, George H. Husband of Delilah Jane
Robinson, Delilah Jane Wife of George H. Robinson
Rosamond, John Amos Military Stone PVT U. S. Army WWI
Rose, Rufus O. (F L T) S/o G. & N. J. Rose


Shipley, Emmett Clifton S/o J. F. & L. M. Shipley
Simpson, Elender Mrs. The marker at this grave site is hand-carved, stands upright, and appears at first glance to be granite. The wood is probably bois d'arc: (This tree is also knows in various states as Hedge apple.)
Smith, Alma R. D/o John & Lizzie Hicks w/o Fred Smith Wed: Jan. 27, 1938
Smith, Auda Augusta D/o W. E. & Lula M. Smith
Smith, Baby
Smith, Baby
Smith, Deborah Diane
Smith, Lenord
Smith, Lou Rainey My Dear Sister
Smith, Maudie L. Mother
Sneeden, Mary J. This grave is inside the rock wall w/Rev. Allen Wright. D/o G. L. & Jean Sneeden
Stephens, B. D.
Stephens, Callie M.
Stephens, John W.
Stephens, Lee Edward
Stephens, William Vester
Swafford, Arthur D.


T., S.
Taylor, Hallie Beatrice
Taylor, Jessie Ray
Taylor, Junior Ernest
Taylor, Marvin Ray In Memory of a Loving Husband and Father
Taylor, Mary Ellen
Taylor, Perry (Bud)
Taylor, Randy L.
Taylor, Tiffany A. D/o Dennis & Michelle Taylor
Telle, Robinson The grave is rock wall w/Rev. Allen Wright family graves:
Thompson, Charlotte Wife of Giles Thompson on stone w/Charlotte Z., Sophia C. & G. W. Harkins
Treadwell, Alford Eugene Double Stone w/Addie Marie
Treadwell, Addie Marie Double Stone w/Alford Eugene Married: May 4, 1954
Treadwell, Steven Wayne Double Stone w/Diana Kaye Treadwell
Treadwell, Diana Kay Double Stone w/Steven Wayne Treadwell; Wed: Jul. 18, 1976


Vennoy, Baily Oscar Handmade Stone


Usrey, Alice


Warren, Edward H. Double Stone w/Alice Warren
Warren, Alice Double Stone w/Edward H.
Welch, Ida Atoka Funeral Home Mrkr
Welch, Migett
Whorton, Jospeh W.
Whorton, Louisa J. Mother
Wilson, Alexander D. Shot from roof by brother-in-law (no marker) h/o Anna Bell(e) BOGLE Wilson
Wilson, Anna Bell(e) W/o Alexander Dangerfield Wilson died in childbirth (Information provided by Minnie Lou Watson Whittington)
Woods, Athie E. Mother
Woods, Irene W/o C. W. Woods: Wed: June 4, 1934 Atoka.
Wright, Rev. Allen Double Stone w/Harriet N. Wright-The following seven graves are enclosed inside a rock wall, along with others in this listing.
Wright , Harriet N. Double Stone w/Rev. Allen Wright
Wright, Eliphalet N., M. D.
Wright, H. W. Our Hattie (footnote at this grave has the initials H. W.)
Wright, Ida RICHARDS
Wright, James Brookes


Zwickle, Jaunita Handmade Stone

Mother (no name)