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Couric and Bessie Bouse
Main Street, Gage, OK
89 Main St. Gage.
Showing horse-drawn hearse
Santa Fe Pump Station, Shattuck.
90 Santa Fe pump station Shattuck. Geoorge Bush standing in door.
Light Plant, Shattuck.
91 Light Plant Shattuck. L to R Harry Teton, Fred Teton, Cecil Montgomery
George Foster house in Shattuck
92 House Shattuck. Corner of Locust and Second, former Geo. Foster res.
Old School Shattuck.
93 Old School on hill, Shattuck. Three story-(center of current 5th and Frances)
Light and water plant Shattuck
94 Light and water plant Shattuck.
Stattuck National Bank
95 Interior Shattuck Nat'l Bank L to R Clyde Kirkwood, Jhn. Stuart, founder, Grace Denney, Lorranie Ooley, Ed Stuart, John Stuart
IOOF Building Shattuck OK
96 I.O.O.F Bldg Shattuck. Burned the winter of 1946-47
Chastain Store Shattuck.
97 Chastain Store Shattuck. Pearl Chastain, salesman "Reed", Frank Chastain
Northrup Jewelry Shattuck.
98 Northrup Jewelry Shattuck.
Dr. O.C. Newman and Dr. Rollo
White Way Barber Shop Shattuck.
99 White Way Barber Shop Shattuck, L to R 1- unknown, 2- Bland (Doc) Denney, 3- Harold (Jerze) Lundstrom, 4- Haskell Newman, 5- Lawrence (Little Casey) Patterson, 6- Unk, 7-Frank Hibsman
Maint St. Shattuck ok
100 Main St. Shattuck. Looking South. Chickens in the street
Old Shattuck Hospital
101 Old Shattuck Hospital Santa Fe. and E. Grand
Old Shattuck Hospital
102 Old Shattuck Hospital Early day car, probably Buick
Old Shattuck Hospital
103 Old Shattuck Hospital Old cars: probably two Ford Model "T" and a Buick
Methodist Church Shattuck OK
104 M. E. Church Shattuck.
Santa Fe Mallett Engine
105 Santa Fe Mallet Engine Shattuck. Two engines made into one 1910
Train Shattuck Ok
106 Train arriving Shattuck.
German Advent Church Shattuck.
107 German Advent Church Shattuck. Was on SW corner of 4th & Summer
Santa Fe pump station
108 George Bush Shattuck. In Santa Fe pump station
Mechanics at work in Shattuck.
109 Mechanics at work Shattuck. L-R Harvey Overshiner, Eldon Jackson, Frank Bitman or Batman, Fred Clark on right of pic.
T. N. Young home, Shattuck.
110 T. N. Young Res. Shattuck.
Main St, Gage, OK
111 Main St. Gage. With horse drawn hearse, car and horse and buggy
Main St. Gage, OK
112 Main St. Gage. With ladies in long dress & cars and buggies
Main St., Gage, OK
113 Main St. Gage. Fred Weidner on left with the big hat
Early day oil rig Ellis Co., OK
114 Early day oil rig Ellis County.
Not available at this time

115 Mr. And Mrs. S. W. Northrup Shattuck, seated at table--currently NA
George Schultz General Store
116 Geo. Schultz General Store, Shattuck
George Schultz home
117 Geo Schultz Res, Shattuck
Presbyterian Church, Shattuck.
118 Presbyterian Church Shattuck. Located one block north of Christian Ch, later combined w/present Christian Ch.
Mr. & Mrs. S. W. Northrup, Shattuck.
119 Mr. And Mrs. S. W. Northrup Shattuck. Outdoor portrait
Print Shop, Shattuck.
120 Print Shop Shattuck. Mr. Woodmansee and pony
Print Shop, Shattuck.
121 Print Shop Shattuck. Unknown man and pony, Bert Humiston and unknown girl
Ralph Foster home, Shattuck.
122 Former Ralph Foster Res Shattuck. Corner of Locust and Second
First Christian Church, Shattuck.
123 First Christian Church Shattuck. 5th and Santa Fe St.
L. E. Patterson home, Shattuck.
124 L. E. Patterson Res Shattuck. E 3rd St. middle 2nd blk
Santa Fe Pupm Station
125 Santa Fe Pump Station Shattuck.
Genevieve Hagen, Shattuck.
126 Genevieve Hagen Shattuck.
Clothing Store
127 Clothing Store, Unknown
Not available at this time
128 Bathing Beauty's
Shattuck Stock Yards
129 Stock Yards, Shattuck.
Not available at this time
130 Sidney Northrup Shattuck. On front step
Shattuck Fire Wagon Shattuck.
131 Shattuck Fire Wagon Shattuck. L-R Charlie Hobbs, driving, Geo. Luck, Dawson Beal, Ben Walton, Clint Anderson, Fats Speilman
O. E. Null Abstract Office, Arnett, OK
132 O. E. Null Abstract Arnett, OK Juanita Null Gibson and O.E. Null
(Note: Calendar shows September 1927)
Not available at this time
133 Clothing Store Arnett, OK Mrs. Frank Hecox
John J. Henry Real Estate Arnett OK

