Wardville Cemetery

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This Cemetery is an active, well-kept burial site at the northwest edge of the community of Wardville.


Abney, Annie Christine Double Stone w/sibling

Abney, Infant Bussy

Abney, Kie Woodroe Double Stone w/sibling

Abney, Levern B.

Abney, Virtia

Amason, J. T.

Anderson, Nola B.

Andrew, J. F. Father

Andrew, John C. Father (Beloved Husband and Father)

Andrew, Julia A. wife of J. F. Andrew

Andrew, Suda A. Mother


Barnes, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Barnes

Barnhill, Infant Of Joe and Mary B. Barnhill

Barnhill, Gladys Daughter of J.A. and Mary B. Barnhill

Barnhill, Joe, Military Stone

Barnhill, Mark E.

Bell, Avis Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Bell

Benjamin, Katie

Bowen, Bennett L. Double Stone w/wife Isebell Bowen Masonic Emblem

Bowen, Clayton Nathaniel Husband of Olvie [TRUMAN] Bowen, Ingram

Bowen, George T. (Timothy) "Bud", h/o Maude Cathern [MOYER] [WEATHERS}]father of Clayton Nathaniel Bowen.

Bowen Maude Cathern [MOYER][Weathers]B. IN Bowling Green, KY. wife of George T. Bowen 1st husband was John Andrew Weathers buried next to Maud.

Bowen, Isebell Double Stone w/ husbnd Benett L. Bowen Eastern Star Emblem (Married Nov. 1, 1919

Bowen, William E. Masonic Emblem

Bowen, William E. Masonic Emblem

Bowen, Clayton Nathaniel h/o Olive [TRUMAN] Bowen, Ingram

Brooks, Minnie May

Bucklew, ?? Brother

Bucklew, Infant Of W. J and Loice Bucklew

Bucklew, Pearl Sister

Burnett, Della Mae (Cordell); Daughter of John E. and Nancy "Spurnock" Cordell.


Carriger, Authur B.

Carriger, George W.

Carriger, John W. -Father

Carriger, Margaret Elizabeth-Mother

Carriger, Sarah E.

Carriger, Thomas A.

Carter, Jim

Carter, L. J.

Carter, Vesta

Casey, Ernest

Casey, Ollie Mae

Casey, Thomas Levi Double Stone w/wife Ollie May Casey

Cathey, Albert A.

Cathey, Ophelia-Mother

Cathy, Ran

Cave, W. H.

Christopher, Bernice

Clark, Gilbert H. Double Stone w/ wife Lou Clark

Clark, Lou, Double Stone w/husband Gilbert

Cobbs, J. J. Father

Cobbs, Mollie - Mother

Cooper, J. C.

Cox, Roy Lee

Crossland, John


Danley, James Eugene

Daulton, Aunetia G.

Daulton, John F. Double Stone w/wife Susie A. Daulton

Daulton, Susie A. Double Stone w/husband John F. Daulton

Davis, Ada Mae

Davis, Berthey L.

Davis, Billie Ray

Davis, Charley Clarnce

Davis, Henry Handmade Stone

Davis, James Robert

Davis, Lulu Ettia

Davis, Murth Daniel

Deeryberry, Betty Clariece

Denney, Frank S. Double Stone w/wife Mary B. Denney

Denney, Mary B. Double Stone w/husband Frank S. Denney

Dennis, Mr. M. T.

Denton, Darlene

Denton, Dosha

Denton, Martha F. -Mother

Denton, Roy

Denton, S. A.

Derryberry, Bual Double Stone w/wife Janice

Derryberry, Janice Double Stone w/husband Bual Derryberry

Derryberry, Junnie

Derryberry, P. V. Father- Double Stone w/wife Nannie Derryberry

Derryberry, Nannie

Derryberry, Reuben

Derryberry, Trudie


Elder, Infant Daughter of J. T. and Lieu Elder

Eubanks, Joseph Paul Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Eubanks

Estes, Luty Fay


Farris, America E. - Mother

Farris, Elizabeth

Farris, Iddo J.

