Tushka Cemetery

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The Tushka Cemetery is located west of Highway 69 in Tushka, Oklahoma. It was canvassed in 1979 by Janice Allen and Gwen Walker. More names have been added since that time.


Adams, Hazel Handmade Stone (no dates)
Adams, Ruby Mae Handmade Stone (no dates)
Allen, Connie L. W/o John Wesley Allen
Allen, John W. W. O. W. Stone
Allen, J. T.
Allen, Kenneth Lee U. S. Service Stone TX PFC ENGR Combat BN
Armstrong, Paul David


Bates, George S.
Bates, Leona
Bishop, Jessie
Blakley, Abbie
Blakley, Albert
Blakley, Claud U. S. Service Stone: TX PVT CO A 343 MG BN WWI
Blakley, Melvina
Blakley, R. L.
Blakley, Sonny
Blakley, Walter S.
Benton, Malissa E.
Benton, William E.
Blossom, Sallie
Bolt, Enith (Junior) Jr. S/o Enith Bolt and Linnie Belle Bowen Bolt Cox (information furnished by Cousin David White, KY)
Bomsburger, Andrew J. U. S. Service Stone OK PVT U. S. Army WWI
Britt, Becky W/o A. A. Britt
Broadhead, Anna L.
Broadhead, Dovie Ann
Broadhead, Joseph J.
Brookes, Alice
Brown, John Flur
Brown, Louisa
Burrough, Baby Funeral Home Marker
Butler, Amanda Belle
Butler, Bennie Dee S/o L. E. & Minnie Butler
Butler, Caroline W. O. W. Stone
Butler, Carolyn Sue Funeral Home Marker
Butler, Charley E.
Butler, Clarence W.
Butler, D. E. (Creek)
Butler, Della May
Butler, Dewey W., Sr.
Butler, D. W., Jr. U. S. Service Stone PFC 912 Ord. H. A. M. Co
Butler, Flossie Belle
Butler, George A.
Butler, H. L.
Butler, Mrs. I. G.
Butler, J. M.
Butler, John F.
Butler, Joseph Ula
Butler, Lonnie R.
Butler, Lota E.
Butler, Marvin B.
Butler, Mary Beth Funeral Home Marker
Butler, Mary Lou
Butler, Maud E.
Butler, Minor W.
Butler, Ola Mae
Butler, P. E. (Betty)
Butler, R. B. "Ben" W. O. W. Stone


Cain, Mattie
Calvin, Betty
Capps, Steven Lee
Camp, Martin V.
Capshaw, Frank
Capshaw, Ida
Castle, Sidney James III
Chick, Rodney
Clayburn, Pearl Lorene
Clayburn, Thomas Henry


Davis, Calvin Richard Lee, For a complete obituary see: Brown's Funeral Service
Dillard, Vera Frances W/o Robert Dillard


Enith (Junior) Bolt, Jr. Son of Enith Bolt and Linnie Belle Bowen Bolt Cox


Frazier, Norman Clinton; b. Feb. 2, 1942, s/o Robert & Bernice HOWARD Frazier; d. Sept. 19, 1987


Hargrave, S. B. Born in Nelta, TX
Harmon, Edgar Mil. Stone at foot of grave: William E. Harmon OK PFC 90 Mil. Police Co. WWI
Harmon, Jessie
Harris, Sarah C. Mother of N. I. Fitzgerald
Harrison, Eula J. Funeral Home Marker
Harrison, Lina Wife of S. J.
Hand made Stone next to Lina J. A. H.
Hill, Edward Dwight
Hillstromb, Orlie
Hillstromb, Robert A.
Hodge, John T.
Hodges, Annie Pearl
Hodges, Charley Preston (The above names are on a double stone with the inscription. Married Jan. 12, 1925)
Hodges, Bill J. Funeral Home Marker
Holcomb, Claud, Jr.
Holcomb, Claud Earl
Holcomb, Mary Olive
Holcomb, Emmitt C.
Holcomb, Florence
Holland, Jessie S/o G. H. & M. C. Holland
Hudson, Evin Jacob
Hudson, Lucy Leona
Hudson, Samuel J. U. S. Service Stone PFC U. S. Marine Corp. WWII
Honeycutt, Herbert G.