134 John J. Henry Real Estate & Insturance - Arnett, Ellis Co., OK
Not available at this time

135 Coombs Store Arnett. L-R Venus Garret Coombs, Unk.,Pete Coombs, unk, unk, unk, unk, Mrs. Frank (Myrtle) Garrett--currently NA
White Way Cafe Arnett OK
136 White Way Café Arnett. N. side of square. L-R Brandy Branstetter Lola Branstetter Darwin Leedy. At table: J.B. Shaffer Vernon "Curly" Stuckey Hazel (Boone) Shaffer Onita Bowers
Not available at this time

137 Freeman Hardware, Arnett. Irby Freeman, youngest son of owner, Archie Abbott, Gordon Neville-Salesman--currently NA
George Howlet Grocery, Shattuck.
138 Geo. Howlett Grocery Shattuck. Haskell Newman, Slim Davis, Lois (Howlett) Milam. Slogan: "Cash on the Barrelhead"
Ingle Brothers Grain Elevator, Shattuck.
139 Ingle Bros. Elevator Shattuck.
Case Steam Engine
140 Case Steam Engine Uknown location Fred Jergenson by horse
Thrasher in action
141 Thrasher in action with Header barge alongside Unknown
Men working bundle wagons
142 Men working bundle wagons and thrasher Unknown
Harvest Crew Ellis Co.
143 Harvest crew on thrasher and wagon Ellis County, OK Ray Bowles with shovel, Frank McCartor driving wagon
Thrasher crew
144 Thrasher crew at work with steamer and header barges Unknown
D. G. Steinert wagon and team
145 Wagon and team , D.G. Steinert Ellis County OK
Wassenmiller Shoe Shop Shattuck.
146 Wassenmiller Shoe Shop Shattuck. Katie Wassenmiller, Fred Laubhan Sr., Mr. Wassenmiller
WW I tank Shattuck OK
147 WW-I Tank on flatcar 6-30-1918 Shattuck.
Old Podunk Station Ellis County
148 Old Podunk Station Ellis County OK 1/2 mi so of present site (at Hwy 283/60 jct.) Fred Poppie by trk, L-R Mr. Roan, owner of sta., Cecil Holt, Lou Scofield, Ora Pratt, Jr., Loyd and Earl Pratt. Virgil Clark
Central Hotel Shattuck OK
149 Central Hotel Shattuck. Site of present Champlin Sta. (Sprague) Corner 1st and Main
Not available at this time
150 Jim Simpson Hardware Arnett. L-R Mary Cresswell, Jim Simpson, A. L. Albert, Bill Shelton
Roofers on Northrup building Shattuck
151 Roofer's on Northrup bldg Shattuck. A. Tongate left, two men on right, S.W. Northrup, T.N. Young
Roofers on Northrup building
152 Roofers on Northrup bldg Shattuck. A. Tongate, center, 4th man, T. N. Young, and S. W. Northrup
Kleppenger Shoe Shop Shattuck
153 Kleppenger Shoe Shop Shattuck.
Scotts Store Arnett OK
154 Scotts Store, Arnett. L-R Frank Reed, salesman, Bert Winslow, holding beef 1/4, 1st little boy: Charlie Hein, Gertie Dennison behind him
Brick Building Shattuck.
155 Buick Bldg Shattuck. Corner of 1st and Main (later Bill Brown Buick)
Group at light plant Shattuck.
156 Group at light plant Shattuck. L-R not in order: Elmer Donovan, # 3 Francis Donovan, #4 Harry Teten, ? --- Ewing
D. C. Irwin Hardward Store, Shattuck.
