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Tushka is located approximately five miles south of Atoka on Hwy. 69/75. The following information resulted from inquires made to the Atoka County Mailing List. The town we now know as Tushka was originally named Peck, shown on the old 1895 Choctaw Nations Map. It was changed to Lewis on April 13, 1905, then to Dayton, OK on Jan. 21, 1909. The last name change took place on June 9, 1909, when the name was changed to Tushka, OK.

The name Peck was chosen from the Peck switch on the railroad. Lewis was named for the postmaster at the time. Dayton, information is unknown. Tushka is a Choctaw word meaning "warrior." Check out this url for the Tushka School Web Site. Tushka School

If you have any questions regarding Tushka, send queries to the following:
Tushka Genealogy Society
Attention: Geraldine Hall
Tushka, OK

The Genealogy Society has for sale a pictorial book of "Old Tushka," It includes pictures of Tushka about 40 years ago, and also includes pictures of all the headstones in the cemetery.

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