Farris, James

Featherston, Joseph I. Military Stone

Fitzgerald, Millard

Fitzgerald, N. C.

Fitzgerald, Sam


Gant, Daniel Tony- Infant

Gilbert, Emma

Gilley, Mary Susan -Handmade Stone

Grant, Ulysses Son of C. A. and E. R. Grant

Gregory, Baby

Groves, Armilda May Dau. of Charlie and Minnie

Groves, R. V. Son of Charlie and Minnie Groves


Harl, William B. Double Stone w/wife Emma R.

Harl, Emma R. Double Stone w/husband William B. Harl

Harner, John H. Double Stone w/wife Martha E. Harner

Hawkins, L. A. Double Stone w/wife Etta L. Hawkins

Hawkins, Etta L. Double Stone w/husband L. A.

Hawkins, John Ernest

Hawkins, C. H. (Claude Hurchel) Handmade Stone

Hawkins, T. A. Handmade Stone

Hawkins, W. C. Handmade Stone


Hill, Dora Etter Dau. of H. G. and C. A. Hill

Hooe, Baby

Hooe, Elizabeth-Mother

Hooe, George L. Military Stone

Hooe, John Malvin Military Stone

Hooe, J. P. -Father

Hooe, Robbie


Infant (No Name) buried by Mr. and Mrs. Nick Young

Ingram, Olvie (Turman) Mother of Delona Bowen Pollock

Isbell, Billy Joe


Jackson, Elisha (Double Stone) w/wife Viola Jackson

Jackson, Viola Double Stone w/wife Elisha

Jackson, Jimmy

Jackson, Sallie Wife of J. N. Jackson

Jackson, W. T. Handmade Stone

Jenkins, J. J. Double Stone

Jenkins, M. E. Double Stone w/ J. J. Jenkins

Jenkins, Babies Handmade Stone

Johnson, Dora-Mother

Johnson, J. G. Father - Double Stone w/wife D. E. Johnson

Johnson, D. E. -Mother Double Stone w/husband J. G. Johnson

Johnson, J. W.

Johnson, Thurlow

Johnston, Billie Don; Sone of Ernest and Rosie (Haworth) Johnston

Jones, Baby Of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jones

Jones, Leon Handmade Stone

Jones, Margret E. Handmade Stone

Jones, Wesley Sanford

Jones, Wiley M. Double Stone w/wife Martha E. Jones

Jones, Martha E. Jones

Joplin, Baby Girl Dau. Of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd


Kelly, Eula (RHYNE) w/o James Gorman Kelly, d/o Samuel Clark and Verdia Mae LAMBERT Rhyne

Kelly, J. Gorman

Kelly, J. J.

Kelly, Lavada L.

Kincade, ?

Kincade, D. W. Handmade Stone

Kincade, Maggie M. Double Stone w/ Samuel D.

Kincade, Samuel D. Double Stone w/ Maggie M.

Kirkbride, John


Lackey, Carrie

Lackey, David W., W. O. W Stone

Lackey, Katie Lee-Mother

Lackey, Lewis D. - Father

Lamb, David Dale

Lane, Guy J. Double Stone w/wife Sallie Lane

Lane, Sallie Double Stone w/husband Guy J. Lane

Lee, J. Bart

Lee, William J. Double Stone w/wife Katie F. Lee

Lee, Katie F. Double Stone w/husband William J. Lee

Lewis, Duffer

Lewis, Flora

Lewis, John Nelson Double Stone w/Myrtle Nancy

Lewis, Myrtle Nancy Double Stone w/John Nelson Lewis

Lewis, Maccie

Lewis, Melvie Modessie

Lewis, Lorene Louisa

Lewis, Phillip Mathew

Lewis, Philips Daniel

Lewis, Robert Lee

Lewis, Viola

Little, Laquita Joy

Lopez, Baby

Lyon, Ammandia

Lyon, Bob

Lyon, Mrs. S. S. Mother

Lyon, Maggie Farris - Wife

Lyon, Walter - Husband

Lyons, A. H.