157 Front-D.C.Irwin Hdwre Shattuck. L-R Sam Walton on plow, Geo Broyles, unk, John Wallace, foot on hitch, Ben Barnett, standing by pole. Wm Rugy driving tractor, with either Forrest or Grant Ruby, Geo. "Candy" Walton 2nd from right.
Not available at this time
158 Cream Station, Arnett. L-R D. Cresswell, Mrs. J.E. McCartor, Mrs. Jerry McCarter
Tire vulcanizing shop Arnett.
159 Tire Vulcanizeing shop, Abe Lovett Arnett.
Hardward Store Higgins TX
160 Hardward Store Higgins, TX L- E. M. Congdon, owner, Jonnie Weis, Later owner of the clothing store
Grain Elevator Shattuck OK
161 Feuquay Grain Elevator Shattuck. North of RR tracks on Main. Burined 1-1-1959
Shafer Bldg. Shattuck OK
162 Shafer Bldg Shattuck. Corner of 3rd and Main. Was once a bank, drug store, a sanitarium, and then T.V. Cable office
Commercial Hotel Higgins TX
163 Commerical Hotel Higgins, TX
A. L. Schwenender home
164 A. L. Schwendener Res. Shattuck. Corner of 5th and Locust
Earl Hotel, Shattuck.
165 Earl Hotel Shattuck. 4th and Main. Later the Butterbaugh and finally the Shattuck Hotel shortly before it closed for good about the years 1978-1980. Torn Down
Tomlin's Service Station, Shattuck.
166 Tomlin's Service Station Shattuck. 4th and Main. Bob Black pictured
Bridge crew at work in Ellis Co., OK
167 Bridge crew at work Ellis County, OK One of several bridges over Wolf Creek. From left: #2 Earnie Fields, #4 Harry Matthews, #5 Loyd Coffman, #6 Jess Coffman
ABO Garage, Arnett.
168 ABO Garage Arnett. Evert Barker
Mechanics & 1925 Modet T, Arnett.
169 Mechanics and 1925 Model T Arnett. L-R Jim Robinson, Cleo Johnson, Rollin Shields, Harvey Reid
Meat Market Shattuck
170 Shattuck. Meat Market and old car, owner W. E. Dubourdieu located on west side of Main St. in the middle of the 200 block
Marland Gas Station
171 Marland (Conoco) Station Shattuck. Corner of 4th and main where the Theater and former café now stands. Henry Winters
Bakery Shattuck OK
172 Bakery Shattuck. L-R Bob Miller, John G. Hunter, Mrs. Bob Miller
Conoco Station Arnett OK
173 Conoco Station Arnett. Torn Down 1970. Jess Tackett, left Sid Thompson, owner, Right
Tomlin and Edwars Store Shattuck OK
174 Tomlin & Edwards Store Shattuck. Corner of 2nd and Main. Old Western Auto. L-R Roy Edwards, Emma Bush Drake, Sol Horton, Mr. Tomlin, Willroy (Bill) Edwards
Country Gas Station
175 Country Station unknown One of three former Podunk, (Beum Jct Station aka 283/60 Hwy) People Unknown.
Barber Shop Arnett OK
176 Barber Shop Arnett. 1927 Vernon "Curly" Stuckey, left, Orba "Orv" Combs
Not available at this time

177 Northrup Children Shattuck. by side of their home-Later Leo Bouse home
Old Model Cars Shattuck OK
178 Row of Old Model Cars Shattuck. Lined up on Main St. for the start of a race
Sears Home
179 Sears Home Shattuck. Later Mrs. J. O. Sturart. Corner of 4th and Locust
Cafe Price, Shattuck

