Harmony School ca. 1910

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   This is a very old picture. It has been Xeroxed from a restored original. That is why the quality is    bad. Maybe, someone can find a name, that will help with their research.

   Front Row:(Left to Right) Buddy Rogers, Clara Rogers, Joe Smith, Seth Rains,    Herbert Self, Roy Riddle, Floyd Riddle, Mary Smith, Juanita Wilson, Zell Wilson,    Georgia Huggines, Lillie Green, Beth Evans.

   Second Row: Julian Burgess, Millard Mead, Melvin Rogers, Roy Browning, Dave    Kemp, Carl Rains, Otis Vanderberg, Russell Brown, Leroy Darr, Emmett Cochran,    Lena Green, Bessie Self, Helen Mayfield, Susie Strahan, Vennie Mead, Lillian    Burgess, Clyde Darr, Grace Darr, Maude Taylor, Lois Emerson.

   Third Row: Jeff Cochran, Calvin Mead, Jim Rains, Arthur Self, Floyd Mead, Grace    Taylor, Bernice Brightwell, Ella Mead, Annie Riddle, Phoebe Stetson, Willie Duncan,    Ruby Burgess, Josie Vanderberg, Joan Self, Clara Anderson, Tee Burgess, Grandma    Higgins and Mrs. Minnie Evans.

   Fourth Row: John Walthall, Chris Vanderberg, Pres. Duncan, Joe Walthall, Joe D.    King, Carl Burgess, Nell Raines, (Ethel Taylor-Laramie, WY) Lillian Self, Lonzo    Cochran, Addie Harris, Addie Green, Sam Davis, Madgie Cochran, Gilbert Davis,    Mrs. Sam Browning, Tennie Rains, Essie Cochran, Mrs. Fred Anderson.

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