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Korean War

Jume 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953

The following is some information I ran across while doing research.
More than 1, 789,000 Americans served in the Armed Fores in Korea during the 37 months of hostilities. For the U. S., the war began June 25, 1950, and ended 27 July 1953. The maximum troop strength came at the end of the war when the U. S. had 325, 270 troops in Korea. The following are some of the statistics of that war:
Hostile deaths totaled 33, 741.
Army - 27, 731
Marines - 4, 266
Air Force - 1, 258
Navy - 506
Coast Guard - five.
There were 2, 835 non-hostile deaths.
The largest number of casualties, 14, 650 were in the first six months of the war.
The deadliest battle was at the Pusan Peninsula; 3, 603 Americans died
California lost 2, 611 servicemen in the war, followed by Pennsylvania, 2, 401; New York, 2, 373; Missouri, 944.
The number of Americans wounded in action totaled 103,284.
North Korea took 7, 140 Americans prisoners of war.
4,418 returned home
2,701 died in captivity
21 refused repatriation.
Korea was America's last "ground" war , using mostly conventional weapons.


Ables, Dan
Ables, Eugene
Ables, Jerry D.
Ables, Marvin "Boag"
Ables, Tommy Buck
Alford, Travis
Allen, Bobby D.
Allen, David
Allen, Jophene
Allen, Paul
Allen, Roy L.
Allen, Shirley
Arington, Donnie
Armstrong, Alvin
Armstrong, Billy
Armstrong, Dean
Armstrong, Fletcher
Armstrong, Gary
Armstrong, Louis C.
Armstrong, Otah R.
Armstrong, Ray
Arp, Richard D.
Arrington, Howard Jr.
Atterberry, Marvin E.
Austin, Charles E.


Bacon, Jackie D.
Bailey, John R.
Bardwell, Otis
Barnhill, Jimmy R.
Barton, Clyde
Baugh, Homer L.
Beck, Kenneth A.
Benefield, Jack
Benham, Elbert
Benham, Glenn
Benham, Grady D.
Benham, Marion B. Jr.
Bettis, Harvey
Betts, James D.
Betts, Richard
Betts, Walton W.
Bicknell, Burris
Bicknell George O.
Bicknell, Roy
Bicknell, Therman D.
Bishop, Eulis E.
Blankenship, Spencer L.
Bledsoe, Bill L.
Bledsoe, Sherman "Shug"
Boag, James A.
Bomesberger, Billy Joe
Bonham, Marvin Chester
Bonham, Olie
Bonfield, Wallace
Boone, Bobby
Booth, Clovis
Booth, Randell
Bower, Ben
Bower, Lawrence T.
Bowman, Thomas N.
Bowman, Willie
Bradford, Haskell
Brady, James D.
Breenden, Bobby C.
Bright, Jimmie D.
Brinkley, Richard "Doc"
Brown, Carl
Brown, Junior Lee
Brown, Nathen L.
Bryant, Frank Jr.
Bryant, Hayden D.
Burke, Billy Joe
Burleson, David T.
Burleson, Jack
Burleson, Johnnie
Burrough, Bobby G.
Burrow, Henry B.
Bussey, Harold
Bussey, Henry
Bussey, Walter C.
Bussey, William
Butler, Cecil Ray
Byrum, Vernon Dale


Caldwell, Ezra
Camp, Leo K. "Bobby"
Camp, Sidney A.
Carnes, Herbert H.
Carnes, Watson L
Cartwright, J. B.
Cartwright, Zack
Case, Harold D.
Chitwood, Jack
Coben, Bill
Coben, Louis
Cochran, Jimmy D.
Cochran, Kenneth J.
Cook, Holland G.
Cook, James Jr.
Cook, Robert
Cooksey, Harold D.
Cooper, Henry Jr.
Cooper, Lacy
Cooper, Robert E.
Corey, James A.
Courtney, Kendell
Courtney, Kenneth C.
Crites, Cypus
Crites, Edward V.
Crites, Willie V.


Dalton, Jerry C.
Danderson, Thomas R.
Darken, Happy A.
Dashner, Brick
Dashner, Paul
Davidson, Clint
Davis, Andrew J.
Davis, Calvin R.
Davis, Earnest H.
Davis, Jessie W.
Davis Raymond J.
Decker, Bob
Decker, Delmaleen
Decker, Jimmy D.
Delay, Harold L.
Didd, Jerry
Dodds, Clarence D.
Downs, Standford


Eastridge, Herschel
Edge, Charlie D.
Ernert, Gilbert R.
Estep, Floyd D.