180 Café Price, Shattuck. Mr. And Mrs. Price. (Parents of Vernon) --ca 1927
Not available at this time

181 Northrup's and Mrs. Tomlin Shattuck. Currently NA

182 Same group and house as 181 Shattuck.
Not available at this time
182b Bayer Garage Shattuck. located where Fire Station is now south of old Butterbaugh Hotel. Car looks like a 1927 model Chev
Bayer Garage
183 Bayer garage next door to Earl Hotel
Walter Quindt Station Shattuck
184 Walter Quindt Station Shattuck. Corner 2nd and Main, where Chev. Garage stands. L-R Walter Quindt, Bruce Garringer, Wan McCollough
Jim Wilcox
185 Jim Wilcox Shattuck. "Working by the month"
Shattuck National Bank
186 Shattuck Nat'l Bank Shattuck. Corner of 1st and Main
Unknown harvest crew
187 Harvest crew Unknown
Fred Becker's General Store Shattuck
188 Fred Becker's Gen Store Shattuck. Corner of 4th and Main. In the 1930's was Ford Garage. Later years was furniture store, then clothing store.
Shattuck OK
189 Looking west from the water tower, Shattuck.
Not available at this time

190 Rieblin Print Shop Shattuck. L-R Frances De Grange, Alvin Bazell, Joe Dumas, Fred Rieblin, owner-currently NA
Hotel Higgins TX
191 Hotel Higgins, TX Located on S. Main
Clitn Anderson Shattuck
192 Clint "Cockleburr" Anderson Shattuck. Also shown in front of hotel, but not identified, Sally Anderson, Pansy Anderson
Jim Dalrymple Ranch Ellis Co. OK
193 Ranch scene, Ellis County, OK Jim Dalrymple Ranch near Shattuck
Star Bakery Shattuck Ok
194 Star Bakery Shattuck. Bill Hass, center
Shattuck OK
195 Corner "2nd" now "1st" Shattuck. Looking South.
Shattuck OK
196 Corner "1st" now Grand, Okla and Main Shattuck. Looking South
Clothing Store Shattuck OK
197 Clothing store Shattuck. Owners: L-r Foster Shapley, Ted Shapley, Bert Shapley
Not available at this time

198 S. L Rankin Store Arnett. Virgie Sloan, G. A. "Daddy" Dean
Boyd Oil Well Shattuck OK
199 Boyd Oil Well # 1 Shattuck.
Mrs. Northrups Garden, Shattuck.
200 Mrs Northrups Garden Shattuck. 1914, May 16. Former Dick Biglow house Bill Tieding built brick home, finished in the 1960s
Northrups Jewelry Shattuck.
201 Northrups Jewelry Shattuck. From Left, Lewis and Mrs. Northrups, Frankie Tomlin, S.w. Northrup owner
Corner of Locust and 4th now 3rd Shattuck.
202 Corner of Locust and 4th now 3rd Shattuck. Looking north. Geo. Luck's Gambling shack on far right
S. W. Northrup Home Shattuck.
203 S. W. Northrup Res Shattuck. 8 inches of snow, Feb 20, 1915
 Light and water plant Shattuck.
204 Light and water plant Shattuck. People unknown
Barn and horses Shattuck.
205 Barn and horses Shattuck. O. E. Edgar
Steam Engine and a 1914 Model T
206 Steam engine and 1914 model T touring car Shattuck. Bill Steinle on engine
Shattuck Pool Hall
207 Pool Hall Shattuck. Art Jones on the right

