Mt. Olive Cemetery

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The Mount Olive Cemetery is located east of Stringtown, OK on the road which goes to Fugate Lumber Company. It is next to an active rural Baptist Church, is enclosed in a chain link fence and is very well kept. It was canvassed January 18, 1980 by Janice allen and Gwen Walker, and on that date contained 158 marked graves and at least 69 unmarked ones. The cemetery is still in use.


Acredille, Emma, Our Loving Mother
Allen, Troy
Armstrong, James R.
Armstrong, Double Stone: Stella and T. W. (Tom) Armstrong
Armstrong, Teet


Basham, Georgia Lee
Basham, Lowis J. R.
Basham, William E.- Military Stone: U.S. Army WWII
Beck, Aney
Beck, Mack D.
Beck, Samuel Wesley
Beck, OTTO BECK FAMILY-Mama Lillie - Papa Otto
Beck, William Pressley - Our Father
Bicknell, Elmer L.
Blankenship, J. R. Handmade Stone
Blankenship, Mary R. Minnie
Boone, Ace Nathen
Boone, Dan
Boone, Rachel E.
Boyett, Audrey Mae "Brown" d/o Albert Ross and Elizabeth "McGlothlin" Brown
Bryant, Bertha Handmade Stone


Campbell, Donal W.
Campbell, Oscar L.
Campbell, Otis Richmond Military Stone: PFC U.S. Army
Campbell, Reba Fay
Chapman, David
Chapman, Donnie
Chick, Annie Lee
Chick, Bessie Leeanie
Chick, Charles Elmer
Chick, Charlie A. Military Stone: Oklahoma PVT 120 Med Regt.
Chick, Double Stone: Fater-Daniel F. and Mother-Janie E. Married May 22, 1909
Chick, Edward Benjam
Chick, Little Sister
Conn, Double Stone: Dad-George A. and Mother-Edith E.
Cowling, John D.
Cox, David Monroe


Daniel, James M. Sr.
Daniel, Martha Cornelia "REED" d/o James Franklin and Maggie May "PEEDOM" Reed; w/o James Monroe Daniel, Jr.


Eastep, Emma - Handmade Stone
Evans, Laura L.


Farmer, Double Stone: Ed and Minnie b. Apr. 5, 1896 Gainesville, TX d. Apr. 6, 1989 Atoka Mem. Hosp.
Farmer, Edgar E. s/o Elwood and Minnie E. HUMPHREY Farmer b. May 4, 1915 d. Feb. 28, 1992
Farmer, Lee R. s/o Elwood and Minnie HUMPHREY Farmer
Farmer, Lonnie Ray s/o Elwood and Minnie HUMPHREY Farmer
Farmer, Roy R. s/o Elwood and Minnie HUMPHREY Farmer


Gabbard, Charles W.
Garside, Double Stone: Alex H. and Maudie M. (Photo of stone avail.)
Garside, Arnold s/o A. H. and M. M. Garside
Garside, Fannie M. d/o A. H. and M. M. Garside
Gattenby, Double Stone: Bettie and James W.
Gattenby, Marion Grammar, H. H.
Gunter, Cora Leona "Blankenship" d/o John R. and Minie "Lansdale" Blankenship, w/o William M. Gunter


Hanks, A. J.
Hanks, Reno
Harp, Garrett Lynn
Harrison, Billie Jean - Handmade Stone
Havins, Ace
Havins, Curtis N.
Hensley, Rosie
Hicks, Edith d/o E. C. and L. M. Hicks
Hinkle, Florence Marie (Malding) dau/of Andy and Sarah "Hunter&quo; Malding *
Holstine, Blair D. s/o James H. and Virginia Lee "Cole" Holstine
Howard, Carl Davis
Hunt, Jimmy Lloyd
Huse, Preston A. s/o J. G. and R. L. Huse
Huse, Scott J. s/o J. g. and R. L. Huse


Ingram, William W.


