Westview Cemetery

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Ables, Elizabeth L.
Ables, I. N. (Pete)
Ables, Patsy Denece d/o Dan and Laura Ables
Ables, Richard O.; Military. Stone; PRC 439 SIG HV Cons BN WWII Mil. Stone
Adams, James Earl
Allen, Carl Double Stone; Allen Edith Phillips, d/o Jonas and Pearl Duke Phillips
Allen, Maude Herman Allen; No Marker
Allen, O. E.; No Marker
Anderson, Gilbert A.; Masonic Emblem
Angel Marker
Anglin, Helen Lou Stevens w/o Shan Anglis d/o Newton and Dona McGaughy Stevens
Armstrong, Edmond Buck
Asendorf, Bernhardt H.


Baby Connelly
Baby, No name or date
Barbee, Joseph W. Double Stone Mary O. Barbee
Benefield, Elwanda; Mother
Blossom David R.
Blossom, David C. "Father"
Blossom, Emma C. Blossom "Mother"
Blossom, Eugene J.
Bonham, Carrie
Boyd, Jimmie
Bronsema, Hero B. -Double Stone - Minnie G. Minnie G. Bronsema W/o Hero
Brown, Ellen Amos Age 23 In the Flack Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Brown, Mary
Bryant, Benjamin F. Bryant Mil. Mrkr. CPL Co. F. 2 Regt. Tenn. Inf. Spanish-American WarMil. Mrkr. In the Bryant-Smiser Family plot.
Bryant, Earl S. Wife of B. F. Bryant In the Bryant-Smiser Family plot
Bryant, Frank Aubrey In the Bryant-Smiser Family plot
Bryant, Nelle A. In the Bryant-Smiser Family plot. Sister of Frank A. Bryant
Buce, Sarah Surrell d/o Joy Surrell
Butler Samuel W.
Butler, Clara A. McBRIDE w/o Samuel W. Butler


Carter, Phillip Ray
Cartwright, Melvin William D. Double Stone: Roby I. Cartwright
Cates, Robert George Cates Double Stone - Carrie Harriet Cates W/o Robert G. Wed: Oct. 14, 1915
Chapman, Sammie E. " Double Stone w/o James A. Chapman
Charles Wesley Colvin II
Childers , Elige; h/o Lillian Pearl Father; PVC U. S. Army WWI
Childers , Lillian Pearl; Mother: w/o Elige
Chitwood , Annie Lovie; Double Stone: Jack Walter Chitwood; Mil. Stone OK. SGT 424 Tel. EN WWI
Cochran, Della Frances Double Stone; Walter S. Cochran; Pvt. H. Q. Co. 85 Inf. WW1
Cole, Peter; No marker
Collier, Cleo G. h/o Isabell lived in Soper, OK
Colvin, Charles Wesley II
Cormack, Harriet Richards; In Loving Memory
Crawford; Anna; Eastern Star Emblem
Crawford; Dave Henry: In Memory Of


Daney, Vera Ellen
Davis, Robert L. Father, Double Stone: Catherine L. Davis ; Mother
Davis,William E. Davis
Dawes, Florence Emily Dawes D/o J. V. & L. M. Dawes born Taian, China
Dean, James B. H/o Zelma Dean
Dean, Kenneth Earl Dean S/o J. B. & B. Dean
Dean, William J. Double Stone Sara E. Dean
Dean, Zelma Dean W/o J. B. Dean
DeArmon , Jim Double Stone; Annie DeArmon d/o Benjamin and Alice Roach Riech
Dickerson Elizabeth Peggy
Dickerson George W.
Doctor Levina W/o M. H. Doctor
Doctor, Martin H. Doctor H/o Levina Doctor
Dowlen, Frances Alexander w/o J. A. Dowlen d/o James and Mamie Hawkins Alexander
Downing, Victor Earle h/o Vernia McAfee Boughman Downing s/o Ray O. and Ida E. Cruse Downing
Downs, Archie Homer; Mil. Mrkr. OK PFC 3 Mil Police WWI
Duke, Bartlet Smith "quot;Father"
Duke, Mary Susan " Duke Mother"


Eaton, James Wilford S/o William C and Bertha Eaton; No marker
Eaton, Will C. Eaton (Second marker at this grave reads: Willford Charles Eaton-Mil. Mrkr. CMM U. S. Navy WWI
Ellett, Kathrina Lois W/o Joseph S. Murrow Born: Bedford, OH, March 29, 1848, went home, Atoka, Okla. Jan. 7, 1915, Aged 66 Years, 9 Months, 8 Days. Missionary among Indians, 32 Years. With husband, founded Murrow Indians Orphan Home.


