Redden Cemetery

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The Redden Cemetery is located 13 miles east of Stringtown, Oklahoma on Hwy. 43. It is fenced and well kept. It was canvassed January 18, 1980 by Gwen Walker and Janice Allen, and at that time contained 129 marked graves and at least 58 unmarked ones. The cemetery is still in use. (More names have been added to the cemetery list since it was canassed.)

Armstrong, Marie L. ALES**

Armstrong, Andrew Jackson h/o Marie L. Armstrong


Baxter, Dora-Mother; Double Stone w/husband Wm. A. Baxter

Baxter, Patsy Jean

Bicknell, Therman Dean, Son of: Elmer Luther and Kittie (Gross) Bicknell

Bond, Edwin

Bond, Twin Sons of Ellis & Ada Bond

Bond, Ramona

Breeden, Gary Michael

Brittew, Minnie Snow; Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Brown, Baby of E. W. Brown

Brown, Baby of E. W. Brown


Carter, Onas L. Double Stone w/wife Sallie Carter

Crowder, Kittie

Cooper, Marion L.


Daniel, William J.


Fisher, Howard Leon; b. Feb. 16, 1921 Adamson, OK; d. Dec. 22, 1992; Texoma Med. Ctr. Denison, TX.
Fortenberry, Ilda; b. Aug. 2, 1909 in McCloud OK, w/o W. W. Fortenberry. Wed. Dec. 1, 1928 in Floydada, TX. d. Jan. 19, 1989 Med. Cntr hosp. Odessa, TX.

Foster, Bessie; Double Stone w/husband Thomas Andrew Foster

Foster, Dee; b. Apr. 8, 1916 at Redden, OK, the son of Tom A. and Bessie PILLIPS Foster; h/o Blanche HAWKINS Foster d. May 2, 1989 McAlester Reg. Hsp. McAlester, Ok. .

Foster, George B.

Foster, George Richard

Fowler, Fannie; Double Stone w/husband J. S. (James Sinclair) Fannie was born in TX, and J. S. in Indiana

Frazier, Silway


Gabbart, Fredrick; Military Sone

Gabbert, Handmade stone, no first name.

Green, Gertrude-Mother


Hampton, Aaron F.; Military Stone

Hampton, Burnie C.

Hampton, Grace

Hampton, Jessie W. Double Stone with wife, Mary C. Hampton

Hampton, Lois, Handmade stone

Hargrave, Harvey J.

Hargrave, Laura E.

Hayes, W. B.

Heck, William R.

Hodges, Leona P. (Morgan) Daughter of: William Morgan and Ardella (Foster) Morgan

Hodges, R. C.-Father

Holaday, Stella M.


Jones, James M.

Jones, Laura


Kadle, Alvin H. h/o Lanry; s/o Joseph & Carrie VAUGHN Kadle

Ketcherside, Mary K.; b. Apr. 8, 1931-d. Mar. 20, 1991 "Gone But Not Forgotten" d/o Doshie Bell SNOW McGill & John McGill; gravesite is next to her parents and brothers. Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Kindred, Littleman; Son of J. F. and Mary Kindred

Knotts, Deanna Kay


Laxton, Alice

Layton, Harest Earnest

Littlejohn, Baby Boy

Littlejohn, Amanda; Double Stone with husband Richard Berry Littlejohn

Littlejohn, Erma E.-Mother

Littlejohn, R. E.

Littlejohn, Robert Perry

Littlejohn, Ronald Dean

Littlejohn, Susan M.

Littlejohn, Thomas E. Military Stone

Littlejohn, William Frank

Littlejohn, W. P. (John) Double Stone with wife Pearl Teresa Littlejohn. Married: Dec. 16, 1916.


McDonald, Claudie Ray

McGill, ?

