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The Wesley Cemetery is located approximately 13 miles northeast of the Stringtown Correctional Center. The Correctional Center is 11 miles north of Atoka, Oklahoma on Highway 69. The cemetery contains 64 marked graves and some unmarked ones. There were several handmade stones which were so old and weathered they were illegible. It is fenced, well kept, and is still in use. It was canvassed November 25, 1979 by Clyde, Mable, and Alice Withrow.


Allen, Double Stone: Ben F. and Winnie W. Married June 23, 1917
Allred, Alvin C.
Allred, Earnest A.: Son of A. C. and Minnie
Allred, Lewis A.
Allred, S. T.
Allred, Willie A.: Dau. of R. E. and M. E.


Beck, Charles Dwite
Brinkley, Double Stone: George W., "Father" - Linnie Mae, "Mother: Married Feb. 13, 1913
Brinkley, Wilburn
Brown, Alice A.: Mother of Vernon and James Wasson
Brown, Nathaniel W.
Bryant, John Elmer


Carter, L. Warren
Conger, Beaulah Lee: Dau. of W. J. and S. A.
Cowling, Double Stone: Bessie L. and E. C.
Crowson, Double Stone: Myrtle and Tom; Married: Dec. 27, 1905


Dean, Roy Dee, Son of Albert Andrew and Nellie Faye (Allen) Dean
Doyle, Double Stone: Callie Delta and Gerald Wayne
Doyle, Gerald Wade


Elds, Laura Wasson: Mother of Joe, Rachel, Perry and Willice Wasson


Gabbard: ?: Daughter of Louie and Nana
Glasscock, Burley G.
Glasscock, Double Stone: Dolph and Samantha J.
Glasscock, Henery E.


Harriss, L. B.
Hunn, V. H., Jr.
Hutchins, Double Stone: Junmus Wilburn "Father" and Lullie Caroline "Mother"


Kiffer, Henry Jesse, h/o May Bell (Tamplen) Kiffer
Kiffer, May Bell (Tamplen), w/o Henry Jessie Kiffer d/o James T. and Sena (Wats) Tamplen

L, J. H.


McGee, Billy Alford
Murphree, Clifton
Myers, Edwin Douglas
Myers, Double Stone: John Henery and Minnie


Overcast, Iona; Dau. of J. E. and Viola
Overcast, Ruth


Patterson, Artie May
Pierce, George F.
Pierce, Mary A.; Wife of George Pierce
Pierce, Gimmie Loraine; Dau of E. N. and Maggie Pierce
Poland, A.
Poland, J.
Poland, N. A.


Reynold, Mrs. Eliza: Wife of Ed
Roberts, G. W.
Rollans, Clint: Son of H. C. and Ella Rollans


Slone, Alice C.
Slone, Jasper W.
Slone, John
Stanford, John


Tomlin, Nellie K


Wasson, C.: child of Willis Benjamin & Alice Wasson, born Nov. 23, 1926.
Wasson, M. M. J.: child of Willis Benjamin & Alice Wasson born Sept. 1, 1920
Wasson, Willis H.
Wasson, Willis B.
Williams, Abe W.
Williams, Stella May

Enclosed inside an iron fence:

Willis, Allen
Willis, Victor