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Crystal Cemetery

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The Crystal Cemetery is located three miles east and five miles south of Lane, OK. It is still in use, is fenced and well kept. It was canvassed March 7, 1980 by Janice Allen and Gwen Walker, and on that date contained 115 marked graves, and approximately 80 unmarked one. Other names have been added since the last canvass.


Anderson, George N. Atoka Funeral Home Marker


Bagwell, Cammie Joyce
Bagwell, Dana Marlene
Bagwell, William Wade
Bagwell, William Whitmire
Baker, A. Sidney Handmade stone
Baker, George S. Handmade Stone
Baker, Thomas H. Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Bersano, Louis J. h/o Antonia (Panodolfo) Bersano*
Bowers, Willer Lucinda Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Brown, Minnie
Burke, Lawrence D. Double Stone w/wife V. Adelia Burke
Burke, V. Adelia Burke Double Stone w/Lawrence D. A second stone at this grave reads: Adelia Shoemake Burke


Carpenter, Charlie Earl, h/o Esther A. DePue Carpenter* George. Washington & Zadie “Bennett” Carpenter
Carpenter, George W.
Carpenter, Little Budy Handmade stone
Cook, Audie
Cook, Elisha Siah Double Stone w/Sallie E.
Cook, Floyd L.
Cook, Izetta D. – Mother Double Stone w/Thomas W.
Cook, Lelah Mother
Cook, Rev. J. J. Married Lelah BAKER Cook Jan. 25, 1880
Cook, Sallie E. Double Stone w/Elisha (Married March 5, 1916
Cook, Thomas W. – Daddy Double Stone w/Izetta D.
Cook, Tommy Ray h/o Sharon L. (Smith) Cook* S/o Irvin Vedo & Ora Ann “Robinson” Cook
Cooper, Alice Bell (NORMAN)


Davis, Charles Y.
Davis, Hallie Clark – Mama Double Stone w/Joe Carter Davis
Davis, Helen Jeannine
Davis, Joe Carter – Daddy Double Stone w/Hallie CLARK Davis – Military Stone Pvt U. S. Army WW1
Deaton, John Henry
Deaton, Mary E.
Depue, Annie Double Stone w/Mace Depue, Delbert L.
Depue, Mace Double Stone w/ Annie Depue
Draper, Herbert Lee "Buster" *
Draper, Jack Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Draper, John


Easley, Jess
Eastridge, Annis M. * D/o Samuel G. & Lena May “Hudson” Eastridge
Eastridge, Carl E.
Eastridge, Lena Mae Our Beloved Mother
Eastridge, Mary Frances HANRY Mother
Eastridge, Samuel G.
Eastridge, Virgil C. Father
Epperly, William Military Stone Co. M 12 Mo. Cav


Fisher, E. L. Son of J. B. & M. E. Fisher

Flowers, Willie Lee; b. March 19,1 1901-Stonewall, I. T. to James Richard and Willie Mae OWNES Flowers. h/o Sally MERIMON(Deceased)d. Dec. 26, 1991.


Gerald, Easter A. Grandmother
Goff, Cora
Goff, R. L.
Greenhaw, Henry A.
Greenhaw, Thelma Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Grounds, J. G.
Grounds, P. G. Handmade Stone


Halcomb, Alma (Shoemake) w/o Andy Holcomb* D/o Joseph Eugene & Estella “Hutcherson” Shoemake
Halcomb, Obie Lee
Henry, Edith Lavern (Jordan) w/o Mack Henry* D/o Jessie James & Cordie Virginia “Harris” Jordan
Hughes, Vera Oneda (Eastridge) w/o William C. Hughes* D/o Samuel G. and Lena Mae “Hutson” Eastridge


Isbell, Clarence * S/o David Lee and Vida Cleo “Palmer” Isbell


Jackson, Kriste Dawn (Watson) w/o Donald R. Jackson, Jr. * D/o Walter J. C. Watson & Bonnie June “Isbell” [Watson] Henderson
Johnson, Colonel Kent
Johnson, Irene Atoka Funeral Home Marker


Ladd, Louella M. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Lovell, Phyllis Ann Handmade Stone


Malone, Callie Handmade Stone
Malone, James M. Father
Malone, L. D. Wife of J. M. Malone
Manous, Floyd F. East Funeral Home Marker
Manous, Mrs. Stella Coffey-Weaver Funeral Marker
Manous, Sig
Mays, Feebie Handmade Stone: Here lies Feebie Mays to Rest
Mays, H. B. Double Stone w/Josie
Mays, Josie Double Stone w/H. B. Mays (God Loved our Father & Mother)
Mays, William W. *
Mills, Baby Handmade Stone
Mills, Dysie Barbara Funeral Home Marker
Mills, Nita [Goodson] (Atoka Funeral Home Marker at this grave reads: Nita Faye Mills)
Mills, Rosa Lee Homemade Stone Jones Fun. Marker, Antlers at this grave reads: Rosalie Mills
Mills, Ross Military Stone OK Pvt 358 Inf. 90 Biv.
Mills, W. R. S. Father
Morgan, Bobbie James Our Beloved Mother
Morgan, William Clyde h/o Peggy S. (Webb) Morgan* S/o James Oscar and Robbie “James” [Harris] Morgan
Moss, Edgel Handmade Stone


