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To reach the New Zion Cemetery, beginning at the stop light on Court and Mississippi Streets in Atoka, go east on Hwy. 3, 1 1/2 miles to the Forrest Hill Road. Turn south four miles, then west .3 mile. The cemetery is on the south side of the road next to the New Zion Methodist Church.

This cemetery is under chain link fence, very well kept and is still active. It was canvassed May 7, 1980 by Gwen Walker, and at that time contained 184 marked graves and 31 unmarked ones.

The following information has just been brought to my attention, and I feel it is important to viewers.

The New Zion United Methodist Church owns all of the land that comprises the New Zion Cemetery. This was not common knowledge until I recently researched the four deeds that comprise all of the land currently owned and occupied by the New Zion United Methodist Church.

Wesley R. Kimball, Pastor

Ables, Dennis Ray s/o Dan and Laura
Ables, Double Stone: Joe W. and Beaulah L. Married May 24, 1928
Allen, Double Stone: James F. & Mattie Ann
Allen, Lewis S/o James F. & Mattie Ann; h/o Marie KEELER Allen-Informant: J. Darst
Allen, Marie KEELER; w/o Lewis Allen-Informant: J. Darst
Allen, Robert Siemon
Allmon, Double Stone: Doffes L. (Father) - Cora (Mother)


Barton, AliceO. (Mother)
Barton, T. J. "Tip" Tifford J. (Daddy)
Baugh, Comfort
Baugh, Homer Edward
Birchfield, Leon V.
Boltinghouse, Double Stone: Charles F. and Minnie M.
Boyd, Ellis - Handmade Stone
Breger, Alfred E.
Britt, Arthur E.
Bruce, Double Stone: Elmuth and Ruth
Byrns, Albert M.
Byrns, Mack, Jr.


C., J. N.
Callicoatt, Double Stone: Will E. (Daddy) and Tempie A. (Momma)
Carlile, Double Stone: Claud and Edith
Casey, Double Stone: Irene Lota and Clell "Hopper"
Cates, Jewell ALLEN Dau of: J. F. & Mattie Allen-Informant: J. Darst
Chapman, Roy Elliott
Cook, George Handmade Stone
Cooper, Joseph Charles Handmade Stone
Corbin, Infant Daughter
Corbin, Johnny
Cornwell, Double Stone: Obetrice and Edgar Harvey
Courtney, Estellal
Courtney, William
Cox, Michelle Deann


Darbison, Double Stone: Larry W. and Tommie Ruth
Darst, Ellie SISSON-Informant: J. Darst
Darst, Double Stone: Henry Lewis and Bella Ann; parents of Homer Ray & R. B. Darst
Darst, Homer Ray
Darst, Double Stone: John Barry and Mary E.
Darst, R. B. s/o Henry Lewis Darst & Bella Ann Darst
Dillard, Lee H.
Duncan, Mellie - Gish Funeral Home Marker-Frederick, OK
Durham, Daniel C. - Husband
Durham, Nancy P.


Faulkenberry, Luther
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Alvin and Infant - Children of P. J.and M.M.
Fitzgerald, Bobby Dale
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Frank and Maye DARST Fitzgerald-Informant: J. Darst
Fitzgerald, George P. s/o J. P. and F. M.
Fitzgerald, Haskell A. s/o J. P. and Florence
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Joe P. and Mayme Bell.-Married June 12, 1926
Fitzgerald, Martha J.
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Martin S. b. ? d. Apr. 4, 1944 and Janie May b. May 18, 1897 Waxhachie, TX d/o George Shield & Matha Cherry Shields. Married June 24,1917
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Paul F. and Nancy I.
Fitzgerald, Price; b. Jan, 8, 1898 at Wapanucka, OK; d. Feb. 16, 1977
Fitzgerald, Double Stone: Robert Wesley and Bertha Edna
French, Earl Clifton


Gable, Pearl
Granger, Juanita
Granger, Richard - Handmade Stone


Harris,Buckie Joe - Handmade Stone
Hauff, Tony s/o Bill & Edna McGEE [Yandell] [Hauff]
Herring, Ervin Claudies
Hill, Jack E. h/o Wanda ALLEN Hill
Hill, Wanda ALLEN w/o Jack E. Hill-Informant: J. Darst
Hines, Henry Nathan
Hurt, Charles D.
Hurt, Eller May; d/o Ed & Mary JACK Hurt
Hurt, Elmer Howard
Hurt, Howard Ray
Hurt, Infant Baby Boy
Hurt, Jerry Dean
Hurt, Mary Lou
Hurt, Nellie Louise


