Stringtown Cemetery

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The Stringtown Cemetery is located west of Highway 69 on the south side of Stringtown, Oklahoma. The cemetery is still in use. This cemetery was canvassed in the 1980's; I did not canvass this cemetery. I have been advised that a lot of names are missing, if you have more names that should be added to this page, your submission would be greatly appreciated.


Adair, Royal Adolphus h/o Minnie Marie (Sparks) Adair* S/o George Mattison and Erma Katherine (Gilbert) Adair
Adair, Glen Dell
Adams, Callie L. Adams, Earl F. Military Stone: OK Pvt U. S. Army WWII
Adams, George W.
Akey, Ada w/o John W. Double Stone with John W.
Akey, John W. h/o Ada E. Double Stone w/Ada
Allred, E. L.


Baker, Jake Bradford Double Stone w/Jessie Dean Baker
Baker, Jessie Dean Double Stone w/Jake Bradford Baker
Bates, James Lee * Infant son of James and Robin Rene (Manion) Bates
Bench, Florence Bell W/o Frank B. Bench
Bench, Frank B. H/o Florence Bell Bench
Berry, Lucy A. W/o George A. Berry
Bias, Stella Mae
Billy George Handmade Stone
Blackburn, Billie A.
Blackburn, Sarah S.
Blackburn, W. A.
Blackwood, Jessie J.
Blackwood, W. O.
Blain, Claude
Blaine, George W. Military Stone OK Pvt TRPA 303 Cal WWI

Blaine, Mattie
Bond, Richard T.
Boston, James William
Boston, Joseph Edward
Boston, Joseph V. Daddy
Boston, Mary Magdline
Boston, Myrtle Irene (Wilkerson) w/o Lee Boston * D/o Joe Edward and Martha Ella (Pearson) Wilkerson
Brady, Infant son of Evans T. Brady
Brewster, G. M. Masonic Stone
Brewster, Roy L.
Brewster, Sarah Ann
Brown, Estelle
Brown, Guy
Brown, Rufus A.
Bryant, Clara I.
Bryant, Michael Joe
Bryant, Harry L. Military Stone OK PVT 67 Regt CAC
Bryant, Walter E.


Cannon, N. M. Masonic Stone
Chaffin, Baby Infant Son of Lonnie & Nola Mae Chaffin
Chaffin, Dorella
Chaffin, George Preston
Chaffin, Henry
Chaffin, Kenneth Lee, Jr.
Chaffin, Lonnie H. Double Stone with Nola Mae Chaffin H/o Nola Mae WILSON Chaffin
Chaffin, Nola Mae (Wilson) w/o Lonnie Chaffin * D/o Samuel Thomas and Lora Isabel (Coate) Wilson
Chandler, Edna Pauline (Evans) [Tisdell] * D/o Charlie and Nellie Evans (see Melvin Tisdell)
Cole, Christine May (Bayles) w/o Albert Edger Cole * D/o Marion and Ruby (Hunt) Bayles
Cole, Roy Henry Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Coleman, Alfred B. h/o Jennie Masonic Stone
Coleman, Jennie w/o Alfred Eastern Star Stone
Collins, Drucie Dau. of Charles P. & Lula Collins
Collins, Odus Lee
Colston, Forney F.
Military Stone Arkansas PVT 18 Field Art
Compton, A. W.
Compton, Mary J.
Conn, ??
Conn, Emmit Ciscero
Double Stone w/wife M. Loretta (PETE) Conn
Conn, M. Loretta (PETE) w/o Emmit Double Stone w/husband Emmit Ciscero Conn
Conn, Terry Lee Funeral Home Marker
W. W. C. (Illegible) Footstone carries initials W. W. C. Masonic Stone


Daniels, Herbert L. Military Stone Oklahoma CPL 141 Inf. 36 Div. Darnall, James G. Son of W. A. & V. T. Darnall
Davis, Julian E. Denton, Cooie A. Military Stone Oklahoma TEC 4 Co. A 653 Eng. WWII
Denton, Cora F.
Denton, James P.
Denton, Joe
Denton, William F. Military Stone Oklahoma TEC 5 47 ARMD F. A. BN WWII
Dickson, J. G. Masonic Stone
Dooling, Hazel Dau. of C. E. & M. A.
Dunham, James J. Military Stone Oklahoma PFC 641 Bomb Sqd. AAF WWII
Dunham, John R. Double Stone w/Mary E. Dunham
Dunham, Mary E. Double Stone w/John R. Dunham


