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Atoka County Indian Territory Newspapers


Published Weekly by The Indian Citizen Publishing Co.

Editors and Proprietors: M. ANTISKE & NORA B. SMISER

July 20, 1899

At the U. S. Court House in Atoka of the miners and the "striking" situation of the same in the Indian 'territory, as reported by Gov. McCurtain to the Secretary and at whose solicitation this move is being made. According to appointment made last week, on No.1 Monday morning Special Inspector Zevoley, C. B. Stewart, attorney for the Choctaw, Oalahoma & Gulf R. R.; Samuel Guerrier, representing Atoka Coal and Mining Co.; C. L. Jackson, representing Southwestern Coal and Improvement Co., and T. H. DuBois, official reporter, came down to begin the session of investigation at Atoka. Judge Harrison, county judge of Atoka county, to represent his county through Attorney W. L. Richards. Spt. John Russell of the Southwestern Coal and Improvement Co.; Ben Reese, secretary N. M. W. Coalgate lodge; Geo. Britton, district vice president n. M. W.; Dr. Hume and many others too numreous to mention were in from Coalgate and Lehigh. Mayor Dar Shea of Lehigh had the witness chair Monday and proved himself a very intellignet man.

This investigation continued two days, Mondan and Tuesday, with about 300 miners in attendance. For the date of the settlement of this situation and question look to the sun, moon an dstars and get the astronomers and astrologers of the 19th century to interpret the signs therefrom.

Arrivals at the Bates Hotel
Sunday, July 14th W. H. Bode, Hansas City, H. R. Stone, St. Louis; Fred Milins, Chicago; J. H. Miller, Stringtown; E. P. Miller and wife, Stringtown; Miss Ida Miller, Stringtown; F. F. Cacevia, Cincinnati

Monday Oct 12th

E. H. Lowry, Kansas City; E. P. Coosie, New Orleans, M. L. Terrell; John Russell, Coalgate; C. L. Jackson w/Thron(e)? Muskogee.

Size of Town Lots

Instructions to the Choctaw Townsite Commisioners

Denison, Tex, July 17.__The Interior department at Washington has issued final instructions to the Choctaw town site commissioners, and thefollowing in regard to size of town lots, basedon department rulings, has been sent to the citiens' sommittee of sterrett relative to the sizes of town lots in the Choctaw Nation and will apply generally to all towns:

Sterrett, July 17.__Z. W. Rains, L. H. Harrel, G. T. Black and T. J. vaughn, committee, Sterrett:


I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your communication addressed to the town site commissioners for Choctaw Nation in which you recite a resolution adopted at a mass meeting of the citizens of Sterrett (formerly (Cale), to the effect that the town should embrase none and one-half sections of land, to be laid off at right angles with the main street, in such manner as to take in all the bona fida residents of the town, placing as much land as possible on the west and north sides of the town, and in suc a manner as togive the town as much high ground as possible; the the commission is requested to make the business lots 25 feet front, running back to the center of the block or ally, and the residence lots 150x300 feet or one half block.

This communication was referred to the department for its action...and I have to advise you that the department has instructed the commission as follows:

"With regard to the extent of the town, you will be governed by the Choctaw and Chickasaw agreement and the instructions heretofore fiven in the promises, that is to lay out the town according to its actual limits as nearly as possible."

In reference to the matter of the size of lots, the commission is advised that "opportunity was allowed the inhabitants of the town to express their views in the matter. This privilege was granted merely with a view of aiding the government in this matter. The purpose of this course was to give the people of the town an opportunity to submit their ideas, with q view to assisting the commissioners, but not to leave them the right to decide the size of lots to be laid out in the town."

After full consideration, the department instructs the commission that the size of lots in the town of Sterrett should be, for business purposes 25x150 feet, and for residence purposes 100x150 feet, as nearly as practicable, so as not to distrub and vested interests further than maay be necessary to properly adjust the lines of the parties having regard to all the interest of the parties residing in the town, an dthat due regard shall be had to the convenience of the parties in the establishment of alleys and streets.

J. A. Aterrett, Chairman townsite committee

Caney Items

Mr. A. C. Messick has a new buggy and harness.

Hot weather in this timeber. Everybody sick or trying to be.

Dr. Barnes of Weston, Texas, is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Ross.

preaching at the Arbor everynight by Bro. Chism of the Christian Church.

O. L. Dulaney and Jonas B. Cobb met here today and made a big deal. Mr. Cobb bought an equal interest in the Dulaney & Cobb mercantile establishment. Dulaney in the deal takes Cobb's entire brand of stock cattle. I think the deal amounted to about $3,000. NEWCOMER.

Caney, I. T. July 17.


The latest in corsets at D. N. Robbs & Co.

Wm. Dunn and little daughters were in town Saturday.

Mr. D. N. Robb made a business trip to Denison Monday.

Mrs. F. R. Phillips came in from Lehigh Tuesday and spent the day.

Mr. Yor Jake Salmon and Marie Standley, spend Saturday at York's ranche.

Charlie Manning of Caddo was in town last week accompanied by Buster Byington.

Jim Standley spent Sunday and Monday in Atoka, returning to Lehigh to work on Tuesday.

Mrs. Chas. LaFlore came down from Limestone on No. 1 Tuesday, and was at the Dillion House.

Mrs. Trickey, mother of the Methodist pastor, left Monday's Flyer for her home in Vinita.

Wm. Harrison spent Sunday at home with his family, returning Monday to camp N. 3 near Coalgate.

Marshal Bradshaw returned on No. 1 Monday from South Canadian where he had spend Sunday with his family.

Miss Cora Harrison, daughter of Judge John M. Harrison of Lehigh is visitingMiss Etta and Mable Harrison during the last few days.

Walter Clower has a position in the Company store at Lehigh and we hope the situation is as desirable as Mr. Clower is deserving and qualified for such business.
Now is the time ot get your blood pure. Take Dr. Thurmond's blood syrup, and you will be cured while you wait. Sold, no cure no pay, by J. D. Lankford.

Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Murrow was called to Kiowa lat Saturday where they attended the funeral services of old Bro. Olashachubbee. They returned home Monday on No. 1.

Editor Ford of the Lehigh Topics was a caller at our office last Monday. He is the Champion of the Miners. Union and sympathizes deeply with those row in the strike. (That is exactly how it reads) Mrs. J. Salmon, daughter, Mrs. Bertha Stndley, and grandbaby Marie Standley went to Sherman this week to consult Oculist Miller regarding Mrs. Salmon's protracted and painful condition of her eye.

Mr. Copeland and son Johnnie arrived in Atoka last week and are visiting his daughters, Mrs. Waife Nichols, Mrs. Mim McDonald and Mrs. Mike Philbon. Having once lived in Atoka, Mr. Copeland has many friends here.

Misses Soulie Pate and Nannie Lawrence returned to Caddo last Thursday on No 1. Miss Soulie has a position as cashier and assistant bookkeeper in Mr. McCoy's. Mr. McCoy is to be congratulated upon getting such an assistant as Miss Soulie.

Mrs. Dulaney has recoverecd suffiently to be able to accompany her sister Mrs. Rector to her home at Duncan, I. T. Mrs. Rector was summoned to Mrs. Dulane's bedside about a month ago, when hop of her life was about abandoned. The sisters accompanied by Mrs. Dulaney's two little girl wards, left for Duncan on Tuesday's Flyer. To be continued.