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Newspaper Archives Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


(Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma)

Note: My "Thanks" to Gale Burke , contributor of, The Caney Leader published once a week. Microfilmed issues start on July 10, 1910. Not all issues are available, but available issues are being visually scanned for items of marriages, births and deaths. It is possible that some items were overlooked as they were not categorized in specific columns. Generally they were on the front page. Items were copied "as is" with some correcting of obvious mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. If words or letters were illegible, it is noted.

Friday July 10, 1910

The 4 month old baby of Lewis BENTON died last week and was buried in the Tushka Cemetery.

Miss Allie AIRINGTON and Mr. Edd MADERE were united in matrimony last Sunday by Rev. McCABE officiated. (Voca News Column)

Friday December 21, 1910

Born to Mr. & Mrs. G.C. CHEEKS; a fine girl. We extend our hearty congratulations.

Thursday April 11, 1912


Last Sunday evening at the home of Rev. C.J. RALSTON occurred the marriage of Miss Lacy MITCHELL & Dr. D.D. HENDERSON, two of Caney's most popular and esteemed young people.

RALSTON in his usual pleasing manner tied the knot that made this happy couple husband and wife. The bride is the beautiful and charming daughter of R.W. MITCHELL, who has all the accomplishments required to adorn the home ...(illegible) and it goes without saying she will make the doctor a true and devoted companion and will make the home a place of pleasure and happiness. Dr. HENDERSON has lived in Caney for several years and while here has made many friends who will congratulate him on winning his chosen partner.

The Leader joins the many friends wishing them a long, happy and prosperous journey together, and that their disappointments will be few and far between.

Thursday, May 9, 1912

INGRAM-KNIGHT: Miss Myrtle INGRAM daughter of Martin INGRAM of Caney and Mr. KNIGHT of Post Oak were united in marriage at Caddo Monday. The Leader wishes them a long and happy life.


The brother of Mrs. J.C. RALSTON and Belle and Mollie FRANCIS died at his home in Centrahoma of meningitis.

Thursday May 21, 1914

Born to Mr. & Mrs. J.L. KIMBROUGH Tuesday night, a fine girl. Mother and child are doing fine, but Jim's condition is serious. This makes R.H. KIMBROUGH the grandfather of seventy children.

Thursday, May 28, 1914

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. BROWN Sunday, an eleven pound girl. Mother and babe are getting along nicely, but Charley walks in such an inclined position he hardly notices anybody.


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert BURNS Tuesday, a fine boy doing nicely and Bob says "he is just the picture of his daddy."


Born to Mr. & Mrs. LIDY of Durant, an eight pound girl. Joe is teaching the Caney Band and makes this place every Friday night. You never saw a little musician as full of wind as Joe was when he was here Friday.


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Henry McBRIDE, twins, a boy and a girl. The girl lived only a short time, both boy and mother are doing nicely.

Thursday June 18, 1914

Saturday evening at 7:30, Miss Viola SUTHERLAND was married to Mr. Paul WEISENDAUGER. Both are very popular people of this place. Mr. WEISENDAUGER has been station agent for the Katy Railroad here for the past three years. Miss SUTHERLAND is the daughter of our druggist H.W. SUTHERLAND.

Lee REID's baby boy burned to death last Sunday at 10:30 o'clock when members of the family and Mrs. CHILDRESS (grandmother of the baby) were busy with the cooking.

Little Clifford REID, 18 month old boy of Lee REID, obtained matches from somewhere and in lighting them, his clothes got afire and the family, when hearing the baby screaming, rushed into the room and found the child's clothes almost burned off. Dr. FIELD was summoned at once and did all that was in his power for the little one's relief, but he was badly burned over his body.

He became worse and passed away at 8:00 p.m. living only ten hours after the accident. The baby was buried in the Oak Lawn Cemetery Monday at 2:30 o'clock. We, with the many friends, wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved parents. "Suffer little children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Thursday July 2, 1914

The Death Angel...

On Friday June 26th, Miss Jessie KNIGHT was summoned to her home beyond the vale of death. Miss KNIGHT was a very popular young lady, just in the bloom of purity and youth. to know her was to like and respect her. She has lived in Atoka three years and leaves a host of friends to mourn her loss. To her bereaved ones and to the many she was so dear, we extend our heartfelt sympathies.

Thursday July 16, 1914

In Memory of Little Jewel CULLER

On July 4th the death angel visited our home and claimed for it's own our little darling baby girl age 11 months and 28 days.The Lord said "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jewel had been a sufferer for nearly two weeks and all that loving hands could do was of no avail and God took our little darling home. We have to become as pure and innocent as a little child. We cannot understand sometimes why God comes and takes our loved ones.