Lyons, Edith Dau. of R. F. and Jessie Lyons

Lyons, Jessie Wife of R. F. Lyons


Martin, M. J., Mrs.

Martin, R. J.

Massey, Benard B. Double Stone w/wife Agnes Massey

Massey, Agnes Double Stone w/husband Benard B. Massey Married: Sept. 21, 1938

Massey, Charles Ray Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Massey

McCormick, James Double Stone w/wife Dora M. McCormick

McCormick, Dora Double Stone w/husband James

McEntire, C. S.

McEntire, Helen Brown - Mother

McKee, Sam Handmade Stone

McMillan, P. E. Double Stone w/wife Nannie McMillan

McMillan, Nannie Double Stone w/husband P. E. McMillan

McMillan, Vol V.

Mills, Asa Double Stone w/wife Carrie Mills Married Nov. 11, 1915

Mills, Carrie E. Double Stone w/husband Asa

Mills, Delmer Clifford

Mills, Nannie w/o Rev. J. E. Mills

Morris, Beatrice - Mother

Morris, Jim Military Stone

Morrow, Alice

Morrow, Annie

Morrow, Autra Dau. of J. L. & B. I. Morrow

Morrow, Bernettie I.

Morrow, Cecil

Morrow, George Elmer - Father Masonic Emblem

Morrow, Infant

Morrow, Joseph L.

Morrow, M. E. - W. O. W. Stone

Morrow, Ola Mae

Morrow, Raymond

Morrow, Vera Ethel - Mother

Moyers, George Washington

Muse, Hillary B. Military Stone


Newberry, Brenda Jo - Daughter of Lee R. and Ruby.

Newberry, F. M.

Newberry, Lee R.. Son of G. E. and Vivian (Hooten) Newberry.

Newberry, Lula - Mother


Omstead, Eugene G. Son of E. G. and J. G. Omstead

Owens, Talton Elmer


Parker, Fred Double Stone w/Neal Parker

Parker, Neal Double stone w/Fred Parker

Parkhill, Fread

Pearson, Charlie W. Double Stone w/Maud A. Pearson

Pearson, Maud A. Double Stone w/Charlie W.

Pickens, William Matthew

Phillips, George

Pollock, George Washington

Pollock, Cordelia- First wife of George Washington Pollock

Pollock, Hiram B.

Pollock, Jerry V.

Pollock, Olzie E.

Potts, Joe Military Stone

Potts, Minnie Gertrude

Potts, Pauline Dau. of Josephine

Prather, Isom D.


Ray, Bert

Reinking, Fred P. Double Stone w/wife Edith F. Reinking Born Lowden, Iowa

Reinking, Edith F. Double Stone w/husband Fred P. Reinking Boor Greer Co., OK (I. T.)

Rhea, Our Baby Boy Infant of Mr. and Mrs. George Rhea

Rhyne, Sam C.

Rhyne, Tod Wayland Double Stone w/Faye (Buie) Rhyne Tod descended from Sam Francis Jacob Phillip Jacob, from Germany

Rhyne, Faye (Buie) Double Stone w/ Tod Wayland Rhyne Faye descended from Henry Cornelius, Cornelius, from Scotland

Rhyne, Verdia M.

Riley, Joe

Rogers, Alen


S., F. B. Handmade Stone This stone is near the Springer Stones

Sappenfield, Billie

Seth, Delie

Seth, Ida and Infant D.

Seth, Infant Dau. of Wes and Ida Seth

Seth, Infant Dau. of Wes and Ida Seth

Seth, Luella

Seth, Ralph

Seth, Wes

Sexton, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Sexton

Shelton, Clearnce

Shelton, Clearnce

Smith, Alice M. Double Stone w/husband J. M. (Mike) Smith

Smith, Arvlie W. Double Stone w/husband Charles H.

