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Part I

Presented to the Atoka County web site by Angie Jenkins Long. All Copyrights remain with this information. © 2002 Angie Jenkins Long. This information is placed here to help others, but it is not to be removed or placed on another web site. Angie has gone to great length to gather this information, and is willing to share it with those who are researching the Surnames.

This is very lengthy and has many depositions. Most all the Depositions were from people in Clay County Kentucky. But she lists names of all her children and their children that were raised around the Atoka and Coal County area. It was a huge find for me because it was the first legal type documentation that I have found about my possible Indian Heritage although the answer was bitter sweet. I am still thrilled with having found it.
It is in 5 parts.

These are papers and depositions from the following families. Mahala was trying to prove citizenship in the Indian Territory, Cherokee Tribe. You can order your own copies from the National Archives listed below.

James Sizemore
Nelson Sizemore
Edward Sizemore
Andy Baker
Almarine Dezarn
John Sizemore
Mary Fulkner
William Bowlin
Winny Napier
Nancy Marcum
Washington Roberts
J. L. McIntosh
William Lewis
I got it from the:

National Archives - Southwest Region
P. O. Box 6216
Fort Worth, TX 76115

This is what I requested:

Name: Mahala Asher MARCUM (Asher is her maiden name)
Title: 1896 Citizenship Application
Tribe: Cherokee
Application No: 16
Control # NRFF-75-Muskogee49A-5326
Parents: William Blevins ASHER and Rebecca BEGLEY

They sent me back 26 pages and it cost me $13.00
Only took about a week.
________________________________________________________________________ Mahala Asher Marcum Citizenship Application
No. 88 (88 is marked out and 16 written in)
Mahala Marcum
Cherokee Nation
Filed August 10, 1896
A. S. McKennon, Court
B. Durant, I. T.

Durant, I. T.
August 8, 1896

I, W. L. Poole, Postmaster at Durant to hereby certify that a true copy of
the above application for Citizenship has been this day mailed to the
Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, I. T.
W. L. Poole, PM

United States of America
Central Judicial District
Indian Territory

Before me W. L. Poole a Notery Public in and for said District and Territory on this day personaley appeared Mahala Marcum wife of Phillip Marcum and my Father and Mother was Blevens and Beckie Asher and my GrandMother was Winie Begley a Sister to the old Sizemores and they was always called Cherokee Indians. I am the applicant for Citizenship in the Cherokee Nation and the foregoing is a correct list of my childern and thar famleys to Wit; WmMarcum and his childern Mahala Grammer and her child, Ida Grammer, Lucy Marcum and Rachel Grammer and Thomas Marcum and Phillip Marcum Jr. and Robert Marcum.

Blevins Marcum and his family William Marcum Jr. and Arria Hatter and her child Ora Hatter, Anthey Marcum, Henekiah Marcum, Minnie Marcum. Beckie Cordell and her childern Anderson Cordell Mary Oldham Cordell, Marthey Cordell, Charles Cordell, Malisa Cordill, Luley Cordill.

Thomas Marcum and his childern, James Marcum, Bell Marcum, Ida Marcum.

James Marcum, deceased and his childern, Milda Marcum, Jane Marcum, Pearl Marcum.

John Marcum and his childern, Henry Marcum, Rosey Marcum, Emly Marcum, May Marcum.

Hiram Marcum and his famley Thomas Marcum Jr. , Blevins Marcum, Watt Marcum.

Edward Marcum no childern

Henry Marcum and his famley Jesse Marcum and Claud Marcum,

Mahala Marcum

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of August, 1896 W. D. Poole N.P.

To the Hon United States Commissioner your undersigned petitioners states to your honors that they are citizens of the Cherokee Nation by blood and that there names have never been enrolled therefore they ask your honors to investigate there claim & grant them this right in said Nation.

That John, George & Henry & Edward Sizemore were Cherokee Indian and that they had a sister named Winnie who married Wm Begley who had a daughter by name of Becky who afterwards amrried a man named Blivins Asher who had a child named Mahala who married Phillip Marcum who is the applicant for citizenship together with her children, Viz, Wm Marcum, Blivins Marcum, Beckie Cordill, Tom Marcum, James Marcum (deceased), John Marcum, Hiram Marcum, Edward Marcum, Henry Marcum together with their children Mahala Grammar & her child named Ida Grammar, Lucy, Thomas, Phillip, Rachel Grammer, Robert, William, Arrie Hatter & her child named Ona, Anthie, Hezikiah, Minnie, Anderson Cordill, Mary Oldham, Lavania, Martha, Charley, Lula, Mallissa, Jimmie, Bell, Ida, Milda, Janie, Pearl Henry, Rosie, Emma, Mary, Thomas, Blivins, Watts, Jessie, Claud.

All of the parties mentioned are children of Mahala Marcum and Grandchildren & all reside in Choctaw & Chickasaw Nation & have lived there for about ten years.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mahala Marcum & Childrens