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Abbott, Elmer Military Stone Double Stone w/ wife Grace
Abbott, Grace Double Stone w/ husband Elmer
Ables, Amos E.
Ables, Eugene H/o Jo Ann Kuykendall; s/o Amos E. & Desi A. RHODES Ables
Adair, Esther Double Stone w/husband Joe L. Adair
Adair, Joe L. Double Stone w/wife Esther
Ainsworth, Bell M. D/s w/ h Edward W.
Ainsworth, Edward W. D/s w/w Bell M.
Ainsworth, Julia WALLACE W/o Woodrow Ainsworth
Ainsworth, Lee
Ainsworth, Woodrow W. H/o Julia WALLACE Ainsworth, S/o Edward and Mable HUSE Ainsworth
Albert, Almus A. Double Stone w/wife Bessie M.
Albert, Bessie M.
Albert, Bessie Mae W/o A. A. Albert; daughter of John W. Nowell and Sarah Elizabeth ARCHEY Nowell
Albright, Robert
Aldrich, Gladys E.
Allen Virgil Ernest
Allen, Agnes
Allen, Baby Boy Son of Phillip and Pam Allen
Allen, Bertha Double Stone w/Thomas
Allen, David Military Headstone
Allen, Eula A. Double Stone w/ Leo Allen, Sr.
Allen, Floyd Allen
Allen, Jimmy Arnold
Allen, Leo, Sr. (Mil. Stone) Double stone w/wife Eula A.
Allen, Mary Estell SPARKS W/o Gary Allen. D/o Paul and Marie BROWN Sparks
Allen, Thomas Double stone w/ Bertha
Allen, Venita Mae
Allmon, Pauline
Alston, Beulah Double Stone w/ William H. Alston
Alston, William H.
Anderson, Hampton W. Double Stone w/ w Martha D.
Anderson, Kathy Mae
Anderson, Marjorie A. (MIXON)
Anderson, Martha D. D/s w/ h Hampton W.
Anderson, Robert T. Double Stone w/ Sarah Anderson
Anderson, Sarah Double Stone
Armistead, Evelyn Pauline D/s w/ h James Ervin Armistead
Armistead, J. B. Military Stone
Armistead, James Ervin D/S w/w Evelyn Pauline
Armstrong, Alma Double Stone w/h. William
Armstrong, Annabelle
Armstrong, Arthur W.
Armstrong, Margaret E. Double Stone
Armstrong, Michelle Ann
Armstrong, Neta
Armstrong, William D/S w/ w Alma
Armstrong, William H. H/o Augusta EVANS Armstrong. S/o Lewis and Eliza Armstrong
Atteberry, Orval McGraw D/S w/ Juanita BARBER Atteberry; S/o Frank & Martha BEAR Atteberry
Austin, Doyal E. H/o Thelma Austin s/o Claude & Austin


Baker, Alpha Pauline Military Stone
Bannowsky, John Lawrence Military Headstone
Barnard, Gladys G. Double Stone w/ Ural V.
Barnard, Ural V. Double Stone w/wife Gladys G.
Barrier, Theodora O.
Bayles, Marion H/o Ruby M HUNT Bayles
Bayles, Ruby M. W/o Marion
Beal, Julius Double stone w/ Mary Jo
Beal, Mary Jo Double Stone w/ husband Julius
Benefield, Joe Double Stone w/Wilmoth-also Military Stone for
Benefield, Max Allen
Benefield, Wilmoth Double stone w/h Joe
Benefield, Wilmoth Doris w/o Joe A. Benefield D/o Elijah Gilbert Baker and Mary Kate SPREWELL Baker
Bertrand, Rickey Burleigh
Bettis, Delbert Wayne
Bettis, Della May Double Stone w/Monte Cristo Bettis
Bettis, Harvey Rea S/o Monte Cristo & Della Mae HASTINGS Bettis h/o Tommie FUSON Bettis
Bettis, Monte Cristo Double Stone w/Della May
Bingham, Joe C. Double Stone w/Martha F.
Bingham, Martha F. Double Stone w/Joe C.
Bingham, Mildred E. W/o Eual Bingham d/o John W. and Viola V. WATKINS Chambers
Bingham, Peggie Dean [TODD] w/o Chad
Blackburn, Clara A. Married T. H. 12/26/1927 Triple Stone T. H. (Houston), Clara A. & Mildred A.
Blackburn, Houston Triple Stone w/Clara & Mildred
Blackburn, Mildred A. Triple Stone w/ Clara & Houston
Blackburn, Stella KEYLON W/o Floyd Blackburn. D/o Robert & Emma STEPHENS Keylon
Blacker, T. A. Military Headstone
Blackmon, Louis J.
Bledsoe, Ollie May "Sweetheart" D/s w/Sherman A., Sr.
Bledsoe, Sherman A. "Shug" H/o Thelma Alyne Lamb Bledsoe. S/o Sherman, Sr. and Ollie May "Sweetheart" Bledsoe
Bledsoe, Sherman A., SR. Double Stone w/ Ollie May "Sweetheart"
Bock, Joseph L. H/o Shirley M.
Bock, Shirley Mae W/o Joseph L.
Bolin, Herschel D.
Bonham, Novella
Bowen, William J.
Bowman, James Edward Double Stone w/Kathern Ira
Bowman, Kathern Ira Double Stone w/James Edward
Bowman, Mandy Double Stone w/Tom
Bowman, Tom Double Stone w/Mandy
Bradshaw, Lucius E. Double Stone w/Mary Etta
Brady, Helen Double Stone w/ Joel M.
Brady, Joel Double Stone w/ Helen
Brewster, Johnny- Son
Brewster, Lou Ellen
Brigance, Ernie Dale, Jr.
Brigance, Judith Carol
Briggs, Bill Son of Vern and Elizabeth Briggs
Brisco, Monroe Double Stone w/Vinnie Lou
Briscoe, Vinnie Lou Double Stone w/Monroe
Briscoe, William H. "Doc" S/o Monroe & Vinnie Lou JAMISON Briscoe h/o Mae "BAREFIELD" Briscoe
Brooks, Lonnie Ray
Brown, Minnie
Burleson, David A. Military & Double Stone w/Thelma T.
Burleson, Luke D. Double Stone w/Myrtle M.
Burleson, Myrtle M. Double Stone w/Luke D.
Burleson, Odis Paul
Burleson, Randy
Burleson, Thelma T. Double Stone w/David A.
Burton, Johnnie H.
Bussey, Charley Double Stone w/Esther
Bussey, Esther Double Stone w/Charley
Butler, Carl O. Double Stone w/Joan M.
Butler, Joan M. Double Stone w/Carl O.
Buttrell, Elizabeth
Byrum, Myrtie Pauline W/o Vernon H. Byrum


