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WORLD WAR II 1940-1949


Abbott, George Jr.
Abbott, Noah
Ables, Charlie L. Jr.
Ables, Julis
Ables, Lole S.
Ables, Marvin "Boag"
Ables, Richard O.
Ables, Robert W.
Adams, George W. Jr.
Adisson, Lonnie J.
Agee, Lee R.
Ainsworth, Jack H.
Ainsworth, Woodrow W.
Alrington, Homer L.
Akers, Dales
Akinsson, Van M.
Alexander, Clinton A.
Alexander, E. J.
Alexander, Julia
Alexander, L. D.
Alexander, Lee
Alexander, Robert
Alford, James D.
Alford, Mack H.
Allen, Bill
Allen, Donald R.
Allen, Harley M.
Allen, James P
Allen, John R.
Allen, lee
Allen, Lenard L.
Allen, Leroy
Allen, Marion F.
Allen, Virgil E.
Allen, William Acy
Anderson, Clifton A.
Anderson, Davis Leroy
Anderson, Eldon R. "Pete"
Anderson, Eulis N.
Anderson, Walter C.
Andrews, Ross
Armstrong, Aaron H.
Armstrong, Andrew J.
Armstrong, Fletcher
Armstrong, Fred
Armstrong, James Lewis
Armstrong, James R.
Armstrong, Robert W.
Arnold, Robert A.
Arnold, Walter D.
Arthur, Marvin W.
Arthur, R. C.
Atteberry, Olen Denton-10th Armored Div.
Austin, Charles E.
Austin, R. C.


Bagby, Alvin C.
Bagby, Robert R.
Bailey, Marshall E.
Baker, Gilbert Jr.
Baker, J. N.
Ball, Charles D.
Barber, Randall L.
Bardwell, Otis
Barker, William T.
Barris, Jesse
Barton, Herman
Basham, James R.
Baugh, Elwanda M.
Baugher, Francis M.
Beal, Andy J.
Beard, Wilbern S. (KIA Sept. 21, 1943, at Anzio beachhead.)
Belcher, Eddie
Belcher, Edward
Belcher, Jimmy E.
Belcher, Thomas
Bell, Fred T.
Benefield, Floyd E.
Benefield, Joe
Benefield, Leroy
Benefield, Lloyd "Bugg"
Benefield, Birgil B.
Benjamin, Buddy B.
Bennett, John J.
Bensley, Lyle M.
Benton, Coole A.
Betts, Russell L.
Betts, Truman H.
Betts, Wallace
Bidwell, Loyal L.
Bidwell, Zane D.
Birchfield, Richard L.
Birdsong, Ancel
Birdsong, Dewey
Black, Tom
Blackburn, Houston K.
Blackburn, Leroy
Blaker, Jack
Blaker, T. E.
Blankenship, J. B.
Blond, Alfred J.
Blossom, Edwin E.
Bloyd, Alfred
Bloyd, William L.
Bogg, Jim D.
Bohannon, Edward
Bohannon, Walter E.
Bolinger, Thomas B.
Bolls, A. J. Jr.
Bolls, Charlie
Bolls, Edwin L.
Bornsberg, Jim
Bond, Jack
Bonha, Orville M.
Bonner, J. Jack
Booth, Junior R.
Boston, Jack N.
Bowen, Earl
Bowen, Elmer E.
Bowen, George E.
Bowen, Glen E.
Bowen, Houston J.
Bowen, Howard N.
Bowman, Willie
Bradford, Welsye T.
Brawner, Lely
Brewster, Frankie G.
Brewster, Harold
Brewster Orville J.
Brewster, Waldo R.
Bridges, James W.
Briggs, Verne A.
Brinkley, Odell
Brisco, Roscoe B.
Britt, Vernon G.
Broadhead, John W.
Brooks, Chester Jr.
Brooks, Victor W.
Brothers, Chester Jr.
Brown, Aaron L.
Brown, Earnest W.
Brown, Guy Jack
Brown, Henry R.
Brown, Ray F.
Brown, Sam
Brown, Samuel A. Jr.
Bryan, Russell L.
Bryan, Vernon
Bryant, Andrew R.
Bryant, James R.
Bryant, Luke
Burke, Bobby
Burke, Dolce S.
Burke, Herman
Burke, Joe
Burke, Sam Houston
Burke, William S.
Burkleo, Ernest E.
Burkleo, Lee O.
Burleson, Arnold
Burleson, Audie H.
Burleson, Audie H.
Burleson, Joshua Q.
Burleson, Jr.
Burleson, Odis P.
Burleson, Paul
Burns, D. A.
Burns, Robert E.
Burrough, J. B.
Burrough, Ralph L.
Burrow, John
Burrows, Ted. V.
Burwell, Billy G.
Burwell, Orbra L.
Busby, Lyle M.
Bussey, J. W.
Butler, Charles E.
Butler, Dewey W.
Butler, Edgar G.
Butler, Gene A.
Butler, Jack E.
Butler, Roosevelt Jr.
Butts, John C.
Byers, Harrison
Byington, Albert
Byrns, Mark Jr.


