Atoka County Veterans

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Abreo, Felix Glenn
Alexander, James L.
Allen, Lenard L.
Allen, Wallace R.
Armstrong, Andrew J.
Armstrong, Clifford W.
Armstrong, Dwright
Armstrong, Harold D.
Armstrong, Dean
Austin, Charles G.


Baker, Jake A.
Baker, Ronnie
Basham, Jim D.
Baugher, Thomas L.
Bayles, Clifford L.
Beal, Benjamin L.
Beck, Kenneth A.
Benson, Toni D.
Bettis, Jerry D.
Betts, Richard
Bicknell, Therman D.
Bills, Lytle C.
Blackburn, Roy G.
Bradford, Norman
Brannon, Dennis W.
Branom, Eugene B.
Brewer, Gene E.
Brewster, George R.
Broadhead, Gary Lee
Brooks, David W.
Broome, Clyde A.
Brown, Melvin C.
Buchanan, Frank E.
Burkhalter, Jerry Don
Burleson, Lonnie Joe
Bush, Kenneth R.


Callicoat, Ottis C.
Campbell, Granville M.
Cannon, Jimmy J.
Cannon, Omer D.
Cannon, Roger P.
Capps, James K.
Capps, Larry D.
Cates, David B.
Cathey, James F. Jr.
Colbert, Clow W.
Cole, Ditters
Cole, Donnie
Cole, Gary Dale
Cole, Jerry N.
Cole, Kenneth
Collins, Don
Conn, Emmit R.
Cooksey, Paul G.
Cookston, Donald J.
Countryman, Cleveland D.
Courtney, Kenneth E.
Cox, Keith W.
Crawford, Stevie R.
Crites, Raymond J.
Crites, Robert V.
Culverson, Larry


Dale, Martin V. Jr.
Dalton, Jerry C.
Davis, George Lee
Davis, Jerry D.
Deaton, John L.
Dolchok, Mack
Donaldson, Bill
Dowd, Peggy
Draper, Heston L.
Durant, Forbes P. Jr.


Eaves, Larry Dale
Evans, Benny L.
Evans, Charles


Featherson, James M.
Fisher, Daniel J.
Flowers, Dewayne L.
Folsum, Richard M.
Fomby, Harold Jr.
Franks, Johnny
Frazier, Norman C.
Frazier, Sonny D.


Gage, Delbert L.
George, Wayne
Gibson, Charles W.
Glover, Gary W.
Goodson, Charlie
Goodson, Jimmy
Goodson, John
Goodson, Lloyd
Gossett, Thomas L.
Gray, Tony J.
Gray, Wayne
Green, Richard D.
Griffin, Elmer L.
Gimsley, Jimmy
Grist, Jesse "Ed"


Hacker, Billy Bob
Hacker, Williams
Haddock, Larry Don
Haggard, Ran C.
Hall, Jimmy W.
Hall, Gerald A.
Hall, Jimmy W.
Hamm, Samuel D.
Hammond, Gary
Hammond, Scott W.
Haney, James B.
Harris, Wayne
Hawkins, Bobby Dale
Hembree, Samuel D.
Henagar, James G.
Henry, Max
Hansley, Charles R.
Hill, Dwayne
Holland, Wayne D.
Hooper, Dudley D.
Hopkins, Billy J. Jr.
Hopkins, Nathaniel
Howard, Carl Davis
Howard, Charles S.
Howard, David M.
Huddleston, Alan
Humphrey, Jack C.
Hyatt, Eddie Lee


Ihrig, Kenneth W.


Jackson, Virgil L.
Jewis, Rennie
Jim, John A.
Jones, Luther B.
Justus, Dward M.
Justus, Thyren C.


