Center Hill


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Center Hill Cemetery, found in the extreme southwest part of Atoka County, is an active, well fenced and well kept burial site. To reach it; from the stoplight at the corner of court St. and Mississippi Ave. in Atoka, go south on Hwy. 69, 11 miles to the Voca Road. Turn west for 8 1/2 miles, south 4 miles, back west 1 mile, then north 1/2 mile. the cemetery is behind a little white church.


Adams, Samatha Bell: Wife of J. E. Adams Handmade Stone
Airington, Aucie: Son of Levi & Emma
Airington, Emma: Handmade Stone
Airington, Jesse E.
Airington, Levi: W. O. W Stone
Alexander, Betty: Handmade Stone
Alexander, John: Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Alexander, Edgar: Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Alexander, Nellie: Handmade Stone
Allmon, Sharon


Barron, Baby
Barron, Clyde C.
Barron, Double Stone: Minor F. and Sallie
Barron, Double Stone: Pamela Kay and Paul Neil, Jr. Children of Neil & Goldie Barron
Barron, Wendell Gene
Blackmon, Edner: Dau. of a. J. & Ida Blackmon
Bliss, Gene
Bliss, Lindel A.
Bliss, Willie
Bliss, Windell J.
Bonds, Richard
Bonds, W. P. : Father
Booker, Georgia C.: Mother
Booker, James F.: Father
Brewer, Harold Dwane
Brewer, Our Baby
Briscoe, Double Stone: Claud F. & Cora F. "PARIS" Briscoe: Married Jun 18, 1924
Bryant, Perry
Buckmaster, Walter L. Military Stone
Burden, C. W.
Burden, S. A.
Burris, Daisy L.: Wife of J. O. Burris
Burris, Double Stone: Earnest, Son of J. O. & Daisy: Infant Daughter of J. O. & Daisy
Burris, J. O.: Handmade Stone
Burris, Mamie E.
Burris, P. G.


Carroll, Henry W.
Carson, John P.
Carter, Bethena E.
Carter, John Henry
Carter, Zack: Son of John Henry (No Stone)
Chipman, Ila Lee: Dau. of J. W. & Minnie Chipman
Clark, Double Stone: Dewey & Eula Viola
Clifford, F. D.: Handmade Stone
Collins, Harold Lee
Cosper, Luther P.
Crites, Fred D.: Handmade Stone
Crowell, Hubert Ray
Crowell, Marvin Baxter: "Beloved Daddy"
Crowell, Virgil Green


Daniel, John N.
Daniel, Rachel L.
Deck, Elizabeth: Wife of J. D. Deck
Deck, Wesley Joel: Son of J. W. & Lillie Deck
Dilbeck, Emma J.
Dilbeck, Joe S.
Dill, James E.: Son of J. T. & Lema
Dillard, Cassie: Mother
Dillard, Marvin Dee Military Stone


Elrod, William Lee: Handmade Stone
Evans, Lucy: Mother


Farmer, Mara
Farmer, Mollie N.
Fine, Carl
Fite, Mary S.: Wife of P. M. Fite
Fite, Nannie L.: Wife of Peter M. Fite
Fite, Double Stone P. H & E. A. Fite "Mother"
Fite, P. H.: Son of c. c. & M. E. Fite
Fite, P. M. (Peter M.)
Fletcher, Homer: Son of J. W. & Rebecca


Gower, Troy L.
Gowers, Viva: Handmade Stone
Green, Double Stone Harvey W. & Ida H.
Gynlee, Norman


Hall, Bonnie: Handmade Stone
Hall, Double Stone Goldie E. & Annie L.
Hall, William Earl s/o Goldie E and Annie Louella "Cambell" Hall
Hallmark, Rittie Ann: Wife of Stephen Hallmark
Hamilton, Elizabeth: Handmade Stone
Hamilton, Dora
Hannah, J. H.
Hartwick, Double Stone Henry C. & Edith
Hicks, Clara Edell
Hicks, Fred
Hicks, Louella
Hicks, Virginia: Dau. of Adell Arzell
Higginbotham, Benjimin Neil
Higginbotham, Croket C.
Higginbotham, Sophia Beulah
Higginbott, Robert Roy: Son of B. N. & S. B.
Holland, Robert s/o Albert & Ida Eva "Frair" Holland
Holley, Eva Lena: Our Mother
Holley, Susan Elizabeth: Wife of C. C.: Married: Dec. 1, 1880
House, Lottie May


Johnson, Fannie M.: Murray Funeral Home Marker
Johnson, N. N.: W. O. W. Stone
Jones, Gerald Dwayne
Jones, Helen Lorene
Jones, Johnnie Mae "Mother"
Jones, Virginia Mae
Jumper, Matilda C.: "In Loving Memory of Our Mother"


Kelley, R. F.: Handmade Stone
King, Rudean "Mother"
Krebbs, Bennie: son of J. W. & Proviel
Krebbs, Derlan D.
Krebbs, Double Stone: Edward & Opal-Married: April 17, 1946
Krebbs, Edward Michael "Mike": "Husband-Father-Son"
Krebbs, Double Stone: Hubert P. & Bessie M.
Krebbs, Infant Son of: Everett & Ruby
Krebbs, Double Stone: John W. & Provie Lee
Krebbs, Judy Marie
Krebbs, Double Stone: Rufus & Violet-Married: Sept. 1, 1934 Krebbs, Mary Ellen Krebbs, Odis Krebbs, Larry Dewayne: Murray Funeral Home Marker