Smith, Charles H. Double Stone s/wife Arvilie W. Smith

Smith, Elzy Crenshaw

Smith, Infant Dau. of John A. and Audra W. Smith

Smith, J. Elvin

Smith, J. M. (Mike) Double Stone w/wife Alice M. Smith

Smith, Jet

Smith, Jet Lee

Smith, Ladell Baby Dau. of Walter and Mae Smith

Smith, Laura E. " Mother is not Dead, just sleeping"

Smith, Louis Lima Double Stone w/husband William Henry Smith

Smith, Rhoda Bell

Smith, William Henry Double Stone w/wife Louis Lima; Military Stone

Smith, William L. Son of C. H. and W. A. Smith

Smith, William P.

Snow, George C. Age 82 Yrs., 10 Mo., 29 Days

Snow, Icey Ann

Spears, Richard

Springer, C. C. Son of Harson and Martha Springer

Springer, Harson D.

Springer, Martha E.

Steel, Marie Ozella (Lamb); daughter of Ernest Edwin and Mildred Leona Lamb.)Coalgate resident.)

Stonecypher, Auto

Stonecypher, Barney B., Jr.

Stonecypher, Burnice Double Stone w/husband Roscoe Lived in Coal County

Stonecypher, James B. Double Stone w/ Willie Frances Stonecypher

Stonecypher, James Noal

Stonecypher, Mother Double Stone w/husband R. B. Stonecypher

Stonecypher, R. B. Double Stone w/ wife (Mother) no name

Stonecypher, Roscoe Double Stone w/wife Burnice Stonecypher Lived in Coal County

Stonecypher, Willie Frances Double Stone w/James B.

Stroud, Gladis Irene

Thomas, Mary Handmade Stone

Thompson, M. Handmade Stone

Thompson, Pearl A.


VanHoozer, Cora L. w/husband William S. VanHoozer

VanHoozer, Fred F., Mrs. Handmade Stone

VanHoozer, Handmade Stone

VanHoozer, Jewel

VanHoozer, William S. Double Stone w/wife Cora L. VanHoozer

Vanhorn, Bessie B. Double Stone w/husband Charlie W.

Vanhorn, Charlie W. Double Stone w/wife Bessie B. Vanhorn

Vanhorn, J. D.

Vaughn, Francis Marion


Wagers, Ester Dau. of H. H. and N. W. Wagers

Wallace, M. Husband of Margaret

Ward, Mildred Geneva Dau of H. S. and G.

Weathers, Elsie

Weathers, John Andrew, first husband of Maude C. Bowen and burial site is next to Maude C. and George T. Bowen. Information supplied by David White, Louisville, KY. John was born Aug. 9, 1870 in Stephens, AL., and died Jun. 30, 1911 at Wardville.

Weathers, William Ed

Welborn, Clyde M. Military Stone

Welborn, Ed. B. W. O. W. Stone

Welborn, Howard Son

Welborn, Josie Mother

Welborn, Robert Handmade Stone Age 72 Year

Welch, J. E.

Wilgus, Lavada R.

Wilson, Florence E. Mother

Wilson, Frederick

Wilson, James N. Father

Wilson, Mary F.

Wiseman, Ellien - Handmade Stone

Wiseman, Freddie Military Stone

Wiseman, Mae Dellceil

Witherspoon, Condy Ross - Father of: Joe, Ruffus, Henry Ross, Crockett and Claud; daughter; Cecil

Witherspoon, Dora Mother of: Sons; Joe, Ruffus, Henry Ross, Crockett and Claud; daughter: Cecil.

Witherspoon, Henry Ross; Son of Condy Ross and Dora Bell (Swain) Witherspoon.

Wolford, Rosey Lee Wife of T. M. Wolford


Yoast, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Yoast

Yoast, Johnie

Yoast, Maggie F. Double Stone w/husband W. Frank Yoast

Yoast, W. Frank Double Stone w/wife Maggie F. Yoast

Young, Dewitt

Young, Mr. Nick

Young, Mrs. Nick