Cade, Ervin Early Military Stone
Cain, Diana
Caldwell, Shirley Double Stone w/ Velton
Caldwell, Velton Double Stone w/Shirley
Calhoun, Jewel G. Double Stone w/Miles A.
Calhoun, Miles A. Double Stone w/Jewel
Camp, Allen P.
Canavaciol, Elva G. Double Stone w/Francis John
Canavaciol, Francis John Double Stone w/Elva & Military Stone
Cannon, Robert E.
Capehart, Mae REED
Capps, Alex H. Double Stone w/Neta M.
Capps, Lloyd H/o Olivia LOOPER Capps; s/o Alex M. & Neta DRAPER Capps
Capps, Neta M.
Carter, Bettie Jane
Cartwright, Daisy Double Stone w/Sam F.
Cartwright, Patricia Chester
Cartwright, Sam F. Double Stone w/Daisy (Military Stone)
Chadwick, John Colombus
Chambers, Lonnie Mack H/o Lora Lee STRASNER S/o William J. & Viola HOBBS Chambers
Chapman, Earnest H/o Minnie Elizabeth CHICK Chapman-Military Stone
Chapman, Jim
Chapman, Minnie E. W/o Earnest Chapman
Chitwood, Jack G. Double Stone w/Rose M.
Chitwood, Josephine WELLS Double Stone w/Omer Eugene
Chitwood, Omer Eugene Double Stone w/Josephine W. (Military Stone)
Chitwood, Rose M. Double Stone w/Jack G.
Choat, Sibyl
Clark, Iva E. Double Stone w/Joe
Clark, Joe Double Stone w/Iva E. (Military Stone)
Clark, William burley Military Stone
Clement, Ethel M. Double Stone w/Henry C.
Clement, Henry c. Double Stone w/Ethel M.
Cochran, Alonzo Double Stone w/Lela May
Cochran, Arthur A. Double Stone w/ Mary NEW
Cochran, Lela May Double Stone w/Alonzo
Cochran, Mary NEW Double stone w/Arthur Amon; D/o George A. & Arzenia FAILE New
Cochran, Virgie Mae
Coener, Josephine M
Collum, Drewie A. Double Stone w/ Millie E.
Collum, Millie E. Double Stone w/Drewie A.
Collum, Ollie Ruth Collum, Presley A.
Collum, Terry Ray Military Stone
Compton, Fred Don
Connelly, Edna Louis Double Stone w/ Herbert L.
Connelly, Herbert L. Double Stone w/Edna Louis
Cook, James M. Double Stone w/ Maudie
Cook, Maudie C. Double Stone w/James M.
Cooke, Tommye Louise Double Stone w/William M.
Cooke, William M. Double Stone w/Tommye Louise
Cooksey, Annie J. Double Stone w/Ben K.
Cooksey, Ben K. Double Stone w/ Annie J.
Cooksey, Delora Mae Double Stone w/ Ernest W.
Cooksey, Ernest W. Double Stone w/ Delora Mae
Copeland, Betty Sue D/o Sue WNTERS Copeland
Copeland, Katie UMSTED-Dale W/o Marvin Dale and Louis Copeland-d/o Claud and Margaret HUTCHISON Umsted
Copeland, Laura Double Stone w/Ted
Copeland, Louis Clayton
Copeland, Copeland, Ted Double Stone w/Laura
Copeland, Sue WINTERS Corbitt, Bernal Lee Double Stone w/ Oleta
Corbitt, Oleta Double Stone w/Bernal
Correll, Irvin O. Double Stone w/Verna R.
Correll, Verna R. Double Stone w/Irvin O.
Couch, Jerry L.
Couch, Jessie Double Stone w/Merl
Couch, Merl Double Stone w/Jessie
Coulter, Roy Day S/o Cora Utterback
Cox, Edward L. Military Stone
Cox, James W. "Dub" H/o Bonnie Cox
Crawford Walter J.
Crites, Ester Elizabeth
Crow, J. R. Military Stone
Crowley, Anna Ruth Double Stone
Crowley, Paul Revere