Elkins, Daniel Curtice W. O. W. Stone
Ensey, Sarah Ann W/o William D.
Ensey, William D. H/o Sarah Ann
Evans, Anna BARKER
Evans, Bertha B. D/o C. W. & N. J. Evans
Evans, Beulah L. J. D/o C. W. & N. J. Evans
Evans, Charlie W. Double Stone w/ wife Nellie J.
Evans, Nellie J. Double Stone w/husband Charlie W.
Evans, Edward S. Military Stone Oklahoma Cook 88 Inf. 19 Div
Evans, George W. Double Stone w/ wife Jaunita M. Evans
Evans, Juanita M. Double Stone w/husband George W. Evans
Evans, Jessie Eddie, Jr. * S/o Jessie Eddie Evans, Sr. and Leona Bell (Manning) Evans
Ezell, Baby
Ezell, Dalton Atoka Funeral home Marker


Farmer, Lonnie Ray * Ed L. and Minnie E. (Humphrey) Farmer
Faulkenberry, John H.
Frazier, Stella I. [SELF] Dau. of Cliff Self
French, Floyd F.
Furr, Cecil Bruce Masonic Emblem Double Stone w/wife Eura Vivian Furr Furr, Eura Vivian Eastern Star Double Stone w/husband Cecil Bruce Furr
Furr, Cora L.
Furr, William A.


Garside, James E. Masonic Emblem Double Stone with wife Annie M. Garside
Garside, Annie M. Eastern Star Emblem Double Stone with husb. James E. died in Bakersfield, Kern Co. CA
Garside, Betty
Garside, Catherin A. Dau. of B. W. and S. Garside
Gibson, Rickey Derel h/o Vickie Lynn (Welch) Gibson * S/o Eugene and Gladys Christeen (Howard) Gibson
Givens, Fletcher B., Jr. * S/o Fletcher Bryan and Edna (Keel) Givens
Givens, Fletcher Bryan * S/o John Benjamin Franklin and Charlott (Bizzell) Givens
Griggs, Albert Carter * b. Mar. 28, 1910 in Weatherford, OK to William and Birdie HILTON Griggs; d. Nov. 12, 1990


Heard, Grand L. h/o Kathryn (Gabbart) Heard * S/o Asa and Gertrude (Herford) Heard
Heard, J. T. h/o Ollie M. (Evans) Heard * Charles Granville and Mary Mae (Walker) Heard
Heard, Johnny Asa s/o Grant L and Katheryn Heard [Information supplied by: Steve Heard]
Heard, Kevin Neal s/o Jimmie and Elaine Heard, gs/o Grant L and Katheryn Heard [Information supplied by: Steve Heard]
Heard, Teddy Joe
Henderson, David A.
Henderson, Nancy E.
Henderson, Richard Harold * h/o Eva Mae (Reeves) S/o James William and Ella Faye (Lett) Henderson
Henderson, Sanford N. Son of S. N. & Ida Henderson Herren, Leroy Higgins, Jack T. Military Stone Oklahoma CPT U. S. Air Force Reserve WWII Hildreth, Charles A. Hildreth, Mary Ann Hill, Jewell L. Hodges, Fred H. Military Stone PVT Co. D. 47 Inf., WWI Holder, Anna Holder, Benjamin B. Holder, Deborah A. Howard, Burl Wesley h/o Etta Euline (Rains) Howard * Earl Davis and Bessie Mae (Brashier) Howard
Howard, Gilbert W. Double Stone w/wife Suzie L. Howard
Howard, Suzie L. Double Stone w/husband Gilbert W.
Humphrey, John T.
Humphrey, Sallie L. Wife of G. W. Humphrey
Hurt, Cordie (Gaddis) w/o Lonnie Hurt * D/o Buck and Effie (Tisdell) Gaddis
Hurt, Lonnie W. Hurt Double Stone w/wife Cordie Hurt
Hurt, Gladys
Hutson, Virginia


Impson, Katie Handmade stone
Isom, J. M. W. O. W. Stone
Ivie, Lizzebeth - Grandmother Ivie, W. H.