Cain, Foster
Callway, Jacob W.
Callicoat, George
Callicoat, Jack W.
Callicoat, Warren C.
Callicoat, Willard L.
Callicoat, William E. Jr.
Calvin, Dale E.
Camp, Bill
Camp, Joel A.
Camp, Leo K. "Bob"
Camp, Sidney A.
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Shelby
Cannon, Kenneth
Capps, Clifford
Capps, Harvey L.
Capps, Lloyd
Cargill, Grady L.
Carlisle, John R.
Carnes, Ellis
Carnes, Tina B.
Carnes, Watson L.
Carr, Mack Jr. "Bud"
Carr, Morris R.
Carrol, J. O.
Carroll, Berley D.
Carter, Elton R.
Carter, Obria H.
Carter, Thomas A.
Cartwright, Dixon
Cartwright, J. B. "Slick"
Cartwright, Knolly "Shanks"
Cartwright, Sam F.
Cartwright, Wilburn
Cartwright, Zack
Case, Billy J.
Case,Jack L.
Case, Willie Joe
Castor, Jack L.
Castor, Mike Jr.
Cates, E. J.
Cates, Helen
Cates, Oliver
Cates, Robert G.
Cates, William J.
Cathey, Elmo
Chaffin, Billy H.
Chaffin, Maxine
Chaffin, Walter A.
Chalakee, John Jr.
Chappel, David W.
Chappell, Nathanial
Cheadle, Alfred W.
Cheadle, Raymond L.
Chick, Charlie A. Chick, Daniel T.
Chick, Robert C.
Chilcoat, Warren C.
Childers, Elmer L.
Chism, Eugene C.
Chism, Joe E.
Chitwood, Billie E.
Chitwood, Billy G.
Chitwood, Jack
Chitwood, John
Christie, Robert
Clark, J. D.
Clark, Jim
Clark, John M.
Claunch, Robert W.
Clement, Henry, Jr.
Clifford, Bill
Coats, Bud
Coats, Clyde A.
Coats, Marvin O.
Coats, Robert "Buck"
Cochran, Arthur A. Jr.
Cochran, Charles C.
Cochran, Clifford D.
Cochran, Edgar L.
Cochran, Edward "Benton"
Cochran, Elmer Lee
Cochran, Herman
Cochran, Walter Jr.
Cochran, Jimmy D.
Cock, Audie Z.
Cock, W. R.
Cockrill, Lloyd L.
Coffman, Lonnie E.
Coker, Jesse D.
Coker, Wilson J.
Colbert, Adel "Boots"
Colbert, Fred
Colbert, Ike
Colbert, Isaiah
Colbert, Johnnie
Cole, Elton G.
Cole, Ernest S. (died Oct 27, 1943 of yellow jaundice in French Morocco and is buried in the American section of a French Cemetery.)
Cole, Eulis L.
Cole, John
Cole, Neil G.
Cole, Raymond
Collier, Buster F.
Collier, Cleo G.
Collier, Robert E.
Collins, Laverne
Collum, Earnest T.
Collum, Roy
Combs, Ernest M.
Combs, Walter C.
Compton, Arnold A.
Compton, Jewell R.
Connely, David
Cook, B. R. Jr. "Red"
Cook, Elvin D.
Cook, Herman L.
Cook, Holland
Cook, Orval E.
Cook, Robert L.
Cook, Rowe
Cooksey, Alvin L.
Cooksey, Ernest C.
Cooksey, Harold D.
Cooksey, Lewis
Cooper, Freelin
Cooper, Henry Sr.
Cooper, Jesse "Hoss"
Cooper, Luther D.
Cooper, William H.
Cope, Otis H.
Copeland, W. Lloyd
Corbitt, Elven A.
Cornwell, Edgar H.
Cotham, Bill L.
Cotton, Williams W.
Cowling, Leroy
Cox, Alonza Jr.
Cox, Hugh C.
Cox, James W.
Cox, R. E. Jr.
Coyle, Albert W.
Coyle, Walter W.
Crabtree, Claude L.
Crabtree, Francis L.
Crain, Charley
Crain, Jackie
Crane, Carl
Crawford, Raymond H.
Crawford, Virgie C.
Crews, Jack W.
Crews, Quincy A. Jr.
Crites, Edgar V.
Crites, John
Crites, Robert
Crites, William C.
Crittenden, Aaron
Crooms, Henry
Crooms, Bennie
Crossland, John A.
Crow, Virgil A.
Crow, Elbert W.
Crow, Elmo W.
Crow, Frank Jr.
Crow, J. R.
Cubley, Donald
Culbertson, Marvin E.
Curlee, Willis H.
Curry, James N.
Curry, Olen F.
Curtis, Elmer H.
Curtis, Robert A.


Daffin, Charles
Daffin, Clifton, L.
Dally, James S.
Dale, Buddy
Dale, John L.
Dale, Robert M.
Dandridge, James Pony
Daney, Gilbert W. Jr.
Daney, Johnny L.
Danger, Eugene V.
Daniel, James H.
Darbison, Larry W.
Dashner, Leon Jr.
Daulton, James A.
Davis, Charles E.
Davis, Crawford J.
Davis, James H.
Davis, Joe
Davis, Johnnie
Davis, Leon
Davis, Otis O.
Dawson, Johnny B.
Dean, Julie
Dean, R. C. "Doc"
Deaton, Edone Lee
Decker, Delmalene
Decker, Lonnie D.
Denny, Ernest J.
Denton, William F.
Depue, Lester L.
Diggs, Henry
Dillard, Clarence
Dillard, Houston
Dillard, J. C.
Dillard, Paul
Dillard, Ulus
Dillingham, Madison E.
Dillingham, Robert D.
Dobb, Freddie
Dodds, Linnon G.
Dodds, Alton L.
Dodds, Chester E.
Dodson, Jess
Dodson, Robert
Donaldson, Ural L.
Doshler, Arlton A.
Dowd, Oscar J.
Dowd, Sam O.
Downing, Ray O. Jr.
Downing, Victor E.
Downs, Albert H.
Downs, Jesse D.
Downs, Stanford
Doxsee, John
Drake, Joseph L.
Duckworth, Wiley J.
Duncan, David
Duncan, Levi
Duncan, Melvin
Dunham, James J.
Dunn, Charles
Dunn, Paul
Dunn, Ralph Eugene
Durbin Johnny
Durbin, Lloyd E.
Durbin, Walter
Dyer, Mose L.