Jackson, Charles H.
Jackson, Dale E.
Jackson, Dorthie A.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Lena Eva
Jackson, Mollie
Johnson, Jerry Glen
Johnson, Martin Luther
Johnson, Maud B.
Johnson, Robert Irwin
Jones, William A.
Joplin Delilah W/o A. M. Joplin


Kennedy, Inas Rosey
Kennedy, Lee E.
Kennedy, Myrtle Emma
Kennedy, Walter Roy
King, Vishtaw Northcutt
Kyees, Bertie Stanley
Kyees, James Willard


Lafevers, F. W.
Lafevers, W. F.
Lain, Lige H.
Lain, Sarah H.
Lain, (Theodore)Ted S/o Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Lain
Lain, Winnie Lou nee WILIAMS W/o Ted Lain (See Brown's Funeral Service Jan. 2007, for complete obituary.) Lappin, Joseph C.
Lenning, Nora Ellen
Lewis, Charles S.
Lewis, Eudora
Loudermilk, Anna Mae
Loudermilk, Georgia
Loudermilk, Jim G., SR Loudermilk, Seward
Luck, Minnie R.
Luck, Ralph E.


Macom, Emma F.
Macom, Myrtle Alice
Macom, W. A. (Bill)
Maxey, Claude M. Within a brick curbed area
Maxey, George M. Within a brick curbed area
Maxey, Katie J. Within a brick curbed area
Maxey, L. H. Within a brick curbed area
Maxey, Walter Lawrence U. S. Service Stone PVT U. S. Army 54 Armd Inf. Regt 10 Arm Div. Ft Benning, GA Within a brick curbed area and the names Esther, Carl, Velma Franklin, Jr., and Billie are on stones with single names
McAdams, Margret
McBrayer, James Benjamin
McClung, S. Daniel
McDougal, Daniel Wyatt
McD (all that appears on stone)
McEntire, Julia P. Baby
McGaughy, Permelia Ann
McIninch, Danny Kieth
McIninch, Harold W. Handmade Stone
McIninch, Jesse L.
McIninch, Ruby B.
McIntyre, Julia P. Wife of S. B. McIntyre
Meadows, George W.
Meadows, Nancy M.
Meeks, Baby
Meeks, Roy Don
Merritt, J. T.
Merritt, Tandy U. S. Service Stone Co. E. 1st TN Cav. C. S. A. Born in Granger Co. TN
Mershell, W. J.
Milam, Hurley Price
Morse, John T.
Morse, Sarah A.
Mullen, Mary J. Wife of H. M. Muller
Mullins, Ambros
Mullins, George W.
Mullins, Matilda Ann


Nolen, Jack
Nolen, Mary
Norris, S. N. Husband of S. A. Norris

Northcutt, E. C.
Northcutt, J. M.
Northcutt, Margaret E. Wife of J. M. Northcutt
Northcutt, Russell H.
Nowell, Ruth Elizabeth Dau. of John & Dona Nowell


Obenchain, Elizabeth


Park, Laura E.
Park, William D.
Page, Edith CHITTY b. Apr. 6, 1919 Van Zandt Co., TX d. Oct. 2, 2000 Med. Ctr Hosp. Mesquite, TX.
Pate, Infant Donald Ray
Pate, Pearl A.
Pate, Velton O.
Peoples, James Frank
Perry, Tully
Phillips, Charity Lea
Pingleton, Billy R. "Bill" h/o Norene MEEKS Pingleton; Informant: J. Darst
Ponder, Edward Lee
Ponder, Luther D.
Ponder, Martha
Ponder, Pearl D/o W. S. & M. F. Ponder
Ponder, William Albert
Ponder, W. S.
Poole, James R.
Poole, Parthena Poole
Powell, David R.
Pratt, Louise
Proctor, John L. U. S. Service Stone AR PVT 107 Inf. 27 Div
Pruett, Lucy Bell
Pruett, Thomas J.
Pruett, Virgie E.