James, Ella Hayes
Jameson, Floyd
Jameson, Leslie Roy
Johnson, Bulah Dau. of A. & L. Johnson
Johnson, Loren
Johnson, Lucille Double Stone with daughter Violet Lee Strickland
Johnston, Bertha Juanita
Johnston, Ernest John
Johnston, Rosa Mae (Haworth) * w/o Ernest John Johnston D/o Jacob Malone and Nettie (Yandell) Haworth


Kampplain, Ernest T.
Kampplain, Pearl M.
Kennedy, Daniel S.
Kennedy, Dora Bell wife of Thomas N. Kennedy
Kennedy, James J. Military Stone Co. E. 1st ARK Inf.
Kennedy, Jerri Louise
Kennedy, John W. Son of J. J. and S. A. Kennedy
Kennedy, Lola V.
Kennedy, Louis Neves
Kennedy, Margaret L. Wife of D. S. Kennedy
Kennedy, Robert S. Son of D. S. and M. L. Kennedy
Kennedy, Susan A. Wife of J. J. Kennedy
Kennedy, Thomas A. W. O. W Stone Husband of Dora Kennedy
Kemp, Willie Mae (Brown) [Menifee] * D/o Tomas Laura (Berry) Brown
Kirk, Laurence D. Double Stone with wife Lillie E. Kirk
Kirk, Lillie E. Double Stone with husband Laurence D. Kirk
Knight, Danny Joe
Knight, Infant Of Buster Knight
Knight, Infant Of Morgan Knight


Lee, J. M.
Lee, J. N.
Lewis, Eric Sheldon
Logan, Frank C.
Logan, J. H.
Logan, Lula Mae
Logan, Minnie Ann
Logan, Viola E.
Lucas, Docia M.
Lucas, Jessie L.


Macomb, Iva Mae Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Macomb, Mingon W. Military Stone Oklahoma PFC Co. M 133 Inf., WWI
Main, Charles H.
Main, Cora A.
Maine, Cora A.
Maine, Riley Newton "Buster" 32nd Degree Mason (1927)
Maine, William R.
Manion, Arthur L.
Manion, B. D. (Self)* Jack Phillip and Mary Emma (Griggs) Self
Manion, Everett M. h/o Bettie Moore Manion * S/o Harvey Newton and Goldie (Bench) Manion
Manion, Harvey N. Military Stone Oklahoma PVT Co. E 79 Inf. WWI
Manion, Johnny L. h/o Ida Marie (Palmer) Manion * S/o Arthur Lee and Ruby Inez Manion
Manion, Ruby Inez Wife of Arthur L.; Mother of Johnny L.
Manion, William Double Stone with wife Zadie
Manion, Zadie R. Double Stone with husband William H.
Marley, Bobby D.
Marley, Grace Lillian Double Stone with husband Willie Lee
Marley, Willie Lee Double Stone with wife Grace Lillian
Marsh, Frank E. Military Stone Oklahoma PFC 343 MG BN 90 Div. WWI
Martindale, Edgar R. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Martindale, Rosie Leona Atoka Funeral Home Marker
McCann, Addie Lee
McCarty, Franklin Addis Atoka Funeral Home Marker
McCarty, A. F., Sr.
McCarty, Terry E. Atoka Funeral Home
McCasland, D. Hayden SSDI Shows Hayden D. Double Stone with wife Willa Mae McCasland died in AR
McCasland, Willa Mae Double Stone with husband D. Hayden
McCormick, Harley Jack Double Stone w/Lona Ester McCormick
McCormick, Lona Ester Double Stone w/Harley Jack McCormick Married: Oct. 4, 1929
McCowan, Ed
McGuire, Barney
McGuire, Martha C.
McKaskle, Bruce Leon
McKaskle, John G.
McKaskle, Paul P. Military Stone OK. S SGT 8012 Base Unit AAF WWII and Korea
McKaskle, Sallie C.
McNeely, Glen
McNeely, Ralph Manuel Military Stone Oklahoma PVT 375 A. S. Group A. F. WWI
Melton, Nellie [GARSIDE]
Meneley, Brandon L.
Meneley, Howard W. Military Stone Oklahoma PVT Co. D 9th Inf WWI
Meneley, Martha
Meneley, Myrtle D/S w/William H. "Bill" Meneley Died in Ratliff City, Carter County, OK
Meneley, William H. 'Bill" Double Stone w/ Myrtle H. Meneley Married 41 Years
Merrell, Ada McBRIDE
Merrell, Chester Lee Military Stone Virginia SCI U. S. Coast Guard WW1 & II
Merrell, Jesse Earl
Miller, Curlie Herbert Military Stone OK PVT Med Dept-WWII
Miller, Jim
Miller, Lena
Miller, Lucy Marie Dau. of J. T. & Lena Miller
Mitchell, Albert H.
Mitchell, Bessie
Mitchell, Billy E.
Mitchell, Jack S/o M/M A. H. Mitchell 3 Yrs. 3 Mo. 14 Days
Mitchell, Lebern h/o Dora COLE Mitchell S/o Mack and Rose Mitchell
Mitchell, Othel Atoka Funeral Home
Mitchell, Tonie B.
Moody, H. T.
Moore, Emma J. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Moore, Preston C. h/o Pearl (Thomas) Self * S/o Christopher Moore