McGill, Charles Homer; b. Jul. 5, 1929-d. May 5, 1930. Information from the Bible of Doshie McGill & Mrs. Frances Tate

McGill, Crystal Dawn

Double Stone: McGill, Doshie B. SNOW; b. Agu. 24, 1909-d. Apr. 26, 1971
John McGill; b. Jun. 28, 1908-d. Dec. 10, 1973
Information on Doshie B. SNOW McGill & John McGill: See Below.

McGill, Jimmy Lee; b. Mar. 17, 1942-d. Dec.2,1842-Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

McGill, J. D.; b. Jan. 8, 1936-Sept. 22,1993
"Nestled IN Arms of Jesus" Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Double Stone: Melton, Dewey M. b. Jan. 1, 1900-Mar. 9, 1995
Wardie Lee; b. July 29, 1911-d. Apr. 28, 1982
Married: Dec. 12, 1927; Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Melton, Harold Leon; b. May 2, 1931-d. Nov. 13, 1996; Military Stone: P.M. I., Unites States Navy - Korean & Viet Nam; "Created Remains Buried At Sea" Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Melton, Haskell, Doule Stone with wife Geneva Melton

Double Stone:
Melton, Pearl M. b.Feb. 23, 1900-d. Dec. 17, 1996
Webbie M., b. Mar. 1, 1900-d. Sept. 21,1965
"The Lord Is My Refuge"
Melton is engraved on back of stone. Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Melton, Rull Chellis; Military Stone

Miller, Annie F.

Miller, Mack L.; Military Stone

Miller, William W.

Moore, Edger

Morgan, Iva Bell

Morgan, Letha Ellen

Morgan, Samuel

Musler, Clifford


Nix, Robert E.-W.O.W. Stone


Pitts, Della "White"

Pool, Baby Boy

Pool, Baby Girl

Pool, Ervin L, SR. Son of: John and Mary Ophelia (Linscott) Pool

Pool, Jennylynn (Littlejohn) Daughter of: John and Pearl (Snow) Littlejohn


Right, Dock, Handmade Stone

Riley, Lavena (Winter) Daughter of: Walter and Sadie (Brumfield) Winter; b. March 30, 1908 d. November 01, 1998. Info submitted by daughter: Carolyn Keeling


Sanders, Charles Edward Son of: Edward R. and Evelyn (Wesley) Sanders

Sanders, Evelyn Mae (Wesley)Daughter of: Isaac Wesley and Sallie (Byington) Wesley

Self, Claud Edgar Double Stone with Wife Iva Clemmie Self

Self, Connie Ann, Handmade Stone

Self, Dora Myrtle

Self, George Edgar-Daddy

Self, Leroy, Military Stone

Shatto, Chas. F.

Sides, Nancy Jane

Smith, Hattie E. Double Stone with N. W. Smith

Snow, Elmer L. Son of: Sam and Mary (Palmer) Snow b. Sept. 28, 1907-d. Feb. 4,1987- Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Snow, Gary; b. Dec. 14, 1949-d. May 23, 1969 "Our Son and Loving Memories" Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Snow, H. H. Handmade Stone

Snow, I. H.

Snow, I. L.

Snow, Mary

Snow, J. R. (no dates)

Snow, Mary; b.Nov. 15, 1878-d. Feb. 28, 1944; Small upright grey granite stone; Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate

Double Stone: "Father" Snow, James F., b. Jan. 24, 1896-d. Feb. 19, 1952
"Mother" Matte Lena, b. June. 26, 1900-d. Sept. 25, 1988
Military Stone for James F. Oklahoma Wagoner 133 Field Artly. WWII: Informant: Mrs. Frances Tate.

Snow, William E.

Spring, Joe

Spring, Jonathon David Son of: Levi L. and Wilma R. (Lewis) Spring

Spring, Joseph B.

Spring, Levi Leroy

Spring, Tennie Mae

Stenzel, Guss

Stone, Paul H.