Daily, Edith D. Double Stone w/James S.
Daily, James S. Double Stone w/ Edith D.
Dale Katie L. Double Stone w/Marvin V.
Dale, Marvin V. Double Stone w/ Katie L.
Dalton, Hoke S. Double Stone w/Retta L.
Dalton, Retta L. Double Stone w/Hoke S.
Damron, Foster Double Stone w/Robbie
Damron, Robbie Double Stone w/ Roster
Daniel, Berneize M. Double Stone w/Loyd K.
Daniel, Loyd K. Double Stone w/ Berneize M. (Military Stone)
Darbison, James Albert "Bud" Dashner, Jimmie A.
Dashner, Leon Double Stone s/Jimmie A.
Davenport, Loyd Wayne S/o Ezra C. & Bertie MANIS Davenport; h/ o Mary NEWTON Davenport
Davis, Claud
Davis, Daisy I. Double Stone w/Jess O.
Davis, Dora Delia
Davis, Edna MAXWELL
Davis, Eva Edna
Davis, Jess O. Double Stone w/ Daisy
Davis, Lela
Davis, William H.
Dean, Lydia C. Double Stone s/ Robert C.
Dean, Robert C.
DeChaine, Marie Victoria
Decker, Lee E.
DeFoor, Grace Nelson Double Stone w/William T.
DeFoor, Nelson Paul Military Stone
DeFoor, William T. Double Stone w/Grace Nelson
Dickerson, Elizabeth C.
Dickson, Cordia N. Double Stone w/Johnnie M.
Dickson, Johnnie M. Double Stone w/Cordia N.
Dillard, Lenie BETTIS
Dodson, Juanita
Dorris, Thelma E.
Duke, Elsie O. Double Stone w/James Andrew
Duke, James Andrew Double Stone w/Elsie O.
Duke, Michael Kevin Baby
Dunham, Ada L. Double Stone w/Porter
Dunham, Porter Double Stone w/Dunham
Dunn, John Edgar Double Stone w/Mamie
Dunn, Mamie Double Stone w/ John Edgar
Durbin, Baby Girl
Durbin, Ruby V. W/o Lloyd


Elliott, William C. Military Stone
Elliott, William C., Jr.
Epperson, Anna B. Double Stone w/Marion H.
Epperson, Marion H. Double Stone w/Anna B.
Epperson, Robert B. S/o Marion Houk & Anna WILLIAMS Epperson; h/o Marianne Young Epperson
Evans, Geneva A. Double Stone w/Holmer
Evans, Holmer W. Double Stone w/Geneva A.
Even, Cecil D. Double Stone w/Roberta May
Even, Roberta May Double Stone w/Cecil D.


Fahrny, Earneste E. Double stone w/Eileen E. Military Footstone
Fahrny, Eileen E. Double Stone w/Earneste E.
Figueroa, Martin G. H/o Mildred Chism Figueroa
Filskow, Gretta; b. Aug. 25, 1903 in Okmulgee, I. T. d/o Alvin T. and Rilla PECK Toaz; w/o oto Arthur Filskow, Detroit,MI.
Fincher, Clyde Cresson
Fink, Ola Ethel W/o Tommy E. Fink
Fink, Tommie E. H/o Ola Ethel Fink
Fisher, Jocie Lizbeth W/o John B. Fisher
Fisher, John B. H/o Jocie Lizbeth WALKER
Fite, Lela MOSTELLER; w/o Robert Earl Fite; b. Oct. 22, 1901, Wilburton, I. T. d/o Edgar Elton and Nancy Leora COLLINS Mosteller d. Apr. 2, 1985
Fite, Robert Earl Flower, Johnamae Double Stone w/Bill
Flowers, Bill Double Stone w/Johnamae
Flowers, Kristina Anne
Floyd, Earl
Folsom, Bertha M. Double Stone w/ Clarence J.
Folsom, Clarence J. Double Stone w/Bertha M.
Ford, Carmen Harris
Ford, Luther M. Double Stone w/ Mattie E. (Military Stone)
Ford, John L. b. Dec. 27, 1899 in Ringgold, TX s/o enoch Madison and Cynthia Ann EDDLEMAN Ford; h/o Icie Ford; d. March 4, 1987 Atoka Mem. Hosp.
Ford, Mattie E. Double Stone w/Luther
Forester, Dora Double Stone w/R. W.
Forester, R. W. Double Stone w/Dora
Forrest, Ione Izzetta Double Stone w/Joe Argus
Forrest, Joe Argus Double Stone w/Ione Izzetta
Franks, Cora V.
Franks, Louis Military Stone
Frazier, Alma F. TONEY D/o John Thomas and Nora RAY Toney
Fritcher, Landon Ray, b. Sept. 6, 1925 Pilot Point, TX; son of William Ferd and Clora Mae GRAHAM Fritcher; h/o Vera Geraldine Fritcher; d. Apr. 29, 1990 Atoka Mem. Hosp.