Neal, Charles Hamm
Neal, Charles Minor
Neal, Kerwyn B.
Neal, Minor Franklin Son of C. M. & Mollie Neal
Neal, Mollie Billie
Nelson, Frank I. Double Stone w/wife Minnie E. Nelson; Married: Dec. 24, 1902
Nelson, Minnie E. Double Stone w/husband Frank I. Nelson
Noletubby, John Anderson
Nystrom, Louie Edwin


Oldham, Myrtle


Packer, Fay Atoka Funeral Home Marker (Husband of Esther Packer)
Packer, Esther Wife of Fay Packer
Panquin, John Double Stone w/ wife Maggie Panquin
Panquin, Maggie Double Stone w/husband John Panquin
Park, Mary Catherine Daughter
Parkhill, Homer Lee Military Stone Oklahoma PVT Co. E 47 Inf. WWI
Parkhill, Johnnie Walden h/o Barbara (Cole) Parkhill* S/o Homer Lee and Elizabeth (Manion) Parkhill
Parsons, Enoch Kinsey Father of Ruth Parsons Williams (No marker at this grave)
Pearson, B. F. Husband of Della Pearson
Pearson, Della Wife of B. F. Pearson
Pearson, Roy
Poppey, Albert Age 40
Potts, Kate D. Double Stone w/husband John T.
Potts, John T. Married: Mar. 25, 1949 Military Stone Oklahoma PVT 59 Inf. 4th Div. WWI
Powell, Elmer W. Masonic Emblem Double Stone w/ Loretta L. Powell
Powell, Loretta L. Eastern Star Emblem Double Stone w/Elmer W. Powell
Powell, Fred L. Double Stone w/Mary Jane Powell
Powell, Mary Jane Double Stone w/Fred L. Powell Married: May 1, 1915


Richeson, Savannah Wife of Mark Richeson


Selby, Doyle Eugene h/o Joyce (Kirkham) Selby * S/o I. W. and Cora (Seabourn) Selby)
Self, Johnny Farris b. Dec. 29, 1964 at Eufaula, OK to Farris and Betty (Lemons) Self; d. Feb. 2,1993-Mannford, OK.
Shamley, Clyde Ollie h/o Susie Ellen (White) Shamley * S/o Claud and Mary A. (Beckham) Shamley
Sibley, Brady H. Son of Homer and Doris Sibley
Sinor, Jessie Jo
Skinner, Marvin Harrison h/o Delores (Freeman) Skinner S/o Spencer Dee and Lilly Lenora (Vaughn) Skinner
Smith, B. F.
Smith, W. S.
Sparks, Clifford L. Double Stone with Dale E. Sparks
Sparks, Dale E. Double Stone with Clifford L. Sparks
Sparks, Felix Bradley Military Stone Oklahoma PVT 331 Inf. 83 Div.
Sparks, Joseph C. Age 2 Years
Sparks, Joseph Harvey
Sparks, Lillian Mae
Sparks, Marie V.
Sparks, Mary E.
Sparks, Naomi Mae
Sparks, Paul
Sparks, Province
Sparks, William A.
Sparks, William David
Spring, Willie Military Stone Oklahoma PVT 322 SN Train. 97 Div WWI
Strickland, Richard Anthony * h/o Wendy (Brown) S/o Richard Carroll and Carolyn Ann (Selby) Strickland
Strickland, Violet Lee Double Stone Mother and Daughter (For other half see Lucille Johnson
Sutton, James Benny Son of L. E. and Mildred Sutton
Sutton, L. E. "Snooks"


