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  1. BABB, Mable May: Daughter of B. W. & Pearl
  2. BENTON, Charles H.: Double Stone with Lemon H.
  3. BENTON, Infant: Daughter of J. H. & Bessie
  4. BENTON, Lizzie H.
  5. BENTON, Lloyd H.: Son of H. H. & Bessie
  6. BENTON, Mary A.
  7. BENTON, Mathis H.
  8. DILL, Laury: Son of N. C. & Demie
  9. FLINCHUM, Infant: Son of J. S. W. & J. A.
  10. F. E. H.
  11. H. H. H. Henry H. Overton Hibdon b. Nov. 1864 Overton, MO d. Dec. 25 1915 Post Oak, Ok. Info supplied by Billy Faye Hibdon Pierce, granddaughter
  12. M. E. H.
  13. HEAGLE, Bryan Haskel: Son of R. L. & Mattie
  14. HOUSER, Hester - Handmade Stone
  15. HOUSER, John - Handmade Stone
  16. HOUSER, Lloyd M. - Handmade Stone
  17. HOWARD, ???, - S.O. Youngblood Funeral Home Marker
  18. INGRAM, Ida E.
  19. INGRAM, Sol
  20. JOHNSON, Forest J.: Son of T. J. & S. J.
  21. KING, J. M.: Double Stone with Mary Ann
  22. KING, Mary Ann: Double Stone with J. M.
  23. LINTON, Infant: Son of Mart & Susie
  24. LINTON, Leon Marcus
  25. MATHIS, J. A. M.: Daughter of Dan'l & Anglein
  26. PRICE, May Price
  27. RULE, Frank - Handmade Stone
  28. STANPHILL, Alice: Infant daughter of E. N. & R. B.
  29. THOMAS, Gladys: Daughter of C.W. & Susie
  30. THOMAS, Lillian
  31. TIGERT, Infant: Son of Sam & Julia
  32. TIGERT, Julia
  33. TIGERT, Lillie: Wife of G. W.
  34. TIGERT, Susan B.: Wife of W. H.
  35. TIGERT, William H.
  36. TURNBULL, Albion B.: Son of Simeon & S. F.
  37. TURNBULL, Beckey: Wife of Daniel
  38. TURNBULL, Charles Cleveland
  39. TURNBULL, Daniel: Husband of Beckey
  40. TURNBULL, Jane Lilly May
  41. TURNBULL, Jasse B.: Son of T. B. & Adline
  42. TURNBULL, Jerico: Wife of Dr. Turner B.
  43. TURNBULL, Leroy: Husband of Lydia
  44. TURNBULL, Simeon: Husband of S. F.
  45. TURNBULL, Suson F.: Wife of Simeon
  46. TURNBULL, Timothy B.
  47. TURNBULL, Turner B., Dr.: Masonic Stone husband of Jerico.
  48. TURNBULL, Turner B. - Masonic Stone
  49. TURNBULL, Infant: Of T. B. & Adline
  50. TURNBULL, Infant Babe: Of Turner & wife
  51. TURNBULL, Walter Jonathan
  52. TURNBULL, William E.: Son of Simeon & S. F.
  53. B. W. - Handmade Stone

This cemetery is an abandoned site located just over the Atoka County line in Bryan County, on the Stuart Ranch. Directions are difficult to give as your recorders entered it, but may be reached a bit easier by going to Caddo and turning east, then back north. Directions would have to be obtained from people living in the area. The cemetery was named for the Turnbull family whose identified graves number 18 at the site. This family had Atoka connections as some were married to Atoka County citizens, one of which included the Sumter family. It was canvassed May 18, 1984 by Gwen Walker, Joy Blankenship and Mary Armstrong. On that date, it contained 53 identified graves and several which were marked by unidentified.