Jackson, George Benton
Jackson, Double Stone: James Alfred and Bessie L.
Jackson, Jeff s/o Maurice & Linda YANDELL Jackson-Informant: J. Darst
Jackson, Robert Maurice; Dec. 22, 1939 - July 9, 2007 Johnston, Carl Edwin
Johnston, William P.
Jones, Adeline
Jones, Byrd Beatrice-Mother
Jones, Henry Grady
Jones, Howard James
Jones, Double Stone: T.H. "Doc" and Fay
Jones, Double Stone W. O. W, Tullus B.and Pearl


Keeler, Billie Gene; Bro. of Marie KEELER Allen
Keeler, Cliddie O.
Keeler, James W.
Keeler, J.C.


Lee, Gloria June
Linscott, Double Stone: Bob F. and Belle V.
Linscott, Eula B.- Mother
Linscott, Double Stone: Gordie Greene and Fannie Ruth
Linscott, Isaac L.
Linscott, W. L. - Father
Lucas, Billie Lodesta


McDaniel, Double Stone: Grady C. and Ethel P.
McDaniel, Double Stone: Hurley A. Lenore
McDaniel, Oren L.


Miller, Vern h/o Frankie Mae FITZGERALD Miller-Informant: J. Darst
Moody, T. S. "Red"
Moore, Earnest Don
Morris, Mary J.-Mother
Mosley, Double Stone: George W. and Nora M.


Nelson, Charles R.
Nelson, Ibah R.
Nelson, J. J.
Nickell, Jerry Wayne-Our Beloved Husband,Father, Son and Brother


Oakley, Stephen Haywood-Grandad
Ogle, Arthur B.
Ogle, Jose O.
Owens, Double Stone: Buddy Weldon and other side is blank


Patton, Jessie w/o J. J.
Patton, Joseph J.
Pool, Arthur
Pool, Double Stone: John L. and Mary Ophelia
Pool, Double Stone: Thomas Cecil "Tom" and Alpha
Porter, Joy FITZGERALD; Dau. of Frank & Mae Fitzgerald; w/o Ray Porter-Informant: J. Darst
Porter, Ray; h/o Joy FITZGERALD Porter-Informant: J. Darst


Renfrow, Alfred W. "George" - Father


Saylors, Double Stone: Luther D. and Opal L. DARST; Dau. of Henry Lewis Darst & Bella Ann Darst-Informant: J. Darst
Scivally, Benjamin Jesse
Scivally, Effie V.
Scivally, Hattie B. - Mother
Scivally,, John M.
Scivally,, Talitha
Scott, Florence J.- Mother
Scott, Double Stone: Gurney A. and Marie M.
Scott, James R.
Scott, Olean
Scott, Quincy
Scott, Velma
Scott, William P. - Father
Shields, Handmade Double Stone:
G. J. Shields
M. S. Shields
Headstone Double Stone reads:
George J. Shields
Martha S. Shields
(Both Stones are at the gravesite)
Shields, J. H. - Father
Skorepa, Betty L.
Sluder, Double Stone: John E. and Bennie L.
Smith, Billy Don, Jr.
Smith, Dora A.
Smith, Jesse E.
Stephen, J. A. - Smith Funeral Home Marker, Ada, OK
Strickland, R. C. - Daddy


Tankersley, Linus M.
Tinney, Double Stone: Bunk and Hattie M.
Tinney, Guy s/o Bunk & Hattie M. Tinney; h/o Juanita Tinney-Informant: J. Darst
Tinney, Jaunita w/o Guy Tinney-Informant: J. Darst


Uber, Garland
Uber, Lou Ann
Uber, Robert W.
Upton, Ara - Mother


Vaughan, Ersil C.
Vaughan, Finetta E.
Vaughan, T. B.


Watson, Double Stone: Floyd R. and Ruby C.
Wilkinis, Our Baby - Infant of Windy Pauline Wilkins
Wilson, Double Stone: David M. and Ollie - Married 1916


Yandell, Double Stone: Albert and Minnie L.


Zinn, Double Stone: Husband - Robert A.; Wife - Rose M.
Zinn, Walter M.
Zinn, Willie O. - Mother