Fain, Fannie J. W/o John Kelly Fain
Fain, John Kelly Fain;
Fain, John Kelly; H/o Julia N. Fain
Fain, John Morse; d. Tucson, Pima Co., AZ Info: from SSDI
Fain, Julia N. w/o John Kelly Fain
Fain, Mabel Louise d/o John Kelly Fain, Sr. and Julia Nina HOBBS Fain
Faudree, Agnes Double Stone Theodore Osie Faudree
Faudree, Charles Joseph Double Stone Tabitha Ann Faudree
Fitts, Lela May
Flint, J. C. First husband of Mary M. Rogers; No Marker: In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Flower, Lewis Glenn; No marker
Folsom, Julius C. In the Flack Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Folsom, Hattie Isabel No Marker In the Flack Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Folsom, Virgie In the Flack Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Fowler, Lewis Glenn No marker
Fryer, Joseph F.


Gann, Tom No Marker
Gardner, Juanita "Mo"
Garrett, Cora, W/o Lewis H. No marker
Gentry , William H.
Gentry, Samuel L.; Military Mrkr. PFC U. S. Army WWII
Gibbs, Norman Roderick
Gibson, R. K.; No Marker
Gore, J. C. No Marker
Graham, Ruth Jean Johnson w/o Thomas; d/o Oscar R. Doc and Altha Bays Johnson


Haile, D. L., Sr. Double Stone; Maud Ellen Haile; Maud Ellen Haile
Halter, Sarah A. Rebekah Lodge Emblem; -Double Stone; Henry A. Halter (F. L. T. Emblem)
Ham, Otho Lewis s/o Roy George and Lena Beatrice Hauer Ham
Harris, Jesse Elmer
Harris, Joseph E.
Harris, Lora Dale
Harris, Rinna McGraw
Heard, Asa Heard Double Stone; Mil. Stone OK Pvt. 41 C0. 162 Depot Brigade WWI - Heard, Gertrude M.
Henderson, Dora No Marker at this grave site
Hendrix, S. E. Hendrix; Father
Hodge, Ben
Hogue, E. S. Hogue
Hogue, Philip J. Youngest son of Rev. R. J. Hogue
Holcomb, Neva Correne Mother
Hubbard, Sarah E. Double Stone; Sie Hubbard
Hunkapillar, Munsey Double Stone: Claire Hunkapillar
Hyatt, Maron Freeman, St. h/o Ocie Ira Woods Hyatt


Johnson, Geraldine Case
Johnson, Louisa; No Marker
Johnson, Lula; Double Stone: Mamie Johnson Sisters


Kelley, Inez Kelley, Double Stone; Paul Kelley: Wed. Aug. 8, 1927: Pvt. U. S. Army WWI
Kennedy, Darlene Frances
Knox, Floyd; No marker


Lee, Polly JOHNSON; W/o W. E. Lee No Marker
LeGer, Charles L.; No Marker at this grave site
LeGer, Lydia Jane; No Marker at this grave
Leslie, Frank
Lilla Omeda Smith-Double Stone; Orland Baxter Smith
Loudermilk, Bertha " Mother"
Loudermilk, Delton J. Military Marker Oklahoma K Sp 3 Co. A 714 Trans BN
Loudermilk, Orville Wayne
Louise Pillon W/o L. Dhomme
Lovelace, Fauster Isom
Lovelace -Double Stone; Belle Z. - Shelby I. Lovelace; H/o Belle Z.
Lovinggood, Ernest S. ; Military Marker-OK PFC Co B 131 MG BN
Lovinggood, Martha A.