Kackey, Larry V.
Kadle, David L.
Keith, David L.
Kelley, Kerry L.
Kellogg, Elmer D.
Kenyon, Winford E.
Kilpatrick, Richie G.
Kimbrell, Jerrell L.
King, Willie B. Jr.
Kirk, Robert A.
Klaus, Jack


Lamon, Jim
Lang, Billy Ray
Larkins, Ustas H. Jr.
Latham, Chester J.
Lawson, Archie
Layton, Kenneth R. Jr.
Lee, Michael D.
Leflore, Thompson Jr.
Lewis, John A.
Linscott, William L.
Linson, Lloyd
Little, Bobby Lee
Little, Larry Lee
Lowe, Edward F.
Lowe, James L.
Ludlow, Ellis Jr.


McClendon, Larry D.
McDaniel, Jay Chock
McDaniel, Ruel M.
McDougal, Dood D.
McEntire, John M.
McEntire, Robert S.
McGinty, Donald D.
McGinty, Raymond
McGinty, Samuel W.
McGue, Ronald D.
McIninch, Clifford K.
Marble, Ron
Marbut, Matt
Marsh, James H.
Maxey, Jerry L.
Maxwell, Charles G.
Merritt, Jimmy Ray
Merritt, Larry D.
MicKenney, Berth L.
Mills, Don S.
Moore, Arley Dean
Moore, John W.
Moore, Kenneth
Moore, Lester F.
Moore, Myrl D.
Moore, Richard A.
Moore, Roy D.
Moreland, George W.
Moreland, Henry J.
Morris, Prentis C.
Morton, Alvin W.
Mosley, Dennis R.


Neal, Clifford
Neal, Joseph
Nelson, Kenneth
Nelson, William
Norton, Glenn C.
Nuttall, Donnie
Nuttall, Robert D.


Page, Dickie
Page, Ray
Paige, Larry D.
Parham, Johnny W.
Parham, Paul D.
Penick, Orville Lee
Pettigrew, Phillip
Phillips, James
Pool, Jimmy B.
Potts, Joel Mac
Powell, Delbert G.
Powell, Jimmy Ray
Powell, Robert E.
Prater, Robert L.
Pruett, Billy H.


Rector, Ernest J.
Rector, John W.
Reed, Jerome
Richards, Jerry D.
Rippee, Donald
Robbins, Larry M.
Robinson, Palmer Lee
Ross, Bruce A.
Rounsaville, Glo
Rounsaville, Tom


Sanders, Billy D.
Sanders, Ernest C. Jr.
Sanders, James Lee
Sandridge, Mickey D.
Sawyer, Lizzie A.
Schaff, Eddie R.
Scott, Ronald C.
Seabourn, Riley
Sexton, Joshua J.
Sherrard, Wesley W.
Shields, James C.
Sides, Billy Ray
Silvers, Paul R.
Simpson, Evelyn D.
Slaton, James A.
Slaton, John A.
Slawson, Kenneth
Smith, Bobby Joe
Smith, Mickle D.
Snead, Kenneth R.
Stanley, James M.
Stark, David
Stark, Fred
Steer, Leonard L.
Strang, Wayne D.
Stroud, Sarah D.
Sutter, Earl L.
Swindell, Bobby D.


Thomilson, Michael
Thompson, Donnie Lee
Thompson, James R.
Thompson, Mark Duane
Thompson, Mark Jr.
Thompson, Raymond H.
Tigert, Carrol L.
Tinney, Coy Dean
Truett, James W.
Turner, Elmer D.


Vaughn, Larry G.
Venable, Gary R.


Washington, Joe C.
Watkins, Donald W.
Watson, James D.
Watson, Loyd W.
Weaver, Kenneth R.
Webb, Ronald G.
White, Charles "Hoss"
White, James David
White, Jim
White, Raymond A.
White, Ronald S.
Willeby, Travis O.
Williams, Billy H.
Williams, Darell D.
Williams, David A.
Williams, Jerry D.
Williams, Jimmy D.
Williams, Ruth E.
Wilson, Bobby R.
Wilson, Cecil
Wilson, Charley Ray
Wilson, Douglas L.
Workman, Billy W.
Workman, William H.


Yates, Noah Carl