Double Springs Cemetery


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From the stop light at the corner of North Mississippi Avenue and Court Streets in Atoka, go east 9.4 miles, turn left on the blacktop street in Lane. Continue along this street a short distance until you reach the Double Springs Indian Church on the left side of the street. Follow the lane on your right as you face the church. At the end of the lane is the burial site which is still being used. It was canvassed March 22, 1983 by Gwen Walker and Janice Allen. On that date it contained ten identified graves and ten unidentified ones.

    Allen, Henry

    Billy, Mary Jane

    Folsom, Woodrow

    Harris, Kay Elaine; Our Baby

    Lobeness, Lorene; "My Mother"

    Peters, Sam Lee; Military PFC U. S. Army

    Peters, William L.; Daddy

    Tom, Lizzie; Mom

    Wilson, Betty Lou

    Wilson, Infant Twins