Dulaney Chapel Cemetery

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Dulaney Chapel Cemetery is located on a place owned by the Mack Carr Estate, west of Atoka, Oklahoma. Go west on Highway 7 approximately 3 1/2 miles to the Carr loading pens. Turn south for approximately 1/4 mile to the gate on the left side of the road. The cemetery is locted about 1/2 mile east of the road in the middle of a hay meadow. There are 22 marked graves and approximately 21 unmarked ones. It was canvassed July 11, 1979 by Janice Allen and Gwen Walker. The marked ones are as follows:


Allison, W. F. (Masonic Emblem)


Cruse, Eliza
Cruse, S. P.


Harris, Infant Dau. of W. R. & L. D.
House, Infant Dau. of S. S. & S. G.


Lampley, Gracie; Dau. of E. H. & M. E. Lampley
Lampley, Macon; Son of E. H. & M. E. Lampley


McGuigan, Mary Catherine; Dau. of P. & A. S. McGuigan
McGuigan, Thomas Ola; Son of P. & A. S. McGuigan
McKeever, Infant Dau. of J. N. & Katie McKeever


Smith, James T.; s/o M. G. & M. S. Smith
Stanford, Lula D.
Stanford, Infant Cild of Richard and Luld D. Stanford
Summitt, Infant Son of W. H. & M. L. Summitt


Tipton, I. A. (First initial could be T.)
Tomlinson, Abraham (No headstone)


Wallace, Della C.; Dau. of W. E. & M. S. Wallace
Wallace, Little Laurence; Son of W. E. & M. S. Wallace
Wallace, Mary Sherman
Wallace, Ethel Maude Wolf, Desdamonia; Wife of R. M.Wolf
Wright, William N.


York, Thelma; Dau. of J. E. & L. E. York
York, Infant Dau. of W. C. & S. A. York
York, Little Son of A. H. & M. A. York

The following information was furnished by Mrs. Laura Copeland 31 January 1982.
The ground for the Dulaney Chapel Cemetery was purchased from a man named Beaulo (?) Marson. He was part Black/part Indian. Laura's father, Mr. Wm. E. Wallace and a Mr. House, who later moved to texas, went together and purchased the land from Mr. Marson.

The cemetery is now in the middle of a pasture owned by Bud Carr. But the cemetery property does not belong to the Carr family.

Mr. & Mrs. Cruse, buried in Dulaney Chapel Cemetery are the grandparents of Victor Downing

Miss Hattie (__) Pitts, mother of Bud Pitts, taught school at the Dulaney School. It was a schoolhouse/church building.