Eaves, Otis
Edgar, Merrill L.
Edge, Charlie
Edge, Lawrence
Edge, Lloyd Jr.
Edwards, Cecil
Einkauf, Alvin
Ellett, Maxwell
Elliott, William C. "Pooch"
Ellis, Fred
Ellis, James
Emerson, Carl D.
Emerson, Dewey R.
Emert, Troy M.
Emmett, Jesse
Espy, Sherman
Estep, Roy L.
Evans, Billy J.
Evans, Charles W.
Evans, Charlie
Evans, Cleo E.
Evans, Earl
Evans, Edward J.
Evans, James W.
Evans, Kenneth
Evans, Leo L.
Evans, Monroe
Evans, Otis
Evans, Reed
Ewing, Richard


Fahmey, Kenneth A.
Fain, John Kelly Jr.
Farmer, Edgar E. Jr.
Farmer, John B. Sr.
Farmer, Lonnie R.
Faudree, Billy Joe
Faudree, Henry O. Jr. "Ocie"
Faudree, Marcell
Faulkenberry, Cleo C.
Faulkenberry, David
Faulkenberry, Elmer Lee
Faulkenberry, John C.
Faulkenberry, Otis L.
Figueroa, Martin G.
Fincher, Bo
Fincher, Clifton R.
Fincher, Clyde D.
Fink, Lon Robert
Fisher, Charles E.
Fisher, James
Fisher, Joseph D.
Fite, Preston
Fitzgerald, Eloise
Fitzgerald, Joe Jr.
Fitzgerald, Lavoise
Fletcher, Leslie W.
Flood, Melvin D.
Flowers, Ernest A.
Flowers, Jack L.
Folota, Johnson
Folsom, Allen
Folsom, Alvin G.
Folsom, Clarence J.
Folsom, John Ballard
Folsom, Lee
Folsom, Oscar Jr.
Folsom, William J
Fondren, Clebert
Foote, Oliver C.
Foote, Oscar
Foran, Bob
Ford, Calvin
Ford, Elvin L.
Ford, Martin
Foster, Clifton
Foster, John G.
Foster, Theodore W.
Franklin, Charles
Franklin, Durwood
Franklin, Jess
Franklin, William
Frazier, Gene O.
Frazier, Robert W.
Frazier, William
French, Earl C.
Fryer, Graham
Fryer, Joe
Fryer, Pete
Fryer, Thomas J.
Fryer, Virgil Lee
Fugate, Don
Fuller, Charles "Jake"
Furr, Albert


Gabbart, Bobby R. (e-mail from daughter states his name was Bobby B.]
Gage, Arthur L.
Gamel, Robert B.
Gammon, Glenn M.
Gammon, Haskell
Gann, Claud P.
Gardner, Robert K.
Garner, Curtis "Cactus Jack"
Garside, Leonard J.
Garside, Ralph E.
Garton, Richard
Garvin, James "Dusty"
Garvin, Ralph G.
Gaylor, Thomas M.
Geiger, Jasper
Gentry, Sam
Gibbons, James W.
Gibby, Charlie E.
Gibby, William C.
Gibson, Jor
Gibson, Lenard
Gibson, Robert E.
Gill, Irvin
Givens, Fletcher Jr.
Glasscock, Loyd J.
Glover, Ben F.
Glover, Benny J.
Glover, Boyd
Glover, Elberts
Glover Henry L.
Glover, Ray A.
Glover, Samuel
Goad, H. C.
Goforth, Bill
Golden, Johnnie R.
Goodson, Jack A.
Goss, Clectus E.
Goss, Herbert A.
Goss, Roy
Gossett, Clinton W.
Gossett, Donald A.
Graham, Hugh Franklin
Graham, Rodney
Gray, Amos L.
Gray, Wayne
Greathouse, Cecil "Bud"
Greathouse, Lawrence
Green, Cecil
Green, George T.
Green, Lahoma
Green, Leonard F.
Gregg, Thomas E.
Griffin, James R.
Griffin, Joe
Griggs, Buddie
Griggs, George L.
Grimsley, James R.
Grist, Herbert
Griswell, Emmitt
Griswell, Merritt
Griswold, George W.
Gross, Jack
Gudgell, William L.


