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This cemetery is located on the west side of Hwy. 69 in Stringtown, Oklahoma. It is fenced, and neatly kept, and is still in use. It was canvassed November 11, 1980 by Ruth Williams and Gwen Walker. On that date it contained 100 marked graves and 155 unmarked ones. This cemetery is formerly known as Stringtown Colored Cemetery. (I apologize, I do believe I have misplaced one sheet of this list. When I locate the page, I will upgrade this site.)


Alle, Eliza
Anderson, Clara


Bell, Georgia
Bell, James
Bell, Johnnie
Bell, Lum
Bell, Taylor
Bingham, August - Father
Bingham, Caroline - Loving Mother
Bingham, Mariah
Bingham, Thomas
Bright, Alonzo L. - Mil. Stone OK Pvt., 163 Depot Brigade WWI
Bright, Ben - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Brown, A. L. Handmade Stone
Brown, Kent, Jr. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Brown, Lesley
Brown, Pleas - Mil. Stone OK Wagoner Co.D, 317 Eng. WWI
Brown, Sallie
Brown, Thelma - Atoka Funeral Home Marker Brown, Thomas - Brother
Burton, Elma - Atoka Funeral Home Marker


Campbell, Elizabeth - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Campbell, Hattie - Atoka Funeral Home Marker Carter, Eliza Pleasant
Cash, ? , Jr.
Clark, Eula P.
Colbert, E. - Handmade Stone
Colbert, Mary - Granger Funeral Home Marker (McAlester-Muskogee-Haskel)
Colbert, Molcie J. - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Cox, Alonzo Junior - Military Stone OK Pvt. 57 Trans. Truck Co. WWII
Cox, Lenora - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Crooms, Abi (Watkins)


Davis, Sallie
Dunn, Susie A.


Easton, Therlow-Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Edwards, D ?
Evans, Jessie - Mil. Stone OK. Pvt. 1 Cl., 804 Pioneer Inf.
Evans, Leona G.


Gaines, ___
Gaines, Faye
Gaines, Roy
Gardner, Minnie - Funeral Home Marker
Gardner, Orvia - Military Stone OK Pvt. Co. F., 369 Inf. WWI
Gordan, Della N.
Gordon, Tempie
Guess, Sarah B.
Guess, W. E. - Father - Double Stone w/wife Betty Guess
Guess, Betty - Mother - Double Stone w/husband W. E. Guess


Hampton, Georgian (Low Moon Chamber - 3592 Stringtown, OK)
Hawkins, Ozora
Hayes, Viona - Spigner Funeral Home Marker
Hill, Oppie Hopson, Don E.
Hopson, Jimmie L.- Military Stone; OK Pvt. Army Air Force WWII
Hughes, Bernice
Hughes, Ora L. P.
Hughes, Sonnie - Coffey Funeral Home Marker


Ivey, James-Military Stone; OK Pvt., 805 Pioneer Inf.
Ivory, Ophelia - Funeral Home Marker


James, Leola
Jefferson, A. R.
Jefferson, Levada
Johnson, Infant - Handmade Stone
Jones, Cleo - My Wife
Jones, Cliff W.
Jones, Thelma


Kemp, Curtis - Military Stone Pvt. U. S. Army
Kemp, Edmond Clarence - Military Stone PFC U. S. Army WWI
Kemp, Margaret
Kirk, Charles Son/of Archie and Laura (Cain) Kirk; husband of Esther
Kirk, Lorry - Handmade Stone


Layne, Barbara L.
Layne, Napoleon
Lemore, Willie (Galilee Chamber 1400 - Stringtown, OK.
Lynch, Michael


