Goodland Cemetery

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This burial ground is abandoned, and very little evidence remains. According to Mrs. Viva Fugate, Mrs. Ella Williamson and Mrs. Sallie Wesley, an Indian Church once stood at this location, which is south of the Redden schoolhouse on a place now owned by Jack and Marie Armstrong. We found definite evidence of only three graves, the stones broken and scattered. Below is the information we were able to decipher from these fragments, along with information about people who were buried there and whose graves are no longer marked. It was canvassed and recorded Nov. 24, 1981 by Gwen Walker and Ruth Ishmael.

BOND, Samson
____n Jul. 12

Sallie Byington and Cillie Byington's
Brother at Rest.


b. Nov. 26, 1907 - Died 1908
Informant: Jewel Compton, brother
of deceased child.


McINTOSH, Jackman
Other fragments found, but unabel to fit the pieces together:
For. Co. Dec. 2 Bo___ A____ Died____:

According to Sallie Wesley, her father Simpson Byington is buried in this cemetery. She believes he died about 1915 or 1916. Also, her mother Annie {GIBSON} who died about 1923 or 1924 is buried here, and her sister, Cilian Wilson who died in the later 1920's or early 1930's.

According to Mrs. Viva Fugate whose father, Mr. Armstrong preached at this church many times through a Choctaw Indian interpreter, an infant child of Andy and Mary Compton was buried here.

Information obtained from Mrs. Ella Williamson tells us that an Indian woman whose last name was COLE is buried there. Some in the community considered her a "witch," as she practiced herb medicine. She was found stabbed to death, lying on some rocks at McGee Creek bridge. Ther murderer was never apprehended. Mrs. Williamson also tells us that a young boy whose last name was MILSAP, is buried there. The family was passing through on their way to Arkansas when the boy became sick with typhoid fever. They camped near Redden where the boy died.