George, Esther Double Stone w/Francis Chester
George, Francis Chester Double Stone w/Esther
Germany, Clyde Double Stone w/Leola
Germany, Leola Double Stone w/Clyde
Gibson, Lottie Wallis
Gilbreath, Alec
Gilley, Elizabeth Double Stone w/Gwinette
Gilley, Gwinette Double Stone w/Elizabeth
Ginnings, Ann C. Double Stone w/Johnie B.
Ginnings, Johnie B. Double Stone w/Ann C.
Gleason, Dale Harvey Double Stone w/Johnnie Ruth
Gleason, Johnnie Ruth Double Stone w/Dale Harvey
Glover, Fred D. Double Stone w/Jewell
Glover, Jewell Double Stone w/Fred D.
Goer, Peter
Goforth, Fred W. Triple Stone w/Mildred and Sanford B.
Goforth, Mildred Triple stone w/Fred W. and Sanford
Goforth, Sanford B. Triple Stoe w/Fred W. and Mildred
Gorbet, Edna
Gore, Anna J. W/o Ola Franklin Gore
Gore, Ola Franklin H/o Anna J. ROGERS Gore
Gore, Paul
Goss, Callie Mae Double Stone w/Jessie Andrew
Goss, Jessie Andrew Double Stone w/Callie Mae
Graham, John Henry
Graham, Raymond H.
Granger, Elsie M. Double Stone w/Henry J.
Granger, Henry J. Double Stone w/Elsie M.
Gray, Carrie E. Double Stone w/Henry A.
Gray, Henry A. Double Stone w/Carrie E.
Greathouse, Cecil "Bud" Double Stone w/Minnie Marie
Greathouse, Minnie Marie Double Stone w/Cecil "Bud"
Green, Louis Double Stone w/Vennie (Military Stone)
Green, Settie Lou
Green, Stella J. Double Stone w/Willie C.
Green, Vennie Double Stone w/Louis
Green, Willie C. Double Stone w/Stella
Greenman, Freda P.
Gregory, J. C. Military Stone
Griffin, Susie R. W/o John Cecil Griffin
Grist, Bradley Allen
Grist, Denise Waynell
Grist, Echo C. Double Stone w/Sam Jones Grist
Grist, Herbert M. H/o Ruth Mae Delay Grist
Grist, Sam J. Double Stone w/Echo
Gross, Anna Double Stone w/William M.
Gross, William M. Double Stone w/Anna
Gunter, Carrie T. Double Stone w/Richard
Gunter, Richard Double Stone w/Carrie T. (Military Stone)


Hairrel, Joe L. H/o Ruth Lee ALLEN Hairrel
Hairrel, Troy N. Double Stone w/Theresa
Hairrel, Theresa E. Double Stone w/Troy N.
Hall, Ellie E.
Hankins, David H. Double Stone w/Jessie M.
Hankins, Helen W. D/o Leonard Oliver & Lula DUNN GRAY w/o David Eugene Hankins
Hankins, Jessie M. Double Stone w/David H.
Hankins, Pierce F. H/o Nedra Ann Harvey Hankins
Haraway, Hazel G. Double Stone w/Samuel J.
Haraway, Samuel J. Double Stone w/Hazel
Hardcastle, Della Arene W/o Eugene V.
Hardcastle, Eugene V. H/o Della Arene Military Stone
Hardin, Eunice M. Double Stone w/Hugh H.
Hardin, Hugh Double Stone w/Eunice
Hardman, George Patrick
Harner, Maggie L.
Harper, Alice V. W/o Edgar Lee "Buddy" Harper D/o Rev. Alfred & Hannah METHVIN Taylor
Harper, Edgar "Buddy" H/o Alice Taylor Harper
Harrell, Theodore R. Military Stone
Harris, Corean
Harris, Oliver P. Military Stone
Harris, Robert W.
Harscher, Myrtle Jane
Harvey, Frances Louise Double Stone w/James Howard
Harvey, James Howard Double Stone w/Frances Louise
Harvey, William Arthur Double Stone w/Willie Ann
Harvey, Willie Ann Double Stone w/William Arthur
Hayes, Robert H. H/o Eddie L. Cathy Hayes
Heard, Victor Dale S/o George Roy & Virginia OWENS Heard
Heatherly, John E. S/o George L. & Emma P. THOMPSON Heatherly
Henderson, Odes
Henry, T. U. "Dick"
Hensley, Elam Edward
Henson, Fannie C. "BROWN" W/o J. F. Frank Henson
Henson, J. F. Frank H/o Fannie BROWN Henson
Hewitt, Fannie Alma Double Stone w/Hudy C.
Hewitt, Hudy C. Double Stone w/Fannie A.
Hickey, Cornelius L. Military Stone
Hickey, James Lawrence
Hight, Jewell R.
Hill, John R. Double Stone w/Ruth E.
Hill, Ruth E. Double Stone w/John R.
Hoffman, Laura D/o Henry Patric & Dellar BOOKER Allen
Hokett, Carolyn M. Double Stone w/Donald M.
Hokett, Donald M. Double Stone w/Carolyn M.
Holcomb, Paul Franklin
Holley, Dorothy Ray
Hood, John W. Double Stone w/Mildred A.
Hood, Mildred A. Double Stone w/John W.
Hoskins, Ada M. Double Stone w/John B. Hoskins
Hoskins, Durr Gary S/o James Bunyon and Grace ELLIS Hoskins
Hoskins, John B. Double Stone w/Ada M.
Hoskins, Kathryn A. W/o Durr Gary Hoskins
Howard, Hershel T. "Runt"
Howard, Kathie Yvonne Double Stone w/ Infant son Robert Rovel
Howard, Robert Rovel Double Stone w/mother
Hunt, Calvin J. Double Stone w/ Maxine
Hunt, Doyle J.
Hunt, Frankie L. Double Stone w/Winifred J.
Hunt, John E.
Hunt, Maxine Double Stone
Hunt, Robert E. Military Stone
Hunt, Winifred J. Double Stone w/Frankie L.
Hunter, Carmen Esther Double Stone w/Charles Preston
Hunter, Charles Preston Double Stone w/Carmen Esther
Hurst, Dave
Hurst, Ruth Irene
Hutson, Nageala S.
Hyatt, Enoch Preston Double Stone w/Virgie Hyatt
Hyatt, Virgie Double Stone w/Enoch Preston Hyatt