Little Jewel bore with her suffering as patient as a little one could. May God help us to bear our burdens as patient as she did. Little Jewel is sweetly sleeping to await the resurrection morn. May the Lord help us and we will meet our darling in that happy beyond. Mr. & Mrs. C.H. CULLER


Miss Oleta KEYNON, telephone operator at Caddo and Will RUSSELL were united in the Holy Bounds of Matrimony at Denison on Monday.


Born to Mr. & MRS. I.I. ...ALSON (first letter of the surname is illegible, may be a"D") on the 17th, a fine girl. Mother and baby doing fine.

Thursday August 11, 1914

Married at the home of the bride Sunday morning, Mr. E.L. ROBERTSON & Miss Luvena MILLER. Rev. H.R. MORRIS officiating.

Thursday August 20, 1914

(This article was summarized by submitter)
Dee TOWNSEND, age seventeen, was arrested for the murder of twenty-eight year old Buford "Slates" SCRIBNER after an altercation at a baseball game at Achille, Oklahoma. TOWNSEND had reportedly armed himself with a ball bat in anticipation of trouble from SCRIBNER who had a history of abusing TOWNSEND. (According to a later article the charge was later reduced to manslaughter in the 2nd degree)

Thursday August 27, 1914

Born to Mr. & Mrs. James DOWD Monday the 24th, a fine girl. Mother and baby doing fine. (Boggy Depot Column)

Thursday September 3, 1914

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur RIDENS last Friday, a boy. Mother and baby doing well. (This is actually an error. It should read "a girl." Her name was/is (Thelma Lily [RIDENS] Hutchins, b. 28 Aug 1914, to Arthur and Minnie Ridens, in Caney) Correction made Mar. 30, 2001, by Don Hutchins, grandson of Arthur RIDENS, and son of Lily [RIDENS] Hutchins.

Thursday September 17, 1914

Walter SLOAN, who has resided in Caney, passed to the great beyond at Ft. Worth Sunday, September 19, 1914. Mr. SLOAN had only been sick a short while, and his relatives and friends thought he would recover, but became worse and died last Sunday. While living in Caney, Mr. SLOAN made a host of friends by his exemplary Christian life and his loss is mourned by almost everybody who knew him. We wish to join with the many friends and extend our most heartfelt sympathy to his wife and loved ones.

Thursday October 1, 1914

Born to Mr. & Mrs. L.W. BANTA September 27, a boy.

Thursday October 8, 1914


Last Monday evening at the home of J.J. ADAIR's;, W.D.WOODWARD and Pearl KIMZEY were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. H.R. MORRIS.

The wedding, which took place at 7:30 p.m., was a very quiet affair as only a few friends were present.

The groom is too well known to go into lengthy details as he has proved that he is an honest worker, having worked for Ira STEPHERSON in the mercantile business, and doing the electrical work for the telephone company for the past two years.The bride, who has made her home with Mrs. J.J. ADAIR since June, has many associates and friends who are great admirers of her.

They were presented with many beautiful and useful presents after the marriage.The Leader joins the happy couple's friends in wishing them all the happiness to be found in married life.


Miss Nellie GRANT's grandmother entertained her Saturday afternoon, September 5th, it being her fifth birthday. About 20 little folks were present and all had an enjoyable time.(She would have been born in 1899.


Quite a few of the older and younger people of Caney gathered at the home of Robt. KIMBROUGH and wife to spend two hours of enjoyment in the honor of their twenty-fifth year of married life.

Just at the appointed time, the dining room door was thrown open and what a feast was spread before our eyes. After supper, Miss Bertha FURGERSON rendered quite a few selections on the piano which was enjoyed by all. They all went away happy, wishing Mr. & Mrs. KIMBROUGH all the happiness that was possible.

Quite a number of silver presents were received. Those present were: Mr. & Mrs. J.L. COOPER, Mr. & Mrs. T.H. THOMAS, Dr. & Mrs. J.H. CAMERON, Miss WELCH, Miss FURGERSON, Mr. Carl WILSON, Mr. Carroll MITCHELL, Koss SKAGGS, and Jim KIMBROUGH.

Thursday October 29, 1914


Mrs. Mary E. MOORE passed to the great beyond 11:40 p.m. October 19, 1914 age 79 years, 1 month and 16 days.

Mrs. MOORE was the mother of Mrs. Chas. P. SMITH with whom she has made her home for the past two years.

She was a silent sufferer, having been sick for the past two years and an invalid for 6 months. Only until the last few days was she seriously ill when the death angel called.

The leader joins with the many friends and extend to the bereaved ones our most sincere sympathy in this, their hour of grief.


