Atoka County Post Offices, Past and Present

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The following was submitted by Carl Phillips, formerly of Tushka. I would like to express my gratitude to Carl for taking time from his "wood turning" to prepare this information.

ATOKA -- County seat...named for Captain Atoka, Choctaw signer of Treaty of Dancing Rabbitt Creek.

BENTLEY -- twelve miles south of Atoka, named for Professor Alva Bentley, Territorial educator.

BOGGY DEPOT -- fourteen miles southwest of Atoka, took its name from Boggy Creek which is French for muddy or slimy.

BRUNO -- four miles southeast of Atoka, assumed the name came from Bruno, AR., the home of the first storekeeper.

BUB -- in southeastern Atoka County near Farris, origin unknown.

CALLOWAY -- nine miles of Atoka, origin unknown.

CANEY -- in southern Atoka County, took its name from Caney Switch.

CANEY SWITCH -- one mile north of present day Caney, took its name from Caney Creek. Cane breaks along its course.

CHICKIE CHOCKIE -- three miles south of Limestone Gap, named for the daughters of Charles LeFlore.

CHOCKIE -- formerly Chickie Chockie. When P.O. discontinued, nearby P.O. named Rich was renamed Chockie.

COPELAND -- eight miles west of Atoka, named for Wm. T. Copeland.

CRYSTAL -- eighteen miles S.E. named for Crystal Springs, a well known campsight.

DAISY -- located in N. E. corner of county, named for Daisy Beck, a local girl.

DAYTON -- five miles south, origin unknown, changed from Peck and Peck's Switch.

ETNA -- present day Daisy, originally know as Many Springs.

FARRIS -- eighteen miles S. E., named for John L. Farris, the first postmaster.

GEARY'S STATION -- six miles north, named for A. W. Geary, a toll bridge operator.

GRIFFIN -- in central Atoka County, named for Wade H. Griffin, the first postmaster.

HERBERT -- in N. W. part of the county, presently Wardville, named for Herbert Ward, son of H. P. Ward, Territorial Jurist.

JOBURN -- four miles south of Lehigh, named for Joseph Hilburn, first postmaster.

LANE -- in S. E. Atoka County, first P. O. was located at the end of a lane.

LEWIS -- present day Tushka, named for Charles S. Lewis, local resident.

LIMESTONE GAP -- nine miles south of Kiowa, the name of the P. O. was Limestone, the locality is known as the Gap.

NEW BOGGY DEPOT -- The P. O. named from March 22, 1872 to Dec. 26, 1883.

PECK -- present day Tushka, named for Peck's Switch.

POTAPO -- seven miles east of Stringtown, unknown origin.

REDDEN -- thirteen miles N. E. of Stringtown, named for John A. Redden, first postmaster.

REYNOLDS -- three miles south of Kiowa, named for H. C. Reybnolds, townsite owner.

RICH -- eleven miles N. E. of Stringgtown, present-day Chockie, named for Elmer O. Rich, early merchant and resident.

ROGERS STATION -- one mile north of Wesley, named for early-day merchant, John P. Rogers.

STANDING ROCK -- located in N. W. part of the county, named for prominent landmark, 1914-1918.

STRINGTOWN -- seven miles N. E. of Atoka, original name was Sulphur Springs, became Springtown, then Stringtown.

SULPHUR SPRINGS -- original name of Stringtown.

TUSKHA -- five miles south of Atoka, formerly Peck, Peck's Station, Dayton, and Lewis. Tushka is Choctaw for warrior.

VOCA -- located in the S. W. part of the county, Latin for mouth or voice.

WADDELL'S STATION -- three miles west of Wesley, a stage stop on Butterfield Stage Line, changed to Roger's Station.

WARDVILLE -- fourteen miles N. E. of Coalgate, formerly Herbert.

WESLEY -- ten miles south of Kiowa, origin unknown.