Jones, Christine K

Kroft, Lana w/o Don Kroft

Ladd, Mary Lou D/o Clarence & Freda RICKLES Stanley w/o Jim Ladd
Lang, Geneva I. W/o Loyd Dalton Lang
Leeper, Olivia L. W/o William G. Leeper
Lewis, Neoma L. W/o Robert A. Lewis
Lillard, Ervin E. H/o Xenia L. WHITE Lillard
Littleton, Madison Hope Infant dau of Tiffany Littleton
Lowe, George N. H/o Edna L. TAYLOR Lowe
Lowry, Elsie Leota W/o George W. Lowry


McBride, Virgil D. Military Stone
McCarty, Betty V. Double Stone w/Frank W.
McCarty, Frank W. Double Stone w/Betty V.
McClary, Ruby Jean
McCool, Rovel (Shorty) Double Stone w/Thelma (Military Stone also)
McCool, Thelma E. Double Stone w/Rovel (Shorty)
McDonald, Toni Marie
McGee, Roy T. Double Stone w/ Stella V.
McGee, Stella V. Double stone w/ Roy T.
McGinty, Kenneth E.
McGue, Dorothy L. W/o Paul E. McGue d/o James M. & Maudie GRAHAM Cook
McIninch, Eldon B. Double Stone w/Leola P.
McIninch, Leola P. Double Stone w/Eldon B.
McKaskle, O. Fred
McKeehen, Elbert V.
McKeehen, Obrey
McKerhen, Albert D. Double Stone w/ Lottie
McKerhen, Lottie Double Stone w/ Albert D.
McKinney, Ray J.
McNeil, Charlie E.
McPhetridge, Charles Melton
Magby, Jackie Dee h/o Wilma FUGATE Magby; s/o Walter H. & Leona GATTENBY Magby
Mahavier, Louise W/o Benjamin Mahavier
Mansell, Gilbert H/o Billye Jean Partin Mansell
Mayfield, Lee Ray H/o Hazel MEADOWS Mayfield
Mayo, Verna M.
Mayo, Ophelia W/o Henry Ferman Mayo
Mead, Charles E. H/o Jean STANFILL Mead; s/o Calvin W. & Ruth A. SWINDELL Mead
Medcalf, Cynthia A. W/o Gary Medcalf
Mellican, F. Louis Military Stone
Mesecher, Damon Q. H/o Pat SATTERFIELD Mesecher; S/o Silas J. & Ruby BLACK Mesecher
Milam, David H/o Rachel Irene Milam
Milam, Rachel Irene W/o David Milam d/o John Thomas & Emily GABRIEL Cooksey
Mills, Floyd L. Military Stone
Mills, Maggie N. Double Stone w/Walter B. Mills
Mills, Walter B. Double Stone w/Maggie N. Mills
Mitchell, Edith YORK
Mitchell, Joe E. H/o Connie Fite THOMPSON Mitchell
Mitchell, Myrtle S. Double Stone w/William A.
Mitchell, Robert L.
Mitchell, William A. Double Stone w/Myrtle S.
Mitchell, William A. Jr.
Mixon, Elta L. Double Stone w/John E.
Mixon, John E. Double Stone w/Elta L.
Moffatt, Dewey
Moore, Earnest B. Double Stone w/Edna P.
Moore, Edna P. Double Stone w/ Earnest B.
Moore, Gerri Double Stone w/Marlin J.
Moore, J. D., Jr. Military Stone
Moore, Jarlin J. Double Stone w/Gerri
Moore, Mande Denise
Moore, Roy Alvis Military Stone
Moore, Tyrus Grant
Morman, James L. Military Stone
Morris, Ethel Alta W/o Fredrick N. Morris
Musler, Roy Military Stone


Nelson, Billy David
Nelson, Chlora Blanche Double Stone w/ John Clark
Nelson, John Clark Double Stone w/Chlora Blanche
Nelson, Robert L. S/o David C. & Lorraine F. Nelson
Newton, Anna Evelyn Double Stone w/Walter Ray
Newton, Walter Ray Double Stone w/Anna Evelyn
Nichols, Homer F. Double Stone w/Juanita
Nichols, Juanita Double Stone w/Homer F.
Nichols, William
Noah, Ward Military Stone
Noel, Curtis
Noel, Mable
Nowlin, As Berrie Military Stone

O'Quinn, Archie R. Military Stone
O'Quinn, Nomie Jane Double Stone w/Rev. Calvin
O'Quinn, Rev. Calvin Double Stone w/Nomie Jane
Orr, Gladys S.
Owens, Charles D.
Owensby, Bernice Alline Double Stone w/Charles Alvin "Tubby"
Owensby, Charles Alvin "Tubby" Double Stone w/Bernice Alline


