Daniels-Pritt Family

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I am searching for information on the DANIELS & PRITT families, they resided in the Stringtown, Atoka Co., OK area. Hubert Daniels was shot and killed in April of 1946 east of Stringtown. Hubert and his wife Ruby had five (5) cildren. Hubert is buried in the Redden Cemetery, Joann, buried in the Stringtown Cemetery, was killed in a car wreck. Kyle, buried in Arizona, died from measles at 18 months of age. Leroy and JoeBill are still living as is Ruby.
The PRITT family is buried in the Stringtown Cemetery. If anyone knows anything of this family; please contact me. Any articles, stories, or if you knew or know them please let me know. I am trying to put together a family tree. Ruby is 92 years young and lives in Wardville, as does LeRoy. Joe Bill lives in Coalgate. The family only has limited memories of other family members. Please help if you can.

Thank you Rebeca Daniels