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From Wardville, located in the northern part of Atoka County, go 1/2 mile west and turn right (north). Continue north for four miles until you reach the Lone Star Indian Church adn cemetery. The burial ground is located on the right next to the road. It is very well kept and is still being used. It was canvassed April 9, 1983 by Janice Allen, Gwen Walker and Evelyn Youngblood. On that date it contained 15 identified graves and 16 unidentified ones.


    Albarado, Oscar Antonio - Age 9 Months, 2 Days; Jim Epperson Fun. Home Mrkr., Coalgate, OK

    Anderson, Willie; Epperson Fun. Home Mrkr., Coalgate, OK


    Carnes, Ellis Military Stone-PFC Quartermaster Corps WWII

    Cole, Anice (MAH. 5:3)

    Cole, Aurora

    Cole, Betty Lou; Epperson Fun. Home Mrkr., Coalgate, OK

    Cole, Henry D.

    Cole, Ida Jone


    Jones, Salena; Leonard Fun. Home, Coalgate, OK


    Keel, Arfus; Cooper Fun. Home Marker, Coalgate, OK.


    Leader, Morris; Cooper Fun. Home Marker, Coalgate, OK

    Leflore, Abel Paul; Mother: Mary Jane "Battiest" Leflore; wife: Rebakah (deceased) Information provided by: Sharon Postoak

    Leflore, Glen "Our Beloved Son"

    Leflore, Herman; Mils Funeral Home Marker

    Leflore, Mrs. Herman; Chaey Funeral Home Marker, McAlester, OK.

    Leflore, Michael Roy; Beloved Son