Fink, Lon Robert
Fitzgerald, Alfred "Hoss"
Flowers, Bill
Folsom, Charles Hagan
Folsom, William Jr.
Foote, Oscar
Foster, Don"Fuzzy"
Fox, Ralph E.
Frazier, Kenneth C.
Fryer, Bob


Gammon, Haskell
Gibbs, Lloyd
Glover, John
Goodson, Billy Wayne
Goodson, D. J.
Gossett, Joe M.
Gossett, William A.
Graham, O.C.
Gray, Albert L.
Gray, James R.
Gray, Wayne
Greathouse, Cecil "Bud"
Green, Melvin
Greenwood, Joe Bill
Griffin, Ernie
Griffin, Jesse E.
Grist, Donald Lee
Grist, Jesse "Ed"


Haggard, Marion "Chunk"
Hairrel, Rufus M.
Hall, Harold
Hall, Marcus B.
Hall, William G.
Hallows, Webster
Hallows, William
Hamlin, Joe Charles
Hammond, Scott
Hankins, Lonnie
Haraway, Jack
Haraway, Robert "Pepper"
Harbison, David B.
Harris, Berry
Harvey, Glen R.
Hastings, Ross
Head, David
Henderson, Riley
Henry, Silas Jr.
Herrod, Billy
Hicks, Buddy C.
Hodges, Eldon
Hodes, Elmer R.
Homer, Joseph
House, J. C.
Howard, Paul E.
Howard, Roy W.
Howard, Thomas M.


Inglehart, Thomas C.
Ishmael, John


Jackson, Charles I.
Jackson, Mickey
James, Sam W.
Jefferson, Billy R.
Johnson, Clifford
Johnson, Windell
Jones, Bobby C.
Jones, Carl
Jones, Donald
Jones, Leon
Jordan, Herschel G.


Karr, Walter S.
Keeton, Claudie E.


Lane, Campbell N.
Lane, Ralph A.
Lanoy, Frank
Lanoy, Henry
Lansdale, Aaron L.
Lansdale, Jessie
Lansdale, Junior
Lawrence, Julius
Lee, Ralph
Leflore, Anderson
Leflore, Donna K.
Leflore, Preston L.
Lemons, John
Lewis, Cecil R.
Lewis, Robert R.
Linscott, Gordie Gene
Littlejohn, Troy F.
Littlejohn, William R.
Logan, Earl Wayne
Logan, Elmer E.
Love, Harlan
Lower, Norvell
Lytle, Sammy F.


Macon, Walter T.
Magby, Hollis
Maine, Russell
Mannon, Bart J.
Mannon, Everett
Mansell, Herbert
Marbut, Matt
Marley, Harold B.
Marley, Julius L.
Mason, Charles E.
Mason, Robert P.
Mason, Robert R.
Mayo, Ferman
McAnulty, Dale
McAnulty, Gerald
McAnulty, Jack
McCarty, Floyd D.
McCarty, Frank
McCasland, John "Hicky"
McGee, James
McKaskle, Paul
McKendrick, Allen
McKinzie, Ueal H.
McRorey, Tommy J.
Mead, Calvin Jr.
Mead, Williams
Mears, Fredrick W.
Meeks, David
Messeck, Paul M.
Miller, Connie M.
Miller, Edgar D.
Millican, Herbert
Millican, Knute
Mills, Don S.
Mitchell, Bobby W.
Mitchell, Jack
Moffatt, Hamilton
Moffatt, Wallace
Moody, Roy L.
Moore, Bill
Moore, Carl
Moore, Dwight Russell
Moore, Eugene
Moore, Harold N.
Moore, Luther
Moore, William E.
Morris, Dammie
Morris, Herbert O.
Morris, Vernon W.
Moser, Kenneth R.
Moses, Marion
Mosely, Robert C.
Mosley, Stelmond M.
Muncy, Willis S.
Murphy, Robert Q.