Hacker, Billy Bob
Haggard, Bill
Haggard, Marion "Chunk"
Halcomb, Ernest O.
Hale, Elzy Jr.
Hale, Thomas
Hall, Clarence R.
Hall, Elmer "Mutt"
Hall, Ernest M.
Hall, Jesse
Hall, Leroy
Hall, Vernon R.
Hall, William L.
Hallows, James T.
Ham, Frank G.
Hampton, Jesse
Hampton, Louis E.
Hankin, David E.
Haraway, A. Dwight
Hardin, Alva
Hardin, John B.
Hardin, Virgil P.
Hargis, Robert M.
Harper, Louis Jr.
Harriel, Joe L.
Harrington, James W.
Harris, Berry T.
Harris, Billy Joe
Harrison, Ivan
Harrison, Jessie W.
Hart, Roy
Hauff, Walter J.
Hawkins, Homer L.
Hawkins, John E.
Hawkins, Odes L.
Hayes, Junior
Hayes, Paul
Hazelwood, Henry D.
Head, Doyle "Doc"
Head, Joseph G.
Head, Melvin F.
Heard, J. T.
Hebblethwaite, Raymond R.
Hedges, Harold J.
Hembree, Ezekiel
Henderson, J. G.
Hendrix, Elijah J.
Hendrix, Fred E.
Hendrix, Isaac S.
Hendrix, James W.
Henry, Mack
Hensley, Henry
Herron, Kenneth W.
Hester, Bennett
Hicks, Clara E.
Hight, Lawrence
Hill, Nib
Hill, Oppie
Hill, Orion
Hill, Ural
Hindershot, C.
Hinkle, Clarence
Hobbs, Donald R.
Hogue, Cecil E.
Hogue, Derry J.
Hogue, John W.
Hokett, Carl S.
Holcomb, Claud E.
Holcomb, James E.
Halland, Oja
Holley, Odell C.
Holstine, Carl V.
Holstine, Jack
Hood, Claude B.
Hooks, Herman
Hooks, Thurman
Hooper, Woodson B.
Hooten, Glenn R.
Hooten, Robert G.
Hopkins, Abel H.
Hopkins, Max D.
Hopkins, Oliver G.
Hopkins, Thomas L.
Hopson, Arnold
Hopson, Bryant B.
Hopson, Jimmie L.
Hopson, Joe B.
Hoskins, Durr G.
Houston, Hugh v.
Howard, Charles M.
Howard, Earl C.
Howard, Gerald
Howard, James
Howard, Joe H.
Howard, Kenneth Dale
Howard, Vincent
Howard, Winston E.
Howell, Loyd L.
Hulse, Cecil Baily
Hulstine, Dewey F.
Hunt, Charley C.
Hunt, Robert E.
Hutson, Louis D.


Ingersoll, Earl H.
Ingersoll, John W. I
ngram, Granvil C.
Ingram, Marlin
Isbell, Alva W.
Isbell, Marvin
Ishmael, Melvin S.
Isom, Adolphus
Isom, Monroe T.


Jack, Leander
Jackson, Alvin R.
Jackson, Ellis D.
Jackson, Hayden L.
Jackson, James
Jackson, Lamar
Jackson, Roy E.
Jacob, Daniel E.
Jacob, Houston B.
Jacobs, Austin N.
Jarvis, Joe
Jarvis, Walter J.
Jeffries, Bennie J.
Jenkins, Delbert C.
Jenkins, Lloyd
Jim, Anderson
Jim, Emmitt
John, Sylvester E.
Johnson, Arlec
Johnson, Clifford O.
Johnson, Ensign
Johnson, Esias J.
Johnson, Hubert D.
Johnson, Jack E.
Johnson, John F.
Johnson, McDonald D.
Johnson, Randus Jr.
Johnson, Robert Lee
Johnson, Robert O.
Johnson, Tyrus R.
Johnson, Willard H.
Johnston, Kenneth L.
Jones, Bob
Jones, Don
Jones, Ed Sr.
Jones, Forrest G.
Jones, Gaston
Jones, Glen T.
Jones, Harmon
Jones, Harold
Jones, Herman S.
Jones, James H.
Jones, John W.
Jones, Lee
Jones, Otis F.
Jordan, Ernest E.
Jordan, John D.
Joslin, Earl L.


Kadlee, Henry J.
Keeler, Edward W.
Keith, Charles E.
Kelly, Bruce J.
Kelly, James E.
Kemp, Curtis
Kennedy, Joe D.
Kennedy, William D.
Kerr, Marvin L.
Killion, James R.
Killion, William D.
Kilmer, Jetty W.
Kimes, Johnny J.
King, Earl
King, Elgin
King, Robert L.
King, Thomas E.
King, Willie
Kinsey, H. L.
Kisinger, George
Kisinger, Lucille
Kittle, Edward
Knight, Charles
Knight, Elvin L.
Knoles, Thomas H.
Kyle, Owen


Lackey, Floyd E.
Lackey, Lewis D.
Lackey, R. W.
Lackey, Roy
Ladd, Jack C.
Ladd, Jack D.
Ladd, Jimmy
Ladd, Paul
Lain, Victor C.
Lamon, Charley M.
Lamon, David M.
Lane, John R.
Lane, Loyd D.
Lang, Loyd
Langston, William O.
Lansdale, James T.
Lansdale, Jesse H.
Lansdale, Joe Ray
Lansdale, John W.
Latham, Flavis Arch
Latham, Gordon A.
Latimer, Dolan
Lavarnway, Floye M.
Lawrence, Earl T.
Lawson, Charles W.
Layne, Lovel D.
Lee, Hoyt, M.
Lee, Lonnie
Lee, Ralph A.
Leeper, Grady
Leeper, Ollie L.
Leeper, Thomas B.
Leflore, Anderson
Leflore, Willie
Lemons, A. D.
Lennings, A. J.
Lennings, Ray D.
Lennings, Roy J.
Leonard, Clyde
Leonard, Garland G.
Leuty, George O. Sr.
Lewis, David J.
Lewis, L. C.
Lewis, Noah
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Tom
Lewis, Yerbie D.
Lillard, J. M.
Lindsey, Clyde L.
Linquist, Arnold L.
Linton, John
Little, Bennie W.
Little, John
Littlejohn, Bobby G.
Littlejohn, Thomas E. Jr.
Littlejohn, William R.