Partin, George Double Stone w/Veorah A.
Partin, Glendon S/o George & Veorah REICH Partin
Partin, Veorah Alice REICH Double Stone w/George
Payne, Grace Double Stone w/Herman
Payne, Herman Double Stone w/Grace Payne
Payne, Horace E. H/o Leta Leola Payne
Payne, Leta Leola W/o Horace Payne
Payne, William Dean
Pelts, Outher (Buddy)
Phillippe, Gladys M. Double Stone w/ Ralph
Phillippe, Ralph Double Stone w/Gladys Mae
Phillips, Andrew D. Double Stone w/ Luna O. (Military Stone)
Phillips, Ann Elizabeth W/o Roy L. Phillips, Sr.
Phillips, Azzelee W/o Grover F. Phillips D/o Ralph & Minnie CAMPBELL Luck
Phillips, Emmett
Phillips, Grover F. H/o Azzelee LUCK , JONES Phillips
Phillips, Jim Double Stone w/ Lillie
Phillips, Lillie E. KELLEY, [Taylor] Double Stone w/ Jim
Phillips, Luna O. Double Stone w/Andrew D.; D/o Tom & Julia STILLEY Lynn
Phillips, Roy L. H/o Ann Elizabeth RALLS Phillips
Pierce, Casto David h/o Dorothy Jewel HENSON Pierce Double Stone W/Dorothy Jewel Henson Pierce
Pierce, Dorothy Jewel Double Stone w/ Casto David
Pippin, Clyde Ray S/o Joseph E. & Mattie E. WIGGINS Pippin
Pitts, Joseph Warren "Bud" H/o Pauline Bennett HINSHAW Pitts
Pitts, Pauline B. W/o Joseph W. "Bud" Pitts
Pitts, William Irvin "Billy" S/o Joseph Warren Pitts
Pool, Tony Ray Military Stone
Porter, Ira
Porter, Nolen
Potter, William L.
Praytor, Bertie E. Double stone w/Fern Praytor (Military Stone)
Praytor, Fern NICKLES Double stone w/Bertie E. (Wed: Apr. 20, 1919 Matoy, OK)
Praytor, Helen Marie Double Stone w/ John Lee
Praytor, John Lee Double Stone w/Helen Marie
Provence, Harry C. (Jack)


Radshaw, Mary Etta Double Stone w/Lucius E.
Rains, Bernice F. Double Stone w/Clifton
Rains, Clifton E. Double Stone w/Bernice F. Rains
Ralls, G. W. H/o Wanda MURRAY Ralls; S/o Burley & Pearl SCONYERS Ralls
Ralls, T. S. Mike Double Stone w/Velma L. Also Military Stone
Ralls, Velma L. Double Stone w/ Mike
Ramsey, Ida Grace
Ray, Maxine WHITE
Reasor, Lennie L. H/o Shirley SMITH Reasor
Reavis, Alfred "Pete" Double Stone w/Virginia L.
Reavis, Virginia L. Double Stone w/Alfred
Reed, Gilbert Roy Military Stone
Reed, John Arthur Military Stone
Reed, Raymond
Reeves, Goldie Double Stone w/ R. T.
Reeves, R. T. (Robert T.) Double Stone w/Goldie
Reeves, Ruth Double Stone w/ Whitten Reeves
Reeves, Whitten Double Stone w/Ruth
Riccitelli, Mable HULSE
Rice, Sammy Lee Double Stone w/ Uel (Dub)
Rice, Uel (Dub) Double Stone w/ Sammy Lee
Richard, Audrey J.
Ridgway, Norma May W/o W. R. Ridgway
Ritter, Bertha A. W/o Oscar "Doc" Ritter
Rippee, Christopher M.
Robb, Exa J. Double Stone w/John L.
Robb, John L. Double Stone w/ Exa J. (Also a Military Stone
Roberts, Catherine Double Stone w/Jackson Warner Roberts
Roberts, J. W. Double Stone w/Velma Catherine (Also Military Stone)
Roberts, Lorene C. Double Stone w/ Owen Lee ; D/o S. H. & Rena M. LABOR Moore
Roberts, Owen Lee Double Stone w/Lorene C.
Robertson, Jack R. Military Stone
Ronan, Minnie Mae
Rowland, C. L. Double Stone w/Lucy VAUGHAN Rowland
Rowland, Lucy VAUGHAN Double Stone w/C. L.
Roy, Baby Stacye Renee
Roy, Mack, Sr. H/o Maryanna WASIK Roy
Roy, Maryanna W/o Mack Roy
Roy, William R. Sr. H/o Ruby Pauline BRAUDRICK Roy; S/o Carroll and Maggie WRIGHT Roy
Ruth, Oletha Double Stone w/Arthur W.
Ruth, Arthur W. Double Stone w/Mary Oletha