Richardson, Lee Roy
Rose, J. F.
Rowley, Father
Rowley, Mother
Rowton, Carmon R.
Rowton, Ruth
Rowton, Katie
Rowton, W. (Wash.)
Roy, Eunice E.
Roy, Leonard N.


Sawyer, Gary Dale
Sawyer, Juanita V. Funeral Home Marker
Sawyers, Mary Pearl
Scott, Florence D/o W. G. & S. F.
Scott, Leo C.
Scott, Oma
Scott, W. C. Selby, George Carrolton S/o Walter and Mae Selby Selby, Julia Mae Selby, Vauntrice
Selby, Walter T.
Shannon, Alene Whitaker
Shearer, Fronnie
Shearer, Robert N. U S Service Stone Texas PFC Engr. WWII PH
Shearer, William M.
Sisson, D. B.
Slinker, Preston
Smith, Barney
Smith, Bonnie Bell
Smith, Cathaline
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, Eula
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Harrison Glenn
Smith, Henry Sheridan
Smith, Homer U. S. Service Stone Oklahoma PFC Infantry WWI
Smith, Leona WOW stone W/o L. M. Smith
Smith, Leroy U. S. Service stone PFC U. S. Army WWII
Smith, Louise
Smith, Maggie V.
Smithart, Emma
Smithart, George Lee Smithart, George W.
Smithart, Hatttie E.
Smithart, Ira D.
Smithart, Lois I.
Smithart, Peggy
Smithart, Thelma Ruth
Smithart, Valton Guest
Smithart, Willard Wesley
Stackhouse, Coyle D.
Stackhouse, Dewitt T.
Stackhouse, E. Neal
Stackhouse, Lacy
Stackhouse, Vena




Watson, Minna W/o Sam Double Stone-Married: 1919
Watson, Sam H/o Minna Double Stone
Weeden, Vera
Weeden, William Edward
Wells, Mrs. P. A.
Westerdale, Jessie L. Funeral Home Marker
Wharton, Ellen B.
Wharton, Ellen B.
Wharton, Frank - C. U. S. Service Stone
Oklahoma CPL M. G. Co. 357, Inf. WWI
Whitaker, Infant Son Of J. H.
Whitaker, James Henry
Whitaker, Nellie M. Whitaker, Baby Norman Gayle
White, Anna Bell
White, Buna Age 68
White, J. G. - P. S. Age 67 Masonic Stone
White, Jewel
White, Jerry Wayne
White, Marvin
White, T. E.
Wilkinson, Floyd Madison Double stone w/Mamie
Wilkinson, Mamie Elliott Double Stone w/Floyd - Married: Dec. 24, 1913
Williams, A. C.
Williams, Camillia
Williams, Hattie Lou
Williams, James A. (Jim)
Williams, Olivia
Williams, Paul C.
Williams, Seabourn A.
Williams, W. A.
Williams, Wallace F. U. S. Service Stone 1st Sgt. 27th HQ Sp Trp. WWII
Wilson, Dora E.
Wilson, Howard Gray
Wilson, Ray B.
Wilson, W. L.
Woods, Bobby
Woods, John W.
Woods, Laura E.
Woods, Lawrence
Woods, Sam W.
Woods, Sarah Alice Woods
Woods, Walter
Woolf, Claud W.
Wolf, Morrie
Wolf, Infant S/o Morrie Wolfe
W, L. A.


Young, Dessie D.
YOUNG, Thomas O.
Y, P. B. I.
Umsted, Pearl
The following is a list of some of those buried in unidentified graves in this cemetery:
Tomlinson, Benjamin Frank
Sisson, Jesse Lee S/o George & Mary Sisson
Informants: George Sisson, Jr., and Nellie Sisson Williams.