Locke, Charles C.
Locke, Don K.
Locke, Haywood
Locke, Victor H.
Logan, Elmer E.
Lohden, Ancle
Lohden, Walter J.
Long, Herman S.
Long, Lee F.
Long, R. E.
Looper, Thomas S. Jr.
Loudermilk, Loyd E.
Love, Harlan
Lovingood, Carl
Lowe, Kenneth
Lowe, Marvin L.
Lowe, Millard L.
Lowe, Norval "Touple"
Lowe, Thomas W. Jr.
Lowe, Tommy
Lowry, Pat H.
Lucas, Robert J.
Luker, Joseph W.
Lyles, Dudley N.
Lyles, Fred J.
Lynch, Robert
Lynn, J. C.
Lytle, Fred J.


Mackey, Larwrence A.
Magby, Marvin O.
Malone, Bill
Malone, Daniel W.
Malone, Leroy
Maloy, Dean I.
Maloy, Floyd G.
Manning, Emmett
Manning, Leon
Manning, Ralph
Manous, Floyd F.
Mansell, Darwin E.
Mansell, Delbert
Mansell, Gilbert
Marley, Don
Marley, Leo
Marley, Ralph
Marsh, Alan
Martin, Glynn B.
Martin, Haskell R.
Martin, Jonnie B.
Mason, Billie L.
Mason, Bruce
Mason, Jay
Mason, Rector J.
Mason, Robert B.
Masters, J. B.
Mathews, S. P.
Maxey, Bill
Maxey, Curtis R.
Maxey, Darrell
Maxey, Jack D.
Maxey, Richard
Maxey, Walter L.
Maxwell, Clifton
Maxwell, Theodore W.
Mayfield, Dale
Mayfield, James D.
Mays, William W.
McAnulty, Billy Jack
McAnulty, Hal Gene
McAnulty, Robert J.
McBrayer, James B.
McBrayer, Ward C.
McCall, C. A. "Barney"
McCarey, Otis
McCasland, John "Hicky"
McClendon, James R.
McConnell, Eugene M.
McCue, Jason H.
McCurtain, E. G.
McDaniel, Alva E.
McDaniel, Lyde H.
McDougal, Dood
McDougal, James D.
McFarland, Edward
McFarland, Walter
McGahey, Henry
McGee, Robert L.
McGill, Joe S.
McGill, Virgil H.
McGinty, Sam W.
McGinty, Thomas O.
McGinty, Virgil L.
McGue, Hason H.
McGue, Paul E.
McIninch, Harvey K.
McJunkins, Johnnie J.
McKaskle, Fred
McKaskle, Paul R.
McKee, Charles
McKee, Neely E. Jr.
McKee, Robert
McKinney, Alex
McLeroy, Eucalid B.
McLeroy, James "Jabo" (KIA Sept. 21, 1943 at Salerno Beachhead. (Decorations: Purple Heart, EAME w/1 Bronze Star.)
McMahan, Samuel J.
McNeely, Elvin B.
McNeil, Andrew
McNeil, Claude A.
Mead, Calvin Jr.
Mead, Roy
Meadows, Lenard L.
Meadows, Ralph E.
Mears, Fredrick W.
Mears, Noble B.
Melton, Coy
Melton, Edward
Melton, Odell R.
Melton, Rull C.
Menifee, Clifford
Merritt, Clyde R.
Merritt, Ray
Merritt, Robert E.
Messer, Leon B.
Messick, Kenneth L.
Milam, Howard M.
Milford, Larry
Miller, Billy J.
Miller, Carl E.
Miller, Earnest
Miller, Gus Jr.
Miller, Isaac M.
Miller, Jack B.
Miller, Mack L.
Miller, Pervin P.
Miller, Preston J.
Miller, R. C. Jr.
Millican, Douglas M.
Millican, Hebert R.
Millican, Jack E.
Millican, Louis
Millican, Paul E.
Millican, Tommy
Mills, B. F.
Mills, Clifton W.
Mills, Eugene H.
Mills, James O.
Mills, Murray
Mills, Robert L.
Mitchell, J. M.
Mitchell, Othel
Moats, Haddon
Mobbs, Floyd
Mobbs, Nylan L.
Moffatt, Allen J.
Moffatt, Caney J.
Moffatt, George R.
Moffatt, Harry D.
Moffatt, William W.
Mofield, Lonnie D.
Mofield, Loyd R.
Moody, Lester R.
Moore, Amous E.
Moore, Andrews M.
Moore, Clarence
Moore, Eddie
Moore, J. D.
Moore, Joe D.
Moore, John A.
Moore, John W.
Moore, Louis "Eddie"
Moore, Luther
Moore, Preston C.
Moreland, Ralph Jr.
Morris, Connie E.
Morris, Eugene C.
Morris, Forest G.
Morris, Garland
Morris, Tillman C.
Morrow, William C.
Morton, Perry B.
Moses, Cecil
Moses, Phillip
Moses, Robert
Mounger, Ted S.
Muncy, Willis S.
Mungle, J. Jene
Murphy, Harold
Murrell, Darrell C.
Murrell, Fred O.
Musick, Pauline O.
Musler, John L.
Myers, Melvin
Myles, Ozell


