Farris Cemetery

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From Atoka go east on Highway 3 toward Antlers. About one half mile before getting to Farris, turn right (south) toward the Farris School. This will take you to Old Farris. Travel about three quarters of a mile from the highway and the road comes to a ' T '. Turn right (west) and go about one quarter of a mile and the cemetery will be on the right (north) side of the road.



Alexander, George: July 15, 1890 - June 10, 1959

Alexander, M. A.: Dec. 26, 1857 - Nov. 28, 1931

Allen, George: Dec. 2, 1885 - Jan. 11, 1973

Allen, Sam: Jul. 31, 1898 - Oct. 30, 1918

Arterberry, Leona B.


Bell, Bonnie E.: 1871 - 1959

Bell, Lora S.: 1881 - 1967

Bell, Luther E.: 1878 - 1946

Bell, Verlin L. 1917 - 1933

Bell, Wip K. Son of W. K., Jr. and Bessie Mae
Mar. 23, 1967 - Mar. 13, 1974

Bell, W. T.

Birchfield, Browning

Boyd, Baby James

Brents, Double Stone: Leonard and Lula May

Brewer, Affie Hill

Brewer, Double Stone: Arthur c. and Leona M.

Brewer, Eulene

Brewer, George E.

Brock, Earl, Son of J. W. and V.

Brock, Little Willie, Son of J. W. and V.

Butler, Shirley Sue, Dau. of Smith and Ollie

Butler, Double Stone: Smith and Ollie Butler


Cason, Double Stone: John and Ida

Clifton, Double Stone: P. L. and Sarah

Collett, William L.

Cooper, John S.

Cooper, Silvie

Cosper, Double Stone: Jake Thomas and Rosa Arabella

Cotton, Marvin B.

Crowder, Double Stone: Martin B. and Bunnie F.


Davis, Floyd

Delinde, Peter

DeLoach, Billy C.

DeLoach, Enid-Child of Mr. and Mrs. W. M.

DeLoach, Lillie Mae-Mother

DeLoach, Nevada

DeLoach, Una Mae

DeLoach, Vaneeta-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M.

DeLoach, William M.-Dad

Dunkin, Donald Ray (Donnie)


Eberly, Double Stone: Adam and Elizabeth

Eberly, Grace

Eberly, Jesse Levi

Elder, G. D.

Ellison, Double Stone: Leonard E. and Ruby Marie

Evans, Charles W.

Evans, Mary F.**

Evans, Double Stone-Father, Willard W.- Mother, Alberta


Gibbins, Double Stone: Anthony and Helen Ann

Gibbins, James W.

Gibbins, Leslie D.

Gibson, Andy

Gibson, Minnie B.

Gibson, Robert E.

Gist, Cora Lee

Gist, James H.


Hall, Double Stone: Bobby Dale and Gary Howard Hall

Hall, Ernest M.

Hall, Mollie

Hall, Sam

Hall, Tommy

Hall, William M.

Hall, Willie C.

Harbison, Double Stone: David B. (Dave) and Jewell D. (Parents of D. B., Lillie Belle, and James Lewis Harbison)

Helomes, Jessie M.

Helomes, Lillie

Helomes, Samuel D.

Hembree, Elmer; Son of W. M. and Amy

Hembree, G. F., Jr.

Hembree, Double Stone: James M. and Mary M.

Hembree, Johnie; Dau. of J. A. & R. E. Hembree (John Alvin Hembree and Rebecca Evie Buckhanan)

Hembree, Sallie-Mother

Hembree, Double Stone: Marion G. and Ella May

Hill, Double Stone: W. M. and Daisy

Hill, H. F., Dr.

Hill, Marland Hubert

Houchin, Butler Ed

Houchin, Calvin

Houchin, Lanora J.

Howard, Della

Howard, John W.

Howard, Earl L.

Howard, William H.


James, Frances M.

James, Martha J.

Jefferson, Henry

Johnson, Edwin Kent

J., J. L.

J., J. W.

J., V.


Leard, Ethel

Lindsey, Willie-Son of J. E. & E. J.

Long, Double Stone: George and Edith Lee

Low, Sarah

Low, Sid (Coffee Funeral Home Marker)

Lowe, Abraham L.

Lowe, Frank Marion

Lowe, Judy

Lowe, Levi

Lowe, Maggie L.

Lytle, Double Stone: Leona H. and Pizzaro


Martin, Arden

Martin, George M.

Martin, James Riley

Martin, Robert clay

McClendon, Foster Pierce

McClendon, Harry H.

McClendon, Ida-Caske Funeral Home Marker - Shawnee, OK)

McClendon, Double Stone: Joseph H. and Minnie B.

McClendon, Samuel Francis

McCutcheon, Emma Jane-Mother

McCutcheon, J. Lemon-Father

McCutcheon, Gilbert Paul

McCutcheon, Ruben L.

McMurtrey, Lora

Mears, A. J.

Miller, Baby Charles - Son of Charles and Loedith Miller

Miller, Double Stone: Jess W. and Delphia

Musgraves, Delbert, Bro.

Myers, Gladys

Myers, Henry


Oswalt, John W.


Payton, Laura

Payton, Lewis

Penner, Double Stone: Michal and Wanda Lynn - Brother and Sister

Percifield, S. M.


Rieger, J. L. W. O. W. Stone


Sain, Baby Easell Allen: Son of Clyde and Hester

Sain, Martha E.

Sain, John A.

Scott, Vertie

Seabourn, Bertha

Seabourn, Elzie B.

Self, Guy

Shippy, Grace

Sims, J. N.

Smith, Everett Epler

Smith, Double Stone: George Travis and Cathryn

Smith, Maudie Lynn

Smith, Wayne

Somner, Ellen M.

Sorrells, George G.

Standifer, Robert Whitten (R. W.)

Starnes, Double Stone: E. N. and Bertha G.

Starnes, Earl M.

Stephens, Mary W.; W/o W. P.

Stiles, J. R.-Father

Stiles, M. J.

Stiles, Tandy

Storie, Robert B.

Storie, Sallie

Sutton, James L.

Swetnan, Double Stone: John B. and Mary Ann


Tice, Ed

Turnage, Coy Edwin; b. Sept. 18, 1932 Farris; died; Spet. 9, 2000 Fort Worth, TX son of Kyle and Sylia BALL Turnage; h/o Sally Turnage


Vandenburg, Albert

Vandenburg, Albert S. - Son

Vandenburg, Jesse O., Jr.- Son

Vandenburg, Double Stone: Jesse O., Sr-Father: Sylvia-Mother

Vandenburg, Double Stone: John S. and Nannie A.

Votaw, Double Stone: William Oscar and Matildia Lenettie


Wade, Lorene

Welch, John L.

Welch, ??

Wheeler, John Henry

Wheeler, J. V.

Wheeler, William Henry

Williams, George

Williams, James

Williamson, Belvin

Wood, Mynatt Walter

Wood, Kate (BROCKETT)-Mother

Wood, William Porter

You are not to copy any pages within this site for any purpose. This information belongs to the submitter(s). It is not to be captured, reworked and placed in another web site, nor is it to be used by any "domain" for profit.