Lemuel Peirson 1840

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This is a short, but an interestingly, true story about Lemuel Peirson and his family traveling from Independence, MO to TX. This story is submitted by Sally Jackson.

She writes, "I want to tell you a true story that happened about 1840 around Boggy Depot. Lemuel Peirson and his family and others were in a wagon train traveling from Independence, MO to TX. When they reached Boggy Depot, Lemuel Peirson in an attempt to repair a wagon wheel, ruptured his spleen and died. The members of the wagon train hewed out a log and buried him near Boggy Depot. His wife, four daughters and others went on to TX. Shortly after the death of Lemuel, Mrs. Peirson lost a baby. In her diary she wrote, "It was so hard, hard for me to take."

Elizabeth Peirson later married William Newby. They are the great-grandparents of Sally Jackson. Sally has often wonder if the story was fact or fiction, but she found some other family members that had the diary of Elizabeth Peirson Newby, and it confirmed the story.

If anyone has information about this grave site, which would be located along the trail that wagon trains used back in those days, please contact Dorothy Jackson Dorothy Jackson