Last Friday evening Little Miss Mary HESTER celebrated her eighth birthday by entertaining her little friends. Refreshments were served and games played. All went away wishing Mary many such birthdays.

Thursday November 5, 1914


On the second day of November, Mrs. A.E. DOLLARHIDE passed to the great beyond after 21 days of illness of typhoid fever at the age of 58 years, 9 months and 23 days.

She was born in Boston, Texas on the 8th day of January 1856, and has been a member of the Baptist Church for a number of years, moved to Caney 19 years ago where she resided until the death angel called her home. Deceased leaves a husband, two sons and a daughter to mourn her loss. Her remains were put to rest in the Caney Cemetery November 3, 1914.

The Leader wishes to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved ones in their most trying sorrow.


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Lee REID Tuesday, a boy.


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Geo. HOWARD of Post Oak, a fine girl.

Thursday November 12, 1914


(This article was summarized by submitter)
The daughter of Jake AMSEL of Durant was murdered by an intruder who was burglarizing the family home. The murderer cut the girl's throat to stop her screams when she discovered him. Mr. AMSEL rushed to his daughter's room and struggled with the intruder who was also armed with a gun, but managed to escape.


William PETTY & Miss DANIELS were united in the holy bonds of matrimony last week.


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Will GUNKEL, a boy, last Wednesday.

Thursday November 19, 1914


Last Saturday evening Mr. Ernest J. MATHEWS and Miss Bessie COOPER were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Rev. D.W. CARTER tied the main knot.

The wedding was a quiet affair which took place at the home of the bride's parents as only a few intimate friends and relatives were present.

The groom is too well know for comment as he has been the employ of Roy BARBER for the past year and is well liked by all who know him for his honesty and integrity.

The bride is well known having lived here for the past year and has been keeping books and working in her father's store.

The young couple will go to housekeeping in the near future. They are making their home with Mr. & Mrs. S.H. PERKINS temporarily. The Leader joins with their host of friends in wishing them a happy and successful married life.

Thursday November 26, 1914

Born to Mr. Tom WILLIAMS and wife, a fine girl.

Thursday December 17, 1914


The citizens of Caney were very much surprised on last Sunday morning to hear of the death of Miss Alma McKEE who died late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

The death was unexpected to the family while she had been sick for the past month, but was improving and on Saturday evening when the family returned, she seemed greatly improved and insisted that the family retire and asked the mother if she might set up part of the next day.

Mr. McKEE had gone away on Friday and came in late Saturday night, and after inquiring about his daughter's health and being said that she was much better, he quietly retired lest he should disturb her. When the family arose on Sunday morning they were heart striken to find that she had quietly passed away during the night. The doctor was summoned and after examination informed them that she died of paralysis of the heart of which she had suffered during the past few weeks.

On hearing the sad news the neighbors gathered in the home and the family was soon surrounded by many sympathizing friends among who was Clyde COOPER who stated to the mother that he and Alma were arranging to unite in marriage on the 20th day of this month. This indeed is a great blow to him and a home broken that Caney would have been proud of, but God knows best and does all things well.

The services were conducted at the home of the deceased and were attended by many sympathizing friends and all was done that could be done to console the bereaved ones.

"We laid her to rest in the Caney Cemetery. She has gone out from our presence and her association will be missed by many, but her life will remain for years to come and bear fruit to the glory of God."
Her Pastor,

Thursday December 31 1914


Attorney Ira J. BANTA of Atoka and Miss Ruth PRICE of Yantis, Texas were united in marriage on last Friday, December 25th.

Mr. BANTA has been engaged in the practice of law in Atoka County in the past three years, the first two of which were in Caney, the last at Atoka. He is regarded as one of the most able of our young attorneys. The bride was one of the most popular young ladies of our hometown, coming from one of the prominent families.

We are glad to welcome them into our midst and hope that their path may be strewn with roses. (Atoka Jeffersonian)

Mr. BANTA has a host of friends here who wish him well and we extend our congratulations.

End of 1914

The Caney Leader, continued

Thursday January 7, 1915


Last Thursday was the last day of the Piano Contest at J.W. TRIMBLE's store and decided the efforts of the contestants as follows: Mrs. J.V. MOORE received the first prize which was the fine $400.00 piano; Little Miss Mary HESTER, second, $35.00 sewing machine; Mrs. C.I. SKINNER, third, $20.00 Elgin Watch; Miss Mary HOWARD, fourth, $15.00 Elgin Watch; Miss June CHEEK, fifth, silver toilet set. Mr. TRIMBLE showed his appreciation by giving quite a number of prizes to other contestants who were less than fifth in the race. this is typical of Mr. TRIMBLE's belief in the boosting spirit and if we had a few more boosters equal to him, Caney would soon be the best town in Southern Oklahoma.