Lawson, Catherine: Handmade Stone Lawson, Joe M. "Father" Lawson, Double Stone: Lewis A. & Bertha E. Lawson, Lewis L.: Handmade Stone Lewis, Rev. Fred & wife Ethel: Handmade Stone Love, Babies: Handmade Stone


Manard, Donald Brunson
Medaries, Opal: Dau. of T. E. & I. A.
Miller, John F.
Miller, Double Stone: John P. & Lorraine
Miller, Double Stone: Norman & Mamie
Mitts, Lucinda
Murphree, Double Stone: Caleb Monroe & Amanda Caroline


Needham, B. M. (Mack) Father
Needham, Double Stone: Harry & Jewel; Children: Lenora, Harry, Jr. (Buddy) Mary Bell, Hubert, Lucille, Kenneth
Needham, Mack
Needham, Martha E.
Needham, Ola Ann
Nelson, Corbit Haley
Nelson, Richard Dee
Nelson, Double Stone: Dollie V. & Shelby T.
Nunley, Infant


Overstreet, Double Stone: Vernon W. & Della


Paris, Double Stone: Carl John & Mary Lee
Paris, Earnest
Paris, Double Stone: John B. & Ella E.
Parish, Double Stone: William C. & Myrtle P.
Parker, Elizabeth: Handmade Stone
Parker, Double Stone: Henry H. & Viola
Patton, Double Stone: Ben J. (Cleve) & Mary Ellen
Patton, Infant Baby of Mr./Mrs. L. Patton: Handmade Stone
Peel, Litle Victor W.: Son of J.Z. & Maggie
Pembroke, Double Stone: Donald r. & Linda D.
Price, Baby: Handmade Stone
Pruitt, Hanna E.


Reeder, Charlie
Reeder, David
Reeder, Ervin
Reeder, Mary Jane: Grandmother
Rhines, Andy Double Stone: Andy & Desser
Rhodes, Mildred Lenora
Riddle, Lon M.
Riddle, Lou Tishie
Riddle, Martha L.
Rolen, Latha Lee: Daughter of R. E. & Bell


Sampson, James H.
Sampson, Infant Dau. of Huey & Delia
Scoggin, Linzy G. Shores,Double Stone: Richard A. Jr. & Helen W.
Smith, Carrie
Smith, Hallie Mable "?" [Carter]
Smith, Double Stone: Ivan O. & ?. I. Smith
Smith, James Clyde
Smith, John Walter
Smith, Lizzie
Smith, Marilda J.
Smith, Double Stone: Mack M. & Ida Mae w/Infants
Smith, Ruby Mae
Smith, Waren Alfred s/o John Walter & Willie Pearl "Williams" Smith
Smith, Willie Pearl
Stair, Double Stone: John Francis & Floyd
Stanley, Double Stone: Fred & Wilma
Starkey, Alice
Starkey, Bill-Handmade Stone
Swain, Edwin
Swain, Jessie


Taylor, Marion
Thomas, Edwin C.
Thomas, Joe: Funeral Home Marker
Thomason, Richard W. - "Caddo Lodge MBA-FLP Lodge 1740"
Thomason, Sarah: Wife of R. W.
Troutman, Double Stone: Jeff & Ola


Umstead, Double Stone: Rev. Earl & Martha M. "Lawson" Married in Atoka in 1942


Walker, James
White, A. G. (Alex): Handmade Stone
White, Baby Girl-1928
White, Baby Boy-1929
White, Baby Boy-1930
White, Baby Boy-1934
White, D. P.: Son of W. J. White White, Double Stone: George L. & Lorena L.
White, Double Stone: J. L. & Alice
White, Ola
White, Double Stone: Oscar & Alma
White, Rheba Marie
White, T. E.: Handmade Stone
White, Double Stone: Tom & Lou
White, William C.
White, Double Stone: W. H. & Mary His Wife
Whitmire, Huey: Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Whitmire, Joseph: Handmade Stone
Whitmire, Lucille: Handmade Stone
Whitmire, Margo Elaine: Handmade Stone
Whitmire, Double Stone: Lottie Bell & Mike Bennett
Willeby, Donald Ray: Handmade Stone
Williams, Annie: Handmade Stone
Williams, A. P.: Handmade Stone
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Freddy Lee
Williams, Double Stone: George Barnett & Hannah Lue
Williams, Jophes: Handmade Stone
Williams, Mary E.: Handmade Stone
Williams, Oscar B.: son of H. M & M. J.
Williams, Zonie
Williford, Fannie: Handmade Stone
Wingard, Woodrow: Handmade Stone
Wingfield, J. W.
Wingfield, M. A.: Wife of J. W. Wingfield
Wingfield, Sonny
Workman, Alfred E.
Workman, Charles L.
Wright, Edgar W.: Handmade Stone
Wyatt, J. O.: Father
Wyatt, M. C.: Mother
_____, Annie Jewel: Daugher of ??? Illegible Handmade Stone