Nanney, Earl. T.
Neal, Cleveland
Neal, Marion
Neal, Willie Jr.
Nelson, Cecil
Nelson, Homer D.
Nelson, Joseph B.
Nelson, Kenneth G.
New, Ben
New, Eldred W.
New, James
Newberry, Francis A.
Newberry, James V.
Newman, Nelson Jr.
Newsom, Frank Jr.
Nichols, Sam E.
Nicholson, Paul
Nicholson, William
Nix, Andrew J.
Nix, J. D.
Noran, Ulyssess S.
Norman, Weldon E.
Northcutt, Elza T.
Norton, Christine
Nowabbi, Robert
Nowlin, Steve E.
Nowlin, William T.
Nunnely, Claude
Nuttall, Robert O.
Nuttall, William G.


O'Dell, Eugene L.
O'Quinn, Archie
O'Quinn, Raymond
Olsen, Willard W.
Overstreet, Harding G.
Owens, Clinton E.
Oxford, Cecil R.
Oxford, Orville
Ozburn Clifford L.


Padburg, Bill
Page, Lige
Pamplin, Otto Jr.
Panish, Elijah
Pardue, John Jr.
Parham, Carl E.
Parham, Gene
Parker Attly E.
Parker, Cecil
Parker, Lee J.
Parker, Monty M.
Parker, William J.
Partin, Bently R.
Patton, Clyde C.
Patton, Jessie R.
Payne, Elige Lee
Payne, Lionel T.
Payne, William H.
Payton, Joseph N.
Peel, Aubrey
Peel, Edward
Peeler, James O.
Pennington, Walter Jr.
Pennington, Walter Sr.
Perkin, Otis H.
Perkins, Paul H.
Perkins, Samuel
Pernell, Howard K.
Perry, Lexes B.
Perry, Raymond
Peters, Joseph
Phelps, Jack
Phelps, James B.
Phillips, Andrew D.
Phillips, Cecil R.
Phillips, Edwin A.
Phillips, Ferman
Phillips, Green W.
Phillips, Grover F.
Phillips, Peyton G.
Philpott, Casper A.
Philpott, Conrad D.
Philpott, L. D.
Pierce, Alexander C.
Pierce, Cody F.
Pierce, David K.
Pierce, George Jr.
Pierce, Jimmie L.
Pierce, Ray A.
Pierce, William R.
Pitts, Arthur
Pollock, Frank E.
Pollock, Vestril R.
Pool, Jerry Oscar
Potts, John T. Jr.
Poinds, Benjamin S.
Powell, Billie
Powell, Billy H.
Powell, Chester L.
Powell, Elmer R.
Powell, Elmer W.
Powell, Linvel L.
Powell, Odell C.
Powell, Robert J.
Prater, Robert L.
Prather, James D.
Praytor, B. E.
Praytor, Burl
Privett, Alva L.
Privett, Herman D.
Proctor, John L. Jr.
Proctor, Juanita
Proctor, Oleta
Proctor, Orville
Provience, Joseph C.
Pruitt, Clyde
Pruitt, George O.


Ragsdale, Burnis
Raines, Clifton
Raines, Warren E.
Ralls, Charles S.
Ralls, Joseph R.
Ralls, Robert M.
Ramsey, Herschel R.
Randolph, Robert R.
Ranson, Robert L. Jr.
Ray, George
Ray, Hubert L.
Ray, John R.
Ray, Ralph L.
Reason, Conrad L.
Reasor, Connie
Reasor, Lennie L.
Rector, Dannie W.
Rector, Ernest G. "Pete"
Rector, Jack
Reed, Gilbert R.
Reed, John A.
Reed, Milton C.
Reeves, Jack
Reeves, Vernon
Reinking, Rex B.
Reynolds, john C.
Rice, Vel Lee
Rich, Vance
Richardson, Charles H.
Richardson, Roy F.
Ridgway, Lee S.
Ridling, Neil
Rieger, Piney
Rigsby, Albert
Rigsby, Joe N.
Riley, Charles E.
Robbins, Wiley J.
Roberts, Jackson W.
Roberts, Raymond W.
Robertson, Bill W.
Robertson, Jack
Robinson, Calvin L.
Robinson, Leroy
Rock, Alvis L.
Roddy, Gordon
Roe, John A.
Roe, William H.
Rogers, Jay
Rose, Kenneth E.
Rosinsky, Roland S.
Ross, Eugene V.
Rounsaville, Carl. P.
Rounsaville, Cecil
Rounsaville, Delbert
Rounsaville, Tom
Rounsaville, W. T.
Rowland, Glenn R.
Rowland, Tommie
Roy, Bill
Roy, Carroll E.
Roy, Ed
Roy, John W.
Russell, Kenneth W.
Russell, L. V.