Thursday January 21, 1915
(This page was taped onto the April 30, 1914 edition on the film.)


Mrs. Della Lucile WHITLEDGE passed to the great beyond at 2:15 o'clock, Monday morning, January 17, 1915 at the age of 56 years. She was only sick since last Wednesday. Her illness was pronounced by the doctors to be a nervous breakdown due to continual worrying. Mrs. WHITLEDGE was born in the state of Kentucky coming to Fannin County, Texas when just a small girl living there until 1911 when she came to Caney where she lived until death took her away. She was converted and joined the Methodist Church when very young and was a faithful Christian worker until old age began to come upon her. Rev. RITCHEY conducted the funeral services and her remains were placed to rest in Caney Cemetery. We join with friends in extending our sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Walter EDWARDS, who has been sick for some time, was taken by the Death Angel 19th at 6 p.m. The remains were enterned at the Folsom Cemetery by the Odd Fellows. Sov. EDWARDS was 31 years old. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. and also the W.O.W. He was a loyal brother and a friend to all who knew him. We will miss him here on earth, but it is a great pleasure to know that he was ready and willing to go. We extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved ones.

A Brother Sovereign


Philip THOMPSON of Atoka was found dead on the Katy railroad four miles south of Caney last Saturday. He was buried at Bruno Monday evening, leaving a father and a mother who live in Atoka.

Thursday January 28, 1915


Our beloved brother and sovereign, Walter EDWARDS, who was a member of the Woodman of World of Caney Camp No. 347 of Caney, Oklahoma; departed this life on January 18. And whereas the last of respect has been paid to him be it resolved; that we extend our sympathy to his relatives and friends, this their time of bereavement and commend them to the Great Father, who doth all things well, and who only can heal their wounded hearts. It was God who said, "It is appointed unto man once to die," and He has ordained that we, to...(entire line illegible) work on earth is finished and the Death Angel comes to bear us away, may records of our lives be such that when our souls stand naked and alone before the Great Throne of god, may it be our portion to hear from our Grand Master the welcome words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou unto the joys of the Lord." Resolved further that these resolutions recorded in the minutes of the lodge and a copy be delivered to the wife of the deceased Sovereign.
Council Commander, W.O.W.
Clerk, W.O.W.


Whereas God hath seen best to call home one of our brothers, the Rebekahs wish to extend their heartfelt sympathy to sister Effie EDWARDS and family in their loss of husband and brother.
Caney Rebekah Lodge No. 335
Mrs. Lizzie THOMAS

Thursday February 25, 1915

Rev. D.W. CARTER died at his home in Calera after a few days of illness of pneumonia, Monday February 22, 9 o'clock. He had served the Baptist church here as pastor for the past year and his absence from our midst will be felt by all as he was loved by all who knew him. A nice floral offering was sent here by his many friends as a last token of love. His body was placed to rest in the Calera cemetery Tuesday, 23rd.



Last Saturday evening Koss SKAGGS and Miss Bertha FURGERSON were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Both are well-known here and need no introduction, the bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. FURGERSON having lived here for a number of years. The groom is a fine young man having been connected with the KIMBROUGH Construction Company as carpenter for the last two years.



Carroll MITCHELL and Miss Lora KIMBROUGH were quietly united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents Tuesday night. This couple has practically been raised here and have a host of friends who wish them all the joys and happiness to be found in married life. Mr. MITCHELL is a farmer and they will make their home on the farm three miles east of town. The Leader extends the usual congratulations to the newlyweds.

Thursday April 22, 1915


Last Thursday Frank ROLAND and Miss TROXELL, went to Atoka and were united in marriage. They are well acquainted here and have a host of friends who wish them all of the joys to be found in married life.
(End of the CANEY LEADER)



Thursday June 10, 1915


The marriage of Frank Powell HINDS and Miss Trula CONNELL was solemnized in the First Presbyterian Church of Durant Tuesday morning, Rev. Herman JONES officiating.

It is said to have been the most beautiful church wedding that was ever solemnized in Durant and the wedding presents amounted to about $1600. The bridal pair immediately departed for Colorado where they will spend their honeymoon.

Mr. HINDS is a leading businessman of Durant and the bride is the beautiful and accomplished sister of H.G. CONNELL, a successful merchant of Caney. Both bride and groom are prominent society people and start out in their new life with the best wishes of a host of friends.

Thursday June 24, 1915

An infant of Jeff THOMASON's died Monday night and was buried Tuesday.


Mrs. A.M. NEELEY died at her home in Bently (should be Bentley) Monday night and was buried Tuesday.

(End of The Caney Democrat & The Caney Leader)