Sanders, David Wayne Baby
Sanders, Doris Loudell ATTEBERRY W/o Jack Sanders, d/o Frank & Martha Atteberry
Sanders, James J.
Sanders, Jessica Double Stone w/Robert D.
Sanders, Robert D. Double Stone w/Jessica
Sanders, Sheila Kay D/o Jack and Doris Loudell Sanders g/d of Frank & Martha Atteberry
Sartin, John Wesley
Scarber, Frances I. W/o Hogan T. Scarber
Schottman, Catherine R. W/o James F. Schottman
Scott, Alean E. Double Stone w/Earl H.
Scott, Anna Lee
Scott, Annie L. Double Stone w/Johnie W.
Scott, Charles
Scott, Charles Christopher
Scott, Earl H. Double Stone w/Alean E.
Scott, John H.
Scott, Johnie W. Double Stone w/Annie L.
Scott, Robert W. Double Stone w/Susan P.
Scott, Susan P. Double Stone w/Robert W.
Scruggs, David H. Double Stone w/Eria Mae
Scruggs, Eria Mae (BELASE) Double Stone w/David Houston
Scruggs, Fred
Seabourn, Annie B. Double Stone w/ William W.
Seabourn, William W. Double Stone w/ Annie B. (Military Stone)
Searcy, Selvie
Self, Emily A. "Pat"
Setliff, Michael Darwin
Settlemire, Joey B. H/o Melba
Settlemire, Melba W/o Joey Benjimen
Settlemires, Robert Lee
Sewell, Benjamin Max,
Sewell, Max Lee
Shaw, Alean E. (MUSLER) [SCOTT] D/o William Edward & Ana S. FOWLER Musler; w/o Earl H. Scott & Odes Shaw
Sherrill, Edward Robert H/o Eula Faye SMITH Sherrill
Shire, Helen Grace
Sides, Lucille M. Double Stone w/ Willie Edgar
Sides, Willie E. Double Stone w/Lucille M.
Silvers, Alice Myrtle W/o Earl Silvers; D/o William and Florence BARNETT Logan
Silvers, Charles T. H/o Mildred LaVarnway
Silvers, Donald D.
Silvers, Earl E. H/o Alice Myrtle Silvers
Silvers, Mildred W/o Charles Thomas Silvers D/o Samuel M. LaVarnway & Myrtle Lou ATTEBERRY LaVarnway Sipes, Buenos A., Jr.
Sipes, Buenos A., Sr. H/o Virginia O'QUINN Sipes
Sipes, Shirley Ann D/o B. A. and Virginia Sipes
Smith Floyd B. Double Stone w/ Donna J.
Smith, Byron Dale
Smith, Donna J. Double Stone w/ Floyd B.
Smith, G. Elvin Double Stone w/Reba E.
Smith, George E.
Smith, Julia A.
Smith, Laurence R. Double Stone w/Vera Mae
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, R. A. Military Footstone
Smith, Reba E. Double Stone w/G. Elvin
Smith, Ronald Bruce Military Stone
Smith, Vera Mae Double Stone w/Laurence R.
Smith, Zeno Rawls Military Stone
Sparks, Grace E. Wed: Province Sparks June 8, 1929
Speegle, Velma M. Stacy, Ruby E. W/o Arvil O. Stacy
Stallings, Betty K. W/o Clinton Stallings
Stamps, Emma
Stanley, Clarence (Pappy)
Stark, Alice L. W/o Thomas Milton Stark; D/o Elidge & Lillian P. JOHNSTON Childers
Starnes, Roy
Steavson, Bob + 3 unknown Marked graves These must be from the McGee Creek Project
Steavson, Robert From McGee Creek Project
Stephens, Herbert C. Double Stone w/Marie M.
Stephens, Lois Double Stone w/Melvin C.
Stephens, Marie M. Double Stone w/Herbert C.
Stephens, Melvin C. Double Stone w/Lois
Stephens, Paul H.
Sterling, Clarence P. Military Headstone
Stewart, James O. Double Stone w/Ollie E. Stewart
Stewart, John W.
Stewart, Ollie E. Double Stone w/ James O.
Stockwell, Helen J.
Strang, John H. (Harold) Double Stone w/Ruth
Strang, Ruth Double Stone w/John H.
Strickland, May Double Stone w/Delbert
Strickland, Delbert Double Stone w/May
Strickland, Evelyn
Strickland, Maggie Mae
Struck, Alva E. H/o Floy M. Struck
Struck, J. D.
Stubblefield, Gertrude Double Stone w/John
Stubblefield, John Double Stone w/Gertrude
Studdert, Keri D. Sullivan, Betty J. D/o John S. & Savannah M. Sullivan Sullivan, John Steele Double Stone w/Savannah Melissa
Sullivan, Savannah Melissa Double Stone w/ John Steele
Surrell, Robert E. H/o Greta DEAN Surrell Surrell, William J. "Jap" H/o Clara Belle HARP Surrell Sutherland, C. A. "Pete" Double Stone w/ Mattie Lou
Sutherland, Mattie Lou Double Stone w/ C. A. "Pete"
Swindell, B. Floyd
Swindell, Bobby D. Triple Stone w/Lloyd Ovel and Zetta
Swindell, Lloyd Ovel h/o Zetta Triple stone w/Bobby D. and Zetta
Swindell, Zetta L. (SAMPLE) Triple Stone w/ Bobby d. and Lloyd Ovel


Taylor, Nora V. W/o R. W. Taylor Teasley, Elmer D. H/o Ann ELLIOTT Teasley. S/o Elmer & Katherine FIELDS Teasley
Thomas, Hettie Mae w/o Issac Wilson Tomas D/o George Irvin and Fannie Louis (Newman) Fields
Thomas, Issac Wilson H/o Hettie Mae FIELDS Thomas
Thomas, James M. H/o Margaret S. PROCTOR Thomas
Thomas, Margaret S. W/o James M. Thomas
Thompson, Delilah Faye "Dell" Double Stone w/John Wesley "Bobby"
Thompson, Gary Ray
Thompson, Jewel M. Double Stone w/Joe
Thompson, Joe Double Stone w/Jewel M.
Thompson, John Wesley "Bobby" Double Stone w/ Delilah Faye
Thompson, Mark Military Stone
Thompson, Mark Stacy S/o Mark & Beverly BRANNON Thompson
Thompson, Orovan
Thornley, Cecil Leroy H/o Mariella SHAFER Thornley; s/o Oscar & Lizzie SMITH Thornley
Tisseur, Myrtle Ann Double Stone w/Theron
Tisseur, Theron Allen Double Stone w/Myrtle Ann
Toaz, Harold Alvin Double Stone w/Healion L.
Toaz, Healion L. Double Stone w/ Harold
Tomlinson, Carl Ralph
Tomlinson, Minnie
Tomlinson, Vivian H. LEUTY W/o Calvin Tomlinson; d/o Bert & Iva L. EMERSON Leuty
Toms, Ada Belle
Trent, Ben W.
Trent, Edith Lea Double Stone w/Roy Grant
Trent, Roy Grant Double stone w/Edith
Trent, Troy Grant
Turnbull, Mary E. Double Stone w/Ozie P.
Turnbull, Ozie P. Double Stone w/Mary E.
Turner, Atlawa Louise Double Stone w/John Guy
Turner, Burl E. Double Stone w/ John H.
Turner, Claude G. Double Stone w/Lillie
Turner, John Guy Double Stone w/Atlawa Louise also a Military Stone
Turner, John H. Double Stone w/Burl E
Turner, Lillie Double Stone w/Claude G.


