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Asa Henderson Shepherd

Asa Shepherd was born at Villisca, Iowa. When he was eight years old, he helped drive cattle on foot to eastern Colorado; he and his family were at Cripple Creek, Colo., during the gold boom. He and his father and five brothers helped build the railroad through that area.

When Asa was 14 years old, he delivered mail on horseback from Hugoton to Ulysses, Kansas. He also drove freight wagons from Dodge City to Woodward.

Asa came with his parents to Oklahoma when he was eighteen years old. His father filed on a claim near Fargo. When he became of age, he came to Beaver County and filed on a quarter section five miles east and one and one half miles south of Ivanhoe. This was in 1903. Here he bulit a one-room sod house to which he brought his bride Goldia Drake in Nov. 1906.

Three children were born in this house. Later, they built a two-room frame house, and the lumber was hauled by wagon and team from Higgins. In 1928 a still larger house was built to accommodate their growing family.

Most of the grain crops were hauled by wagon to Shattuck. They brought back supplies. Most of the trading, though, was done at Ivanhoe and later at Follett.

Asa and Goldie lived in the Lovell School District where their children attended school. They later bought another quarter adjoining their land, making them a half section where their family grew to adulthood. They were active members of the Catesby Methodist Church for almost thirty years. Asa and Goldie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the home they had built years ago on their beloved land. They reared a family of six boys and two girls. In 1957 they moved to Laverne to make their home in their declining years.

Goldie died in 1962, and Asa died in 1968. They are interred in the Poplar Grove Cemetery where the Shepherd families have their lots.
One son, Ancel, died at the age of 20
Hazel, died in 1999, married Columbus Treat
Oden, died in 1988, married Eloise Johnson
Oran, died in 1994, married Alice Odell
Ferman, died 1976, married Edith Baker
Glades married Harold Copple
Chester married Betty Wheeler
Lester (Joe) died in 1994, married Thelma Smoot

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Oklahoma Independent History and Genealogy

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