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Left to right: William Edward Laseter/Laster (Will/Eddie), his wife Annie Laurie BARNETT Son: Stanley Laster, and daughter Alma Brownie Viola Laster.

More information yet to come on the Laster/Laseter/Lassiter Family.


More Laseter pictures. Laster's Picture #1 left to right is Howard, Stanley L.D. (William Edward Laster's son) and Carl D. Laster. Howard and Carl are both children of Allen and Mary Laseter. Stanley is the oldest grandson of Allen and Mary. All three born and raised in Tushka All three are now deceased. Stanley is the little blond boy standing in front of his dad in the first picture I sent to you, his sister Brownie is in picture #2. Picture #2 left to right Howard Laster, Vidoma Laster, Carl Laster, Alma Brownie Viola Laster also born in Tushka, Stanley L.D. Laster, and Joy (Byrle Edith Laster's Daughter). No names are listed for pictues three & four.


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Newman & Minnie Pound

Minnie L. (BARNETT) Pound is a sister of Annie Barnett wife to William Edward Laster.

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Poem by Scott Havard researcher of the Laster Family.

My Mamma's Love

Somtimes at night when its all quite and still and I want to excape from heart ache and sorrow.                                                               
I think of the yesterdays and push out the tomarrows.
Back when I was a small boy and times seemed easier filled with adventure and joy.
A time when the day would turned into night and my biggest concern was being tucked in tight.
I would lay in my bed and hear that old house creak, an I'd get ta tossing and turning unable ta sleep.
Every small child knows that when a house pops in the night.
A new monster is born under the bed just out of site.
But I learned very young I did not have to worry
Cause when my momma walked in all them monsters would scurry.
I knew nothing in the world could ever take me ta harm.
Mommas smile and soft words made me feel safe and warm.
There in that bed with blankets pulled all up ta my ears.
I slept sound, cause my mommas love chased away any fears.
© Scottie Lee Harvard 2008