Atoka I.T., 1899 Indian Citizen Newspaper

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Atoka County Indian Territory Newspapers


Published Weekly by The Indian Citizen Publishing Co.

Editors and Proprietors: M. ANTISKE & NORA B. SMISER

The Indian Citizen will be typed exactly as it appears in the paper. I have high-lighted the names for easier reading. I find it amazing that the news coverage in this paper is excellent. There is an article on the King of England, War in the Phillipines, etc. Many newspapers today could take a lesson in what appears in "this" newspaper. I am omiting many of the commercial adds, and stories. The stories are just that, stories, fables. They do not pertain to anyone in the Choctaw Nation. I chose not to set up this page in newspaper columns, simply because it would take up entirely to much space, and I would have to decrease the font. That would pose a problem for some. Let me know what you think, any suggestions for improvements will be appreciated. If you have questions please send email to

browndot I. T. News 04/06/1899 browndot I. T. News 04/13/1899 browndot I. T. News 04/20/1899
browndot I. T. News 04/27/1899 browndot I. T. News 05/04/1899 browndot I. T. News 05/11/1899
browndot I. T. News 05/18/1899 browndot I. T. News 05/25/1899 browndot I. T. News 06/06/1899
browndot I. T. News 07/20/1899