Sain, J. T.
Sanders, Charlie R.
Sanders, E. J.
Sanders, Ernest C.
Sanders, Hubert L.
Sanders, Oliver P.
Sanders, Tom
Sanders, William
Scivally, Norman
Scivally, Virgil K.
Scott, Jasper J.
Scott, R. V.
Scott, Willie D.
Scott, Willie R.
Scruggs, Frederick
Scruggs, James W.
Seabourn, Cleo H.
Seabourn, Charles A.
Selby, Doyle E.
Selby, Elzie L.
Selby, Howard V.
Selby, J. B.
Selby, Samuel F.
Self, Billy H.
Servals, Jean A.
Settlemire, Ellis
Sewell, Arson A.
Sewell, Jasper
Shadle, Jack M.
Shannon, Leonard C.
Shaw, Cecil
Shaw, Joe D.
Sheffield, Zeak
Shelton, Cletis R.
Shepard, Pascal D.
Sherrer, Robert M.
Shields, John K.
Shields, Anderson
Shields, Calvin
Shields, George L. (Wounded July 27, 1944 and was killed in action Dec. 15, 1944.)
Shields, James
Shields, Steve
Shipley, Edsel F.
Shouse, Paul D.
Shumard, Leonard B.
Sides, Richard
Silas, Austin Jr.
Simon, Thurman
Simpson, Berry G.
Simpson, Herschel E.
Simpson, Joe L.
Simpson, Robert J.
Simpson, William O.
Sison, James D.
Skipper, James J.
Skipper, Ruben W. Jr.
Slack, Carol
Slagle, James W.
Smith, Archie
Smith, C. P.
Smith, Carl V.
Smith, Charlie Lee
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Farris W.
Smith, Floyd B.
Smith, Hardin
Smith, Harry K.
Smith, Henry A.
Smith, Henry C. Jr.
Smith, L. G.
Smith, Millard R.
Smith, Nathan
Smith, R. J.
Smith, Ross
Smith, Roy
Smith, Vernon F.
Smith, Woodrow
Smith, Zeno
Smithart, John
Smithart, Orval D.
Snell, Doyle
Snell, Loyd E.
Snow, Joshway V.
Soules, Bill
Sparkes, Charley J.
Spears, Altha
Spears, Faye
Spring, Kelly W.
Springer, Dennis N.
Springer, John L. Jr.
Sprouse, Curtis
Sprouse, Hobert V.
Sprouse, Lawrence O.
Stackhouse, Earl H. Jr.
Stackhouse, James L.
Stackhouse, Lacy L. Jr.
Stamphill, Rubin M.
Stamps, Victor L.
Standifer, Frank M.
Stanford, Charles E.
Stanford, James D.
Starnes, Owen B.
Stephens, Clyde J.
Stephens, Ernest E.
Stephens, Tehoska E.
Stephens, William D.
Stewart, Lee
Stiles, Clinton "Skinner"
Stobaugh, Fred
Stobaugh, Mack
Storie, Alfred
Storie, Leon
Stowers, Henry
Strain, Dan J.
Strickland, Carol
Strickland, Lloyd
Stricklen, Hoyle
Stricklen, Willie Joe
Sullivan, Pat
Sumter, Billy Bob
Sumter, Gene
Sumter, Robert O.
Sumter, William K.
Surrell, Dugin
Surrell, Harold A.
Sutherland, James A.
Sutter, Charlie C. Jr.
Sutter, Jesse T.
Sutton, Clouser


Talbot, Cornelius
Tallman, Bryon W.
Tanner, J. W.
Tarrance, J. W. Jr.
Taylor, J. B.
Taylor, D. C.
Taylor, Ernest J.
Taylor, L. C.
Taylor, Thurman C.
Teasley, Elmer
Tedford, Charles
Tedford, Ernie E.
Terry, Jim O.
Thomas, A. W.
Thomas, Bernard J.
Thomas, Casey L.
Thomas, Doyle
Thomas, Emmitt
Thomas, Harold
Thompson, Billie D.
Thompson, Clyde R. Jr.
Thompson, Curtis L.
Thompson, Eugene V.
Thompson, James
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Mack
Thompson, Mark Dr.
Thornley, Cecil
Thurmond, William H.
Tidwell, Earl E.
Tigert, Charles W.
Tigert, Julie D.
Tilley, Cecil F.
Tisdale, Jack B.
Tisdale, Obe C.
Tisdale, Olen F.
Tisdale, Paul L.
Titus, Elmer W.
Toaz, Harold
Tom, Benjamin
Tomlinson, Bryan H.
Tomlinson, Calvin C.
Tomlinson, James A.
Tomlinson, Thomas A.
Toombs, Fulton
Towry, Hulse H.
Towry, J. B.
Towry, Warrenc B.
Towry, Y. June
Treadway, Almas V.
Trent, Bob A.
Tucker, Altus D.
Tucker, James O.
Tudor, Dale S.
Tudor, Bobby G.
Tudor, Charles
Turner, Alford
Turner, Alfred E.
Turner, Charles
Turner, John H.
Turner, Ray
Turner, Roy L.
Turner, W. C.


Uber, Edgar F.
Uber, Perry B.
Umsted, Jesse
Umsted, Robert E.
Underwood, Medford
Upchurch, Webster, W.