Nanney, Bob
Nelson, William
Newbery, George Jr.
Newkirk, Billy L.
Newon, Frank Jr.
Nichols, Buck
Nichols, Otis D.
Nickle, Jerry W.
Nix, Bowden
Noak, Marland A.
Northcutt, Clarence
Northcutt, Walter
Norton, Glenn
Nowlin, Forrest
Nowlin, Frank
Nuttall, Paul


Olsen, Tommy


Pack, Carl A.
Parham, Donald A.
Parker, Alfred E.
Parker, William H.
Payne, Onul "Cotton"
Penner, George C.
Peter, Harlan R.
Peters, Sam L.
Pharr, Bill
Phillips, Don
Phillips, Jesse Wayne
Phillips, Kenneth
Pienson, Sammy
Piercy, Bill
Pitts, Charles B.
Pitts, James J.
Pleasant, Vonder Jr.
Poe, Earl W.
Pool, Arthur R. Jr.
Pool, Jimmy B.
Porter, Leonard Ray
Potts, Billy Mac
Powell, Donnie G.
Powell, Marlin L.
Powell, R. J.
Prater, Lemon G.
Praytor, Bob


Ralls, Robert M.
Randolph, Robert R.
Ray, Charlie C.
Ray, Edward L.
Ray, John G.
Ray, O. P. "Perry"
Ray, Orvel
Ray, Rex E.
Ray, Thomas
Rector, Billy J.
Rector, Billy Otto
Rector, Carey
Rector, Mart Lee
Redden, Everett Lee
Rich, J. Vance
Richardson, Bill
Ridgway, Clifford
Ridgway, W. R.
Roberts, Levi
Roberts, Steve
Rogers, Paul
Rogers, William III
Roland, Harold D.
Rounsaville, Delbert
Rounsaville, Forrest
Rounsaville, Glo
Rounsaville, Tom
Rowland, George B.
Roy, William F. Sr.


Seabourn, Cleo
Self, William
Sewell, Max Lee
Shaw, Joe D.
Shaw, Vernon J.
Sheffield, Clyde E.
Sheffield, Jesse D.
Sheffield, Leonard Jr.
Sheffield, Raymond L.
Sherrard, Wesley W.
Shipman, Otis
Shupert, Barney Jr.
Silver, Earl E. Jr.
Simpson, Melvin H.
Sisson, Tommy Joe
Slawson, Kenneth
Smith, Charles M.
Smith, Howard
Smith, Hoyal A.
Smith, James M.
Smith, Roy
Smith, Troy
Smithart, Donald
Smithart, Willard
Sparks, Paul K.
Sparks, William G.
Standridge, Kelly
Stewart, Arthur C. Jr.
Strickland, James
Sticklen, Hoyle
Sullenger, Overton
Sullivan, Rober H.
Sumter, Billy Bob
Surrell, John R.
Swindell, Eugene
Swindell, Gerald,


Thomas, Royce
Thomason, Glen A.
Thompson, Floyd W.
Thompson, Jackie Ray
Tidwell, Claud
Tigert, Charles W.
Tisdell, Audrey C.
Tomlinson, Arthur W.
Trammell, Ben
Traylor, Laylon C.
Trulock, Grady
Turnbull, James E.
Turner, Robert M.


Uber, Robert D.
Umsted, Charles
Umsted, Robert


Vandreburg, Eddie
Vietta, Robert "Spider"


Wagner, David J.
Wallace, Denzil D.
Wallace, Edsel
Wallace, Jesse
Watson, Doyle
Watson, Harley
Weakely, Henry A.
Weakley, Huey G.
Weakley, Marvin L.
Weatherly, A. J.
Weatherly, Hollis W.
Weaver, Charlie G.
Weaver, Melvin L.
Weaver, Morris
Weaver, Talmadge L.
Webster, Oscar J.
Weeden, Billy
Welch, Eilet
Welch, Ola G.
Wells, W. Scott
Wheeler, Jimmy D.
White, Claude J.
Whittington, Jerome
Whittle, J. J.
Willeby, Leroy
Williams, Billy H.
Williams, Cecil C.
Williams, Charles Lee
Williams, Clyde M.
Williams, Darrell
Williams, Harold D.
Williams, Joe K.
Williams, Leo K.
Williams, Lonnie W.
Williams, Paul H.
Williams, Tommy Jeff
Williams, Wilburn
Williams, Woodrow R.
Williamson, Hardy E.
Williamson, Jackie E.
Williamson, Thomas L.
Wills, Don
Wills, Wiley
Wilson, Dale
Wilson, Russell L.
Wilson, Walton
Winborn, Othel R.
Winkleman, Gene
Winkleman, William
Winters, Eddie M.
Winters, Irving
Winters, Thomas
Wisdom, Robert L.
Withrow, Windell
Womble, Larry
Woods, Delma E.
Wyatt, Billy B.


Yandell, Kenneth
Yates, Doyle
York, J. C.
Young, C. W.

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