Jack, Allie Bell "Blankenship" d/o John and Minie "Lansdale", Blankenship, w/o John Jack
Jack, Jessie D.
Jack, John Leander (Photo of stone avail.)
Jones, Clara Mae


Kampplain, Double Stone: Emma and Robert T.
Kampplain, Roger
Key, Theodosia


Lane, D.
Lane, John W.
Lang, Hazel M.
Lansdale, Aaron LaVern; s/o Robert Aaron and Gertrude Lois GARSIDE Lansdale Lansdale, Adolph william s/o Virgil C. and Pearl "Nelson" Lansdale Lansdale, Double Stone: Aaron and Lois
Lansdale, Billy
Lansdale, Ecra Eldens
Lansdale, Herbert Alvin; father of Irene, Jesse, Lucille, Paul, Clifford and Edward
Lansdale, Double Stone: Isaac and Stella; (Photo of stone avail.)
Lansdale, Double Stone: Joe Ray and Mary T. Married: Jan. 27, 1951; parents of William, John, James David and Michael
Lansdale, Paul
Lansdale, R. E.
Lansdale, Virgil C.-Father of Adolph, Doyle, Gertrude, Jack, John W., Johnny, Mattie, and Troy
Lansdale, Double Stone: Geneva Jewell and William E.
Laxson, Double Stone: Maggie and Van


Magby, Double Stone: Alice Juanita and Burl Hester
Magby, Francis M.
Magby, Larry Don
Magby, Walter Henry h/o Rose Etta HELMS; Married: Dec. 13, 1908 Parents of: Geneva Jewell, Burl Hester, Ada Lorene, Joseph Clifford, Earl Henry.
H/o Leona Gattenby; Married Aug. 12, 1925. Parents of: Hollis Enos and Jackie Dee (Rose Etta HELMS Magby is buried in McAlester, per daughter Ada L.
Magby, Leona Gattenby
Mannion, James B.
Mannion, Velda Sue
Marley, Curtis L. "Buddy"
Marley, Granville Eugene s/o William Alexander and Peggy Jane "Hughes" Marley h/o Lillian "Holstine" Marley
Marley, Peggy Jane
Marley, Ray s/o William Alexander and Peggy Jane "Hughes" Marley h/o Ruby "Mitchell" Marley
Marley, Roy (Little)
Marley, Troy
Marley, William A.
McClure, Uhla Cleo
Mitchell, Melva M.
Mitchell, William E.
Moody, Double Stone: Lester R. and Martha L. Next to this grave are four cement stones. Each has the letter "M" painted on them.
Moody, Sherry-Baby Daughter, Handmade Stone
Moody, Terry Wayne
Moore, Chester
Moore, Lee Otis
Moore, Double Stone: Matelda and Thomas J.
Moore, Robert


Nelson, Buck
Newsom, Double Stone: Beulah B. and Frank A.
Newsom, Francis A.
Newsom, Frank J. s/o Francis Alva and Beulah Bell "Kamplain" Newsom h/o Evelyn "Satterfield" Newsom
Nichols, Bobby Ray


Pierce, andy Ray
Pierce, Infant


Raper, Helen
Robinson, Cecil
Robinson, Joe B. s/o Cecil and Annie Ethel "Boone" Robinson


Sanders, Freda Fay
Schutte, Benjamin T.
Scott, Dora KENNEDY
Sides, Robin Ann
Smith, Harry K.
Stevenson, Alex


Tedford, Bama
Tedford, Oscar
Thompson, Alex Henry
Thompson, Jack R.
Thompson, James Loyd "Son" A Loving Father and Husband
Thompson, Double Stone: James Perry and Leona
Thompson, James T. h/o Victoria; mother of Maudie Garside (Photo of stone avail.)
Thompson, Victoria w/o James T.; father of Maudie Garside (Photo of stone avail.)
Turner, Baby
Turner, Sallie
T., H. R. Handmade Stone


Weaver, Mae Bell
Westbrook, Double Stone: John Shelly and blank
Wheeler, W. H.
Williams, Shane L.
Wills, Burl Hester
Wills, Infant
Wilson, Jesse Jr.