Malone, Josie G. Malone Double Stone: John Herbert Malone; H/o Josie G.
Martin, Lora Lee; Mama Double Stone: Lee E. Martin; Dad
Maxwell, Charles Green; No marker
Maxwell, Retta Evalina; No marker
McBride, Jr.William A."Father" Double Stone McBride, Clara A. MURROW, Beloved wife of W. A. McBride; "Mother"
McBride, William Murrow S/o W. A. & F. B. McBride
McGraw, James Thomas
McKown, William Floyd; No marker
Mead, Ruth Swindell wife of Calvin Mead
Mitchell, Dennis Wayne
Moffatt , George R. Double Stone - Bessie Lee
Moffatt, Allen J. (Pete)
Mooney , Karen D. Mooney
Moore, Hazel Laura Warren wife of James Richard Moore
Moore Brothers: Luther Freddie Moore Double Stone; SGT. U. S. Army WWII - Korea: John Alfred Moore; Sgt. U. S. Army WWII Sgt. U. S. Army WWII<b>
Moore, Olive M. Double Stone R. M. Moore
Moreland, Mattie Ann; Handmade Stone
Murrell, Johnnie Beulah D/S: Frank O. Murrell
Murrow, Rev. Joseph S.
Murrow, Clara Burns w/o J. S. Murrow ; Double Stone Samuel Murrow S/o J. S. & C. B. Murrow


Neal, Baby Girl Neal D/o H. K. & Florence Neal ; No marker: Born prematurely & died in 1925. In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Neal, Hugh K. Oklahoma Pvt. U. S. Army In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Nelson, James Boyd (Ruben)
Norman, Nora Ethel
Nunnally, Inez


Parrish, Chester Allen
Parry, Oda Double Stone; David Parry
Passons, Sophia Krebs; Mother of Mary M. Rogers: No marker. In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Pearce, Ida Elizabeth " Mother" Double Stone John Henry Pearce
Pebworth, Zelma Vernon Double Stone Della Clara Pebworth
Pettigrew, Danny W.; Our Baby
Phillips, Everett Melvin Double Stone: Olga Hannah Phillips
Pitts, Carl Dennis h/o Katie Sexton Pitts
Pitts, Hattie Alice (Sellars)
Pitts, W. L. h/o Hattie Alice (Sellars) Pitts
Ponder, Dora, Mom: Double Stone; Ben W. Ponder; Dad
Praytor, Ella Mae (Richardson)
Price, Karen Maxine LOVELACE d/o Fauster & Maxine GROSS Lovelace.
Proctor, Quenta; Mother


Rainey, Lulu Elizabeth
Ralls, Eva Claude
Ralls, Marie (Vaughan) w/o Joseph G. Ralls
Ray, Cecil Arthur, Sr. h/o Sunbeam (Carmichael) Ray
Ray, Edna Cletus (Hankins) w/o Ralph Ray
Ray, Sunbeam (Carmichael) w/o Cecil Ray
Redden, John A. No Marker
Redden, Johnnie Jr.
Reed, Eva Mae
Reed, Vernon H. "Papa&qot:
Reeves, Ronnie Euell; S/o Jack & Christine
Reich, Alice A.
Reich, Mamie Reich Double Stone; (I believe this is a relative of Annie DeArmon) d. Guthrie, Logan Co., OK; Irbie Reich; H/o Mamie Reich
Rich, John Vance h/o Isabelle Kitchell Rich
Richards, Clara W. w/o William
Richards, Ruth b. Jan. 19, 1897 at Hartshorne, I. T; d. Jan. 6, 1901 at Atoka, I. T..
Richards, William L. h/o Clara
Richardson, Bessie (Bowman
Roberts, Clara (Butler) w/o Eugene V. Roberts
Rogers, A. C. Our Brother In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Rogers, B. F. Rogers; "Father" Masonic Emblem (In the Rogers Family plot, enclosed by an iron fence.
Rogers, Belle D/o B. F. & M. M. Rogers: Our Darling Baby; In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Rogers, Isaac L. Masonic Emblem; In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence. Member of the First Baptist Church of Atoka and Magnolia Lodge No. 226, Ennis, TXS/o B. F. & M. M. Rogers
Rogers, Jr.William F. In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Rogers, Mary Lou In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence
Rogers, Mary M. "Mother" (In the Rogers Family plot, enclosed by an iron fence.
Rogers, William F. Eagle Emblem; Double Stone Kittie D. Rogers In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence
Rogers,Dwight C. In the Rogers Family plot enclosed by an iron fence.
Rounsaville, Frank A. Double Stone; Emily Rounsaville
Rutledge, Double Stone: Susie M. Rutledge - Lewis A. Rutledge
Rutledge, Sydney Jewel (Sample) w/o Edgar Rutledge


