When life on earth is over
When day on earth is done
Eyes are closed in our world
Your new day has begun

See the path now open
Green grass soft with dew
Flowers so spectacular
They seem to beckon you

Softness filled with beauty
It's there for eyes to see
The garden of our new life
For all eternity

Whispers of our loved ones
They call us from their light
Beauty of God's wonder
This final journey bright

Step into the Garden
With warmth a special glow
Hands reach out to help you
Everyone you know

Love will now enfold you
All hearts will now align
This very special journey
Majestic and Divine.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
If you would enjoy using this poem on
THIS BACKGROUND set (it was written for it)
just e-mail Ms. Pucillo by clicking on her name and ask her permission.
Read more of her poetry here.

Cemetery Location Map

Dewey County Cemtery List

GNIS Geographic Names Information Service
USGS National Mapping Information
*=Information not available
Don't know which cemetery to look in?
Check the Cemetery Surname Index
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#CEMETERY NAMETOWN LEGALLatitude / LongitudeUSGS 7.5' Map
1 BloomfieldCamargo SE 10-18-19360237N / 0991244WMutual SW
2 Brooker-MeekCamargo SW 20-18-19 **
3 BrumfieldSeilingSE 31-20-16 360938N / 0985618W Seiling
4CamargoCamargoNW 21-18-20 360142N / 0992042W Camargo
5Cedarvale/CedarvalleyCamargoSW 6-18-19 360329N / 0991630WCamargo
6Center Point Leedey/Aledo SW 30-16-18 354939N / 0990920WRhea
7Chain Family Selling/Canton NE 11-18-15 **
8Chapman Selling SW 2-19-16 **
9Cory Leedey 13-16-19 **
10CoxPutnam 9-15-17 **
11EvergreenLeedey SW 10-15-20 355215N / 0991850W Leedy
12EvergreenOakwood NW 11-17-15 355814N / 0984640WParallel
13Fairview PutnamNE 7-16-16 355240N / 0985600W Putnam NW
14Fountain Selling/Canton SW 17-18-14 360147N / 0984328WCanton SW
15Harrison/Little Robe Oakwood NE 5-17-15 355906N / 0984906WParallel
 Little Robe  355906N / 0984905WParallel
16Holcomb Webb/Camargo 12-16-19 355241N / 0990959WWebb
17Merck-Arnold Putnam SW 18-16-16 355123N / 0985631W Putnam
18Mound Taloga NW 26-18-17 **
19Mount Hope Fay NW 24-16-14 355119N / 0983836W Fay
20Munice Hucmac (Seil/Canton) NW 9-18-15 360327N / 0984816WHucmac
21Negro Putnam NW 11-16-16 **
22New Hermon Leedey NW 27-16-20 355026N / 0991918W Leedy
    355025N / 0991817W Leedy
23Oakley Taloga/Oakwood SE 12-17-16 355750N / 0985103WParrallel
24Oakwood Oakwood NW 27-17-14 355538N / 0984110WOakwood
25Oakwood Memorial Oakwood SE 32-17-14 355358N / 0984245WOakwood
formerly IOOF
26Prairie Bell Putnam SW 24-16-18 **
27Raymond Lenora SE 24-17-18 355605N / 0990342W Aledo NE
28Rhea Leedey NW 29-16-19 355028N / 0991507WLeedy
29Riley Lenora/Cestos NE 26-19-18 360602N / 0990503W Lenora
30Riley Family Lenora NE 17-18-17 **
31Riverview Camargo SW 16-17-19 355631N / 0991346WWebb
32Roberts Taloga NE 12-17-17 **
33Sunnyside Vici SE 3-19-19 360842N / 0991231W Mutual
34Trail Camargo SE 11-17-20 355729N / 0991732WTrail
35Union View  31-18-18 **
36Vassar Vici SE 6-19-20 360843N / 0992202W Vici
37Webb Webb NE 29-17-18 **
38Yake / Bull Creek Camargo 8-17-1 355734N / 0991452W Webb


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