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Buffalo Indian Church Cemetery

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From the stop light at the corner of North Mississippi and Court Streets in Atoka, go east 5.2 miles, turn south .03 miles, and turn back east. The Buffalo Indian Methodist Church is the first building on the left. The cemetery is located just west of the church. When it was canvassed, the cemetery was in poor condition, overgrown, unkept, and the fence in poor repair.

    Armstrong, Aaron H.
    Armstrong, Eliza
    Armstrong, Lewis William
    Dandridge, Nancy
    Lewis, Joseph
    Simpson, Shawna M. - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
    Thompson, Elias W. - Bingham Funeral Home Marker
    Thompson, Edmond; Son of E. W. & Lucy
    Thompson, Nancy - Funeral Marker
    Wade, Manes G. - Bingham Funeral Home Marker
    Woods, Sarah W. - Bingham Funeral Home Marker
    Wood, Willie - Atoka Funeral Home Marker