Talbott, Edward C.
Talbott, Opal
Talbott, Ora M.
Talbott, Oren E. H/o Katie Thomas Talbott. S/o Edward and Myrtle BARBARICK Talbott
Tedford, Alva L. Double Stone w/ Edna I. Tedford
Tedford, Edna I. Double Stone with Alva L.
Terry, Noah E. - Papa
Terry, Nora E. -Mama
Thacker, William D.
Thompson, Roy H/o Maxine Furr Thompson. S/o Joe and Jewell BARNHILL Thompson
Timberlake, P. F.
Tisdale, Arizona 92 Yrs. 1 Mo. 8 days
Tisdale, Kenneth
Tisdale, Paul Leon Military Stone Oklahoma AMM 3 U. S. NR-WWII
Tisdell, Clayton
Tisdell, Emma A.
Tisdell, Frances Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Tisdell, Harty S/o Robert and Emma TRUMBELL Tisdell
Tisdell, Melvin, husband of Edna Pauline EVANS (see Pauline Chandler)Melvin was killed in 1943 at the rock crusher in Stringtown.
Tucker, Ernest Double Stone with wife Susan
Tucker, Susan Double Stone Wife of J. E. Tucker
Tucker, Nannie Daughter of J. E. and S. E. Tucker
Turner, Claudie L. W.O. W Stone Husband of R. Turner
Turner, Edward L.
Turner, Loular Christin
Turner, Vermon Elmer Husband of Blanche Turner


Vanzant, Lizzie
Vaughan, E. J. Wife of T. Vaughan
Vaughan, Louis Born in Mississippi
Vaughan, Little Louis Son of L. N. and N. A. Vaughan
Vaughan, T. Husband of E. J. Vaughan
Vittetoe, Andrew James
Vittetoe, Grover C.
Vittetoe, Mildred Faye
Vittetoe, Sarah Ellen
Volden, M. Flora Bell Daughter of J. C. and J. L. Volden


Walden, Jefferson Bud S/o Wesley Frank and Myrtle Katheryn (Lee) (Richardson) Walker
Walden, Oma Jean
Walden, Myrtle K.
Walden, Wesley F.
Walker, Maudie M. Epperson Funeral Home Marker -Age 89 Yrs. 0 Mo. 6 Days
Walker, Nell Keen
Walker, Robert Stark
Ward, Elma
Walton, Hilary Alfred Military Stone SK 3 U. S. Coast Guard WWII
Walton, Mary J. Warren, J. T. Handmade Stone
Watson, Julius J.
Welch, Ola; Double Stone with Sarah Myrtle- Military Stone OK PVT 58 Inf 4th Div WWI
Welch, Sarah Myrtle; Double Stone with Ola Welch
Welch R. E. and Juanita Welch [These two grave sites are next to Wayne Welch.]
Welch, Wayne E.
White, Bradley E. Double Stone w/ Matilda C.
White, Matilda C. Double Stone w/Bradley E.
White, Joshua Military Stone PVT 155 Ill. Inf.
White, Juel
Williams, Lucy
Williams, Permela
Willis, Gabreilia E. Wife of Stephen Wills
Willis, Stephen H/o Gabrielia E. Mil. Stone Co. D. 58 Ind. Vol
Wills, Wiley Mike Double Stone w/Winnie M. Wills
Wills, Winnie M Double Stone w/Wiley Mike
Wilson, Jean (Thacker) w/o Jesse C. Wilson * D/o Viva and Bill Thacker
Wilson, Lora I. Double Stone w/Sam T. Wilson
Wilson, Sam T. Double Stone w/Lora I. Winters, Dora Mae (Terry) Double Stone wife of Thomas Joseph Winters D/o Noah Edward and Nora Estelle (Fair) Terry
Winters, Thomas J. Winters Masonic Emblem Double Stone with Dora Mae Winters, wife (middle name is Joseph)
Winters, Irving Elbert
Winters, Mark Renfrow Masonic Emblem Double Stone w/Susie Belle Winters
Winters, Susie Belle Eastern Star Emblem Double Stone w/Mark Renfrow Winters
Winters, Palmer M. Winters, ??? E. Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Woodruff, Ida E.
Wodoruff, Joseph L. Military Stone Oklahoma Wagoner Hdq. Co. 357 Inf. WWI
Woody, Mrs. A. N. Handmade Stone


Young, Alice Belle; Mother
Young, Beckie; Age 28 Years
Young, Hazel B.
Young, Jospeh Dwitt Military Stone Oklahoma Sgt. U. S. Army WWI


Zanni, Maria D/o Manual and Aurore (Faber) Ferreira

Mickey L. (Name is illegible) Atoka Funeral Home Marker

The following persons are in unmarked graves.

McCarty, Cora Beatrice
McCarty, Delbert Twin son of Jewell and A. F. McCarty, Sr.
McCarty, Elbert Twin son of Jewell and A. F. McCarty, Sr.

Parsons, Lydia Mae Dau. of Enoch and Cora Lee (BELL) Parsons (Stillborn May 2, 1941)