Manning, Briss, Sr.
Manning, Briss, Jr. Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Manning, JoAnn - Homemade Stone
Manning, Mandy - Mother Double Stone w/Bessing Manning
Manning, Bessie - Sister Double Stone w/Mandy Manning
Manning, M. C. Handmade Stone
Martin, Goldie-Daughter of I. T. Bingham Martin
Martin, I. T. (Callie)
Martin, Lee - Military Stone OK Pvt. U. S. Army WWI
Martin, Mra - Handmade Stone
Mason, Elihue, Jr.
Mason, Lillie
McClendon, ?
McClendon, George - Military Stone OK Sgt. 802 Pioneer Inf.
McCoy, Ersa Lene
McGee, Robert Lee - Military Stone OK CPL 212 Port Co. TC WWII
McJunkins, William M. - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Menifee, Clifford V., Jr.
Menifee, Georgia
Menifee, Herman C.
Menifee, Lois Lee
Menefee, Mae
Menifee, Opal
Menifee, O. D.
Menifee, Leroy - Son
Menifee, Willis
Miles, Levi W. (Atoka Funeral Home Marker)
Miller, Mary (Funeral Home Marker)
Moffett, John; Slater Funeral Home Marker-Coalgate, OK-Age 86 Yrs, 8 Mo., 10 Days
Moffett, Lillian
Moore, Ella
Moran, Earnest; Rolfe Funeral Hme Marker


Neal, Berdie Mae; Handmade Stone
Neal, Cleveland; Military Stone: Oklahoma SGT 2805 Eng. CVC BN WWII
Neal, Embry; Missionary for C. & M. E. Church; b. 1900 d. 1918
Neal, Enoch; Double Stone with Louisa
Neal, Eva; Double Stone w/Silvester Neal
Neal, Louisa; Double Stone with Enoch
Neal, Lula; Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Neal, Patsy; Handmade Stone
Neal, Silvester; Double Stone w/Eva
Neal, Terry s/o Cleveland Neal and Gracie Mae (Manning)Neal husband of Lottie K. Neal
Neal, W. Handmade Stone
Nero, Alleasie; (Low Moon Chamber - 3592 Stringtown, OK)
Orr: "In Memory of the Orr Family" (There are 8 unidentified graves in the curbed plot whre this stone is located.)


Pernell, Charles J.
Pleasant, Clifford; Military Stone PVT U. S. Army WWII
Pleasant, Evelyn
Pleasant, Georgia V. IVAN
Pleasant, Ida
Pleasant, James-Father


Shields, Anderson; Military Stone: Oklahoma PVT. U. S. Army WWII
Shields, Myrtle
Smith, Brandon Tyree- Infant Son of Devan Smith and Frank McElmurry
Smith, Elijah; Military Stone: Oklahoma PVT. U. S. ARmy WWI
Smith, Fannie; Double Stone w/Henry C.
Smith, Henry C. Double Stone w/Fannie


Taylor, Ethel M.; Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Taylor, Jesse; Military Stone: Oklahoma PVT. 369 INF. 93 DIV
Taylor, Robert L. Mil. Stone Pfc. U.S. Army

Tyler, Erthelene Rolfe Fun. Home Marker


Viney, Biddy

Viney, Cephas Don Atoka Fun. Home Marker.

Viney, Dovie M.

Viney, Infant Funeral Home Marker

Viney, Minola Wife of E. Viney

Viney, Mytally Atoka Funeral Home Marker

Viney, Walter Handmade Stone



Walker, E. J. Handmade Stone

Walker, John Father

Walker, Mable Handmade Stone

Walters, Frank - Son of Charley and Ida (Payton) Walters

Ware, Earnest M. Rolfe Funeral Home Marker

Ware, Maggie

Washington, Geo. Handmade Stone

Watkins, Low Moon Chamber 3592, Stringtown, OK

Watkins, ? Funeral Home Marker

Watkins, Clairenda

Watkins, Curtis O.

Watkins, Earnest Handmade Stone

Watkins, Elizabeth

Watkins, Emeline

Watkins, Evetta

Watkins, Fannie

Watkins, Gracy

Watkins, Grandville W. Atoka Funeral Home Marker

Watkins, Henderson

Watkins, Hollis

Watkins, John Wessley

Watkins, Rachel Naomi

Watkins, Robert

Williams, Ben Mil. Stone TX. PVT. Reception Ctr. WWII

Williams, Dorothy Atoka Fun Home Marker

Wilson, Nettie


Yarbrough, Willie

Young, Beatrice P.

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