Uber, Fay Double Stone w/Lawrence Willis
Uber, Harley O. Uber, Lawrence W. Double Stone w/Faye
Umsted, Martha Ann


Vaile, James H. Double Stone w/ Lou R.
Vaile, Lou R. Double Stone w/James H.
Vanloon, L. Bonnie Double Stone w/Walter Lee
Vanloon, Walter Lee Double Stone w/L. Bonnie
Veazey, Travis W.
Vietta, Dorothy L. "Dot" W/o Robert E. Vietta
Vincent, Frederick E. Double Stone w/Mattie
Vincent, Mattie A. Double Stone w/Frederick


Williams, Georgie Ellen W/o Larnce Williams. D/o David Walker & Nancy HUNT Walker
Williams, Tami Louise W/o Keith Williams Walker, D. B. Double Stone w/Nannie
Walker, Henry L., Jr.
Walker, Nannie Double Stone w/D. B.
Wallace, Boston L. H/o Idell WITHROW Wallace
Wallace, Charlie D. Double Stone w/Fannie Jean
Wallace, Fannie J. Double Stone w/Charlie Dixon
Wallace, Raymond R. Military Stone
Wallis, Evelyn F. Waybourn, Edith
Weaver, Asher F. Double Stone w/Minnie M.
Weaver, Minnie M. Double Stone w/Asher F.
Webster, George W.
Webster, Oscar J.
Webster, Raymond H/o Lucille YORK Webster
Weddel, Bud
Wells, Lassie Scott
Whalin, Hubert Cement Cover on graves for Hubert and Raleigh; also Military Stone
Whalin, Raleigh Orvel Cement Cover on graves for Raleigh & Hubert
Whalin, Randell Rue "Slim"
Wheeler, Bob Wed: Minnie Belle Mowrey Aug. 10, 1929 at Ada, OK
Wheeler, J. W. "Dub" H/o Tressie JOHNS Wheeler
Wheeler, Minnie B. W/o Felix "Bob" Wheeler
Wheeler, Tressie W/o J. W. "Dub" Wheeler
Wheeler, Willie Footstone
Whitecraft, Edna Ione
Wilkinson, Elsie Jane
Williams, Albert
Williams, Alma Inez Double Stone w/J. Hubert
Williams, Baby Girl
Williams, J. Hubert Double Stone w/Alma Inez
Williams, Georgie E. Double Stone w/Larnce
Williams, Larnce Double Stone w/Georgie
Williams, Maggie L. Double Stone w/Orville Ray (Bo)
Williams, Monte R. H/o Pia Bond Williams
Williams, Orville R. (Bo) Double Stone w/Maggie L.
Williford, Beulah Double Stone w/Halmon
Williford, Clyde Double Stone w/Rue
Williford, Halmon Double Stone w/Beulah
Williford, Rue Double Stone w/Clyde
Willis, Jewell H/o Lorena Mae GLASSCOCK Willis
Willis, Lorena M. W/o Jewell Willis
Wills, Wiley E. H/o Synthia M. Thompson Wills
Wilson, Bertie F. Double Stone w/Elwood L.
Wilson, Charlie Dell Double Stone w/Tommie Almer
Wilson, Clarence R. Double Stone w/Rhue L. Military Stone
Wilson, Elwood L. Double Stone w/Bertie F.
Wilson, Lloyd Ray Military Stone
Wilson, Martha J. W/o Jessie Warren Wilson
Wilson, Michael Wayne
Wilson, Rhue L. Double Stone w/Clarence R.
Wilson, Robert J.
Wilson, Tommie Almer Double Stone w/Charlie Dell
Wilson,, Charlie Dell W/o Tommie Almer Wilson
Winborn, Ben F.
Winkle, Margaret Ann
Winslett, Bertha L. Double Stone w/John W.
Winslett, James T. Double Stone w/ Kathleen O. & Military Stone
Winslett, John W. Double Stone w/Bertha L.
Winslett, Kathleen O. Double Stone w/James T.
Winslett, William Connie Military Stone
Withrow, Adell S. Double Stone w/Claud Gilbert
Withrow, Beaulah Mabel [BLACKBURN] W/o Clyde V. Withrow; D/o David Washington and Sarah Isabell [Yeats] Blackburn
Withrow, Claud G. Double Stone w/Adell
Withrow, Clyde V. H/o Beaulah Mabel BLACKBURN Withrow
Withrow, Orvel W. H/o Clara Estelle RAINS Withrow
Withrow, Windle O. H/o Mary BELCHER Withrow
Wolfe, John E. Sr. H/o Ella BRONSEMA Wolfe
Wood, Elmer Double Stone w/Mary
Wood, Ethel M. Double Stone w/ Sam J.
Wood, Mary Double Stone w/Elmer
Wood, Sam J. Double Stone w/Ethel M.
Woolard, Susie Double Stone w/Walter F.
Woolard, Walter P. Double Stone w/Susie
Wright, Marietta Lela Double Stone w/William Edgar
Wright, William Edgar Double stone w/Marietta Lela


Yates, Maybell R. W/o O'Neal Yates
Yates, Myrtle Mary
Yates, Clara Lee
Yarbrough, Lola Mae
Young, Esla