Vail, Robert W.
Van Hoozer, Fred
Vanderburg, Albert S.
Vanderburg, Jessie C.
Vanloon, Harold
Vanloon, Junior Lee
Vanloon, Pete
Vanmeter, Jessie L.
Vaughn, Nathan J.
Vaughn, Walter L.
Vegher, Gerald
Vegher, Richard
Vincent, Gordon
Vine, Aaron M.
Vittetoe, Gerlad C.
Votaw, Herschel E.


Wade, Aaron W.
Wade, James H.
Wade, Tonie P.
Wadkins, Ramie
Waggoner, John
Wagner, Glen
Wagner, Leo
Wagner, Patrick
Walden, William T.
Walker, Carl R. (Wounded Jan. 5, 1944 in Italy)
Walker, Elzie A.
Walker, Henry L. Jr.
Walker, James H.
Walker, John
Walker, Johnnie L.
Walker, Leroy S. (KIA, Oct. 23, 1944 in Northern France.)
Walker, Noal O.
Walker, Sam H. Jr.
Wall, William G.
Wallace, Bernard N.
Wallace, Clifford N.
Wallace Edsel
Wallace, Eugene F.
Wallace, Jesse E.
Wallace, John
Wallace, Marvin C.
Wallace, William D.
Waller, Ernest R.
Walters, Frank
Ward, William Lee
Washington, George
Wasson, George M.
Wasson, Melvin
Wasson, Vernon P.
Watson, Aubry L.
Watson, Charlie C.
Watson, Haskell
Watson, John A.
Watson, William L.
Weathers, James A.
Weaver, Charlie C.
Weaver, Lewis L
Weaver, Talmadge L.
Webb, Troy "Curly"
Webster, John R.
Webster, Oscar J.
Webster, Raymond
Weeks, Jack W.
Weintraub, Sig
Welch, John H.
Welch, William I.
Welch, Willie Lee
Welch, William T.
Wells, W. Scott
Weston, Joe
Whalin, Hubert L.
Whalin, John K.
Whalin, Raleigh O.
Whalin, Ralph
Whitaker, James A. Jr.
White, Charles
White, Charley E.
White, Claude
White, D. A.
White, Dean
White, Delbert B.
White, George A.
White, John
White, John A.
White, Jonas L.
White, Raymond R.
White, Thomas A. (lost in action Jan. 10, 1943 when the Argonaut was sunk off the coast of Rabaul, New Britain.)
Whitmire, Wesly M.
Whitmire, William D.
Whitten, John David
Whittington, Dee W.
Whittington, James E.
Whittington, Joe L.
Wilkerson, Gerald G.
Wilkerson, Leo D.
Willeby, Cecil D.
Willeby, Dub
Williams, Cecil C.
Williams, Charles Lee
Williams, Harold C.
Williams, Herschel
Williams, Howard C.
Williams, James I.
Williams, James R.
Williams, Joe K.
Williams, John
Williams, Kirby
Williams, Leo K.
Williams, Orville R.
Williams, Oscar F.
Williams, Wallace F.
Williamson, Charles "Bud"
Williamson, Clarence "Cubby"
Williamson, Dennie A.
Williamson, Frank
Williamson, Hardy "Junior"
Williamson, Milton L.
Williford, Clyde
Willis, Donald B.
Willis, Dunal B.
Willis, Hayden L.
Willis, Otis H.
Wilson, Dale
Wilson, David S.
Wilson, Delbert A.
Wilson, Dempsy
Wilson, Eugene M.
Wilson, F. A.
Wilson, Frances
Wilson, Holly B.
Wilson, Irlan F.
Wilson, James A.
Wilson, Kenneth C.
Wilson, Minor T.
Wilson, Paul
Wilson, Roy O.
Wilson, Rupert C.
Wilson, Silas
Wilson, Thomas E.
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, Walton
Wilson, William H.
Wilson, Woodrow
Winborn, Homer F.
Winborn, Robert L.
Wingo, Claude
Wingo, Jiggs
Wingo, Robert L.
Winkle, Ewell R.
Winslett, James T.
Winter, Arvil
Winter, Lewis A.
Winters, Dick
Winters, Lenard
Winters, Richard L.
Winters, Thomas
Winters, Tink
Winters, Tommy Joe
Wisdom, Kenneth A.
Wiseman, Billy
Wiseman, Charlie D.
Witcher, Harold
Witherspoon, David C.
Witherspoon, Henry R.
Withrow, Marvin A.
Wolf, Gravie Jr.
Wood, Bood E.
Wood, George E.
Wood, Lige P.
Wood, Ralph E.
Wood, Ralph R.
Wood, Wade R.
Woodruff, John W.
Woods, Curtis R.
Workman, Alfred E.
Workman, Elmer R.
Workman, James R.
Workman, Vernon R.
Worley, Donald
Wright, Jim L.
Wyrick, Brown


Yandell, Albert L. C.
Yandell, Burness R. J.
Yandell, Calvin D.
Yates, Carmol
Yates, Jack
Yates, Lemance C.
Yates, Millage E.
York, Howard
York, J. C.
York, Jack W.
York, Joseph
York, J. C.
York, Jack W.
York, Joseph
York, William H.
Youell, Edward F.
Young, Clarence W.
Young, George M.
Young, Grover M.
Young, Johnny
Young, Kenneth
Young, Melvin C.
Young, Raymond E.
Youngblood, Billy R.


Zachary, Richard E.
Zinn, Walter Jr. "Max"

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