Parish, Arthur Norman Father – Mil. Stone reads: Arthur N. Parish Okla. Pvt 96 Spruce Sqd. WWI
Passmore, Lou Dellar Double Stone w/Thomas J.
Passmore, Thomas J. Double stone w/Lou Dellar
Passmore, Thomas Joseph Handmade Stone (At this grave is also the following double stone: Thomas & Lou Dellar Passmore
Payne, Joe Jr.
Payne, Nora Effie (STEER) w/o Joe Payne* D/o William T. & Pearl “Reeves” Steer
Polson, Annie Mother
Polson, Rou Handmade Stone
Price, W. Haston


R??, J. H. Snow Funeral Marker, Hugo
Reeves, Morgan G. Mil. Stone Pvt. Co. B. 1st Ark. Inf. Confederate States Army
Robertson, Edith
Rollo, Ben and Pearl Double Handmade Stone
Rollo, Benjamin Preston h/o Melanie (Hooser) Rollo* S/o Mr. & Mrs. L. A. & Beatrice “Easley” Rollo
Rollo, L. A. h/o Beatrice (EASLEY) Rollo* S/o William G. & Lillian Lorain “Stewart” Rollo
Rollo, William G. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Rowell, David E., Sr. h/o Debbie (Tucker) Rowell* Wilburn and Minnie (Tripplett) Rowell
Rowell, David Eugene, Sr. h/o Debbie (Tucker) Rowell* S/o Wilburn & Minnie (Tripplett) Rowell


Sawyer, William A.
Shelton, Zonia
Shoemake, Cora
Shoemake, Joseph E.
Shoemake, Joseph E. , Jr.
Shoemake, Lowell C. Husband
Shoemake, Shane Son of Sam & Wanda; Brother of Eugene
Shoemake, Stella G.
Smith, Earl William
Springer, Infant Baby of Lawanda Springer
Staneart, Demple Lenora (Truelock) w/o Kenneth Staneart* D/o Ode & Nancy Ellen (Neil) Truelock
Stewart, Lilliam [Burnes] Dau. of Jim & Viola Burnes
Stewart, Lillian (Burnes) [Rollo] D/o Jim and Viola Burnes
Suddreth Jo Ella (Shoemake) w/o Claude H. Suddreth* D/o Eugene & Estella “Hutcherson” Shoemake


Walker, Ethel E. Double Stone
Walker, Noah Double Stone
Wall, James F. Our Baby
Walton, Lillie M. Atoka Funeral Home Marker

Webster Plot: Information supplied by Helen Melon of AZ.

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© Helen Melon 2008

The Webster Plot is on the right about half way down after you enter the gate.
Webster, Daniel: Born Nov. 1856 TN died: 1914 at Bentley, OK
Webster, Mary Shinkles: Born 1876 Ark. death: Unknown..after 1920 at Bentley or Crystal, at OK
Charlie Webster: Born: May 19, 1971 death: 24 Oct. 1971 Shawnee, OK (Atoka Funeral Home Marker)
Davota Webster: Born: Nov. 18, 1898 death: Jan. 1970 Atoka, OK
Virgie Webster: Born: 1912 death: Unknown..before 1920
Annie Webster Robinson: Born Nov. 6, 1906 death: April 16, 1997 in Atoka, OK

Winters, Annie Funeral Home Marker
Winters, Chester L. Military Stone PFC U. S. Army
Winters, Ethel Marie (Carpenter) w/o Grady Winters* D/o Lee & Liza J. Carpenter
Winters, Gabe Double Stone w/Ruby C.
Winters, Herman (Masonic Emblem) Double Stone w/Lura
Winters, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Winters
Winters, Jean Holmes Funeral Home Marker
Winters, Katie Jean
Winters, Kearney W. Double Stone w/Willie Etta Calhoun Co., MS
Winters, Lenard Military Stone Okla. TEC 4 Co. C 592 Engr. B &S Regt WWII
Winters, Lura (Wed: Sept. 9, 1944) Double Stone w/Herman
Winters, Ruby C. (Davis) (Wed: Nov. 25, 1933) Double Stone with Gabe Winters* D/o Mike & Dora Bell (Spencer) Davis
Winters, Willie Etta Double Stone w/Kearney W. Scott Co., MS
Wood, Opal Eugenia (Shoemake) w/o Ralph Wood* D/o J. E. & Stella Shoemake
Wright Handmade Stone
Wright, Mary E. Handmade Stone
Wright, Richard R. Handmade Stone