Sample, Fannie Florine (Hankins) w/o William Sample
Sample, James Vernon h/o Eula Mae (Brisco) Sample
Sample, William Robert (Bill) h/o Fannie (Hankins) Sample
Scott, Alma Jane
Selby; Dora Ann Selby
Skidmore, James Thomas
Smith, Janie (Armstrong) w/o Ben Levi Smith
Smith, Lilla (Melms) w/o Orland Baxter Smith
Sprouse, Curtis
Sprouse, Hobart
Settlemires, Hiley Arthur; Double Stone: Lucy Emma
Settlemires, Levi P.
Simpson, George D.; Mil. Stone AR Pvt. 107 Inf. 27 Div WWI
Skidmore, Tom
Smiser, Norma E. Double Stone Butler S. Smiser In the Bryant-Smiser Family plot. These are the same people that owned the Indian Citizen Newspaper that is posted on this web site.
Smith, Bobbie Jean Smith
Smith, Janie (Armstrong) w/o Ben Levi Smith
Smith, Lilla (Melms) w/o Orland Baxter Smith
Smith, Mary M.
Sparks, Sara Ann Double Stone; Arthur A. Sparks;
Sprouse, Curtis
Sprouse, Hobart
Stark, Alvin Lee
Stark, Rosa Lee
Stephens, M. P.
Stobaugh, Alva Double Stone Herman Stobaugh; Wed: Mar. 2, 1913; 60 Years
Sullivan Mollie E. W/o Otto C. Sullivan
Sullivan, Lankford S/o O. C. & M. E. Sullivan
Surrell, Charles Wallace
Surrell, Clara
Surrell, J. (Jap?)
Surrell, Joy Double Stone: W/o Clifton: Body given to Science; Clifton Surrell; H/o Joy
Surrell, Lula
Surrell, Robert
Swift, James H., Just a Truly Good Man
Swift, Jennie T. Swift


Thacker, Walter R. Double Stone Olliebelle Thacker
Toney, Nora E. Double Stone John T. Toney
Tramell, Ben William h/o Patricia (Bagwell) Tramell
Tramell, Odus C. Double Stone: Ruby Lee Tramell


Uber, Gailord Dewayne
Uber, George Elmer Double Stone w/wife Ollie Mae
Uber, Ollie Mae (Roark) Dbl/ S w/husb. George E.


Vaughan, Doyle A.
Viniard, Roy
Voss, Idadell (Vail) [Richardson


Waddle, Dottie Leird; Double Stone; Roy L. Waddle
Wallace, Claud h/o Babe (Holton) Wallace
Watson, Rena (Musick)
Weaver, Maude (Allmon)
Webb, Ruth Leora (Stanford) [Shafer]
Wells, Lynall Elizabeth;
Whitehead, Ruby Owens
Whiteley, Alexander F.
Whitmire, Jennie Catherine; Mother
Whittle, Alma Lucille
Whittle, Hugh H.
Wiesendanger, Viola (Sutherland) w/o Paul
Williams, Leo King h/o Cassie (Carr) Williams
Wilson, Wesley Dale Dewayne
Winters, David Elbert; S/o Bobo & Violet Winters
Withrow, Samantha
Wright, Leslie Charles h/o Lucille (Malone) Wright
Wright, Lucille M. (Malone) w/o Leslie Charles Wright
Wright, Melvin
Wyrick, Alta (Lewis) w/o B. C. Wyrick
Wyrick, Mary Lynn
Wyrick, Nova M.
Wyrick, Robert E.