Swindell, Trudie (Daniel)[Winter] Daugher of: Calvin Bradford and Fannie (Armstrong) Daniel


Thompson, James Billy

Tramble, Billy Dean

Tugmon, Jack


Washburn, Letha Tookie (Hampton) Daughter of: Jessie William and Mary Cora (Hawkins) Hampton

Wesley, Henry Isaac, Military Stone

Wesley, Isaac

Wesley, James I.

West, Susn F. Handmade Stone

Wheeler, Mattie

Williamson, Ella M. Double Stone with husband Hardy Williamson, Married Dec. 3, 1922

Williamson, Ella May (Hampton) Daughter of: Jesse William and Mary C. (Hawkins) Hampton

Williamson, Charles (Tony); U.S.AF - Vietnam

Wilson, Josiah, Military Stone

Winter, Bill Son of: Thomas Walter and Trudie (Daniel) Winter Double Stone for wife Voncille Atteberry Winter. Married May 10, 1947 in Chickasha, OK.

Winter, J. A.-Brother Double Stone w/Father, J. W. Winter

Winter, Patricia Ann

Winter, Robert Franklin, Son-Double Stone w/Thomas Walter Winter, Father

Winters, James W. Military Stone


Yates, James W. Military Stone

Yates, Ora L.

Handmade Stone-Dad b.May 6,1873 - d. Aug. 12, 1952 (No Name)

Handmade Stone-Mother b. Jan. 8, 1880 - d. Jul. 1, 1951

Young, Lance Gene Son of: Lance William and Sue Maxie (Winther) Young

Youngblood, Frank L. Son of :Odie Albin and Corda Elizabeth (Ivey) Youngblood

Youngblood, Inez

Youngblood, Louis

Youngblood, Odie Albin Son of: James Riley and Fannie Mae Mamie (Gaffford) Youngblood

There is a concrete slab which has been shattered into many pieces. We were able to pickup the letters HU and the following partial dates: Born Feb. 2, 190? and Died Jan. 22, 19??


John McGill and Doshie Bell Snow married 11 October 1925 in Daisy, OK. Doshie Bell SNOW McGill b. 24 Aug. 1909 in Redden, OK and d. Apr. 26, 1971 in the McAlester, OK Hospital. After her death, John was moved to his daughter's home in TX. John d. 10 December 1973 in TX; also their son, J. D.

John and Doshie have a flat rose granite double tombstone with engraved flowers and leaves on the side. No other inscription. Known children to this couple are seven; four sons, J. D., Billy, Jimmy Lee, and Frankie Dean; three daughters; Mary Kathyrn Ketcherside, Allie Mae [Mrs. Howard Bowen], and Joyce ? [Mrs. Don Knight].

Jimmy, Mary, and J. D. are buried in the same row as their parents. They are in the upper right corner of the Redden cemetery near the fence line. There are Snows buried nearby, I suspect they are related to Doshie Bell Snow McGill

Jimmy Lee McGill: spouse-Erma; 3 children-Gloria Lee, Jimmy Randall "Randy" and Kimberly Dianne: He is buried beside his parents and sister, Mary K. Ketcherside. Deer statue on his grave. Flat grey granite with two flowers engraved in the corners.

Mary Kathryn (McGILL) Ketcherside; former spouse: Joe Ketcherside; Children: four-J. B. Ronald Lee, Jimmy Ray, and Mary Jo; Mary is buried between her brothers, Jimmy and J. D. McGill. Upright slant pink granite tombstones with one vase. Inscription: "Gone But Not Forgotten"

J. D. McGill never married; deaf mute; died in TX, buried beside his sister, Mary K. Ketcherside. Upright tombstone with two vases engraved with flowers. Inscription: "Nestled In Arms of Jesus"

Charles H. McGill (Jul. 5, 1929 - May 5, 1930), who is buried in Redden; might be a child. I believe Mary Snow is Doshie's Mother.

Information taken from headstones by Mrs. Frances Tate in May 1997, and submitted to this site March 2002. Information added May 21, 2002.

Mrs. Frances Tate