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From the newspaper, The Weekly Elevator

Ft. Smith, Arkansas

March 7, 1884

U. S. Court Proceedings

Julius C. Fulsom Convicted of Manslaughter

At the close of our last report the trial of Julius C. Fulsom, a prominent citizen of the Choctaw country, charged with murder, was in progress. The case was given over to the jury late Monday evening, and they remained out until Tuesday afternoon, when they returned a verdict of manslaughter and Mr. Fulsom was committed to jail. He killed a white man named W. F. Denton on the 13th day of October last. Denton was a renter on Fulsom's farm and the two men became involved in a difficulty over a settlement. At the November term of the Court Fulsom came in and gave himself up, demanding a trial. He was allowed to go on bond until a trial was had which terminated as above. There were no eye witnesses to the killing, which Fulsom claims was done in self-defense. Denton having attacked him with a hoe, which was exhibited at the trial.

The defendant is a man of excellent appearance, about 55 years of age, and has held many responsible positions in the Territory during his time. He has a good education, having been educated at Harvard University. His son, who is at this time a clerk of the Choctaw Senate, was here at the trial and was very much surprised at its termination having every reason to believe his father would be acquitted. A motion for a new hearing will be made in due time, which we hope the court will see proper to grant.

Notes on the Trial of Julius C. Folsom

Made at the National Archives SW, Ft. Worth TX

TX Microfilm # 7RA77-12

(The trial records in the Archive were handwritten, bare outlines of the trials, not word-by-word transcriptions as in present trials. There was no record of what evidence was presented, etc.)

Court proceedings Trial in Ft. Smith AR



Julius C. Folsom

Page 151

Wed. Jan. 9, 1884

Indictment for Murder

Trial date set for Feb. 21(?) 1884

Page 303

Wm. H. H. Clayton Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Jury was selected and listed.

Page 307

Sat. March 1, 1884

Jury listened to evidence.

Page 307

March 3, 1884 Monday

Jury retires to listen to verdict.

Page 310

March 4, 1884

Found guilty of manslaughter.

Thursday March 27, 1884

On motion of Wm. H. H. Clayton, Esq. Atty. for the Western District of Arkansas, the said defendant, Julius C. Folsom, was brought to the bar of the court in custody of the Marshall of said District and it being demanded of him what he has to or can say why the sentence of the law upon the Verdict of Guilty of Manslaughter, heretofore returned against him by the jury in his case on the 4th day of March AD 1884 shall not now be (illegible) against him he says he has nothing further or other to say than he has heretofore said.

He was sentenced to "be imprisoned in the House of Corrections situated at Detroit in the Eastern District of Michigan for the term and period of three years."