208 House of O. E. Edgar Shattuck. SE of Shattuck
Harness shop Arnett.
209 Harness shop Arnett. George Cox
Store Shattuck.
210 Store Shattuck. Sam Sherwood in store. This could be Addy Whartenbee aka "Candy Man" store on north main about where car wash is located
Browns Garage Shattuck.
211 Brown's Garage Shattuck. Mechanics overhauling Willys-Knight sleeve valve engine 1926 or 1927 model. L-R Artie Cronk, Grover Mayberry, Jess Boyd, Roy Hurst, Charlie Murray, Oscar Booth
Bridge crew at work Ellis County, OK
212 Bridge crew at work Ellis County, OK
Tire shop Shattuck.
213 Tire shop, on east side of Main St. Shattuck. L-R "Shorty" Feurbacher, owner, Henry Fritzler, Al Meier, Walter Hammack
Arnett Conoco Station Arnett.
214 Arnett Conoco Station Arnett. Orvel McCollough on SE corner of the square in Arentt
Miller Store Shattuck OK
215 T. N. Miller Store Shattuck. "First" in Shattuck, Mrs. T. N. (Maude) Miller on right and Bill McCrate, who later owned the store.
Wolf Creek Bridge Ellis Co., OK
216 Wolf Creek Bridge and Crew Ellis County, OK
Main Street Shattuck OK
217 Main St. looking North Shattuck. Greenlee's Cash Store Dry Goods Shoes Millinery
 Main St. looking North Shattuck.
218 Main St. looking North Shattuck. "Empress" Theater ad on bldg., appears to read 1923
R. A. Moody Home Shattuck.
219 R. A. Moody Res Shattuck. Methodist Church at far right
S. W. Northrup Home
220 S. W. Northrup Res Shattuck.
Shoveling coal Shattuck OK
221 Harry Teten Shattuck. Shoveling coal at the light plant
Locust Street Shattuck OK
222 Locust St. Shattuck. Looking South at the Northrup res. Northrup children, Lewis and Sidney
Birds eye view Shattuck OK
223 Birds-eye-view Shattuck. Moody House and Methodist Ch. To the right of center looking N/NW
Birds eye view of Shattuck OK
224 Same view as 223 Shattuck. Showing progress of person walking
Not available at this time

225 Engine at light plant Shattuck.
Light plant Shattuck Ok
226 Working at light plant, Shattuck. Cecil Montgomery, L., and Fred Teten
Working on light pole Shattuck OK
227 Working on top of pole at light plant Shattuck. Left -Fred Teten, Wes Ricker
Engine at light plant Shattuck
228 Engine at light plant Shattuck. L-R Harry Teten, Cecill Montgomery , Fred Teten, Wes Ricker
Bundle wagon
229 Welch Stripe on bundle wagon Shattuck. Stripe's machine
Header barge Shattuck OK
230 Harvey Waddell on header barge Shattuck.
Men loading header barges
231 Men loading header barges in field, Unknown
Decoration Day 1914 Shattuck
232 Decoration Day, May 30, 1914 Shattuck. Shattuck Cemetery
Rocks near Podunk
233 Rocks near Podunk, south of Shattuck.
Northrup Jewelry Store Shattuck
234 Interior Northrup Jewelry Shattuck.
Martina Northrup
235 Martina Northrup Shattuck. about age 13
Not available at this time

236 Flowers in the Northurp Home Shattuck. Currently NA
Not available at this time

237 Flowers in the Northurp Home Shattuck. Currently NA
Main St. Shattuck
238 Main St. Looking South Shattuck. Showing Chickens
Santa Fe Mallet Engine
239 Santa Fe Mallet Engine Shattuck.
Elder Durg Store Shattuck
240 Elder Drug Shattuck. Left-John Elder and Floyd Newman (Dr.) (Note: date on Red Book - Sep. 1927
Shapley Drug Store Shattuck
241 Shapley (Corner) Drug Shattuck. Shaffer Bldg, Main and 3rd. Left-Harold (Jerze) Lundstrom, T. I. Shapley, Fearing Shapley
View from water tower Shattuck
242 View from water tower Shattuck. Looking north
Light pland engine Shattuck
243 Engine at light plant Shattuck.
Bouse Family Photo Collection

     Photos in the Bouse Collection. Dedication to "Mickey Bouse"

     Photos by C. J. Bouse, Leo "Mick" Bouse, S. W. Northurp and possibly an unknown photographer.

     Leo Bouse was a professional photographer after he returned from the Service in the early 1950's. In the early 1960's he chose to close his store on main street, and purchased the S.W. Northurp home. Here he set up his photo lab and continued to take photos and develop as a hobby.

     Leo's father was a professional photographer who worked from his home until he died in 1934. C. J. Bouse took most of the photos found in the 1910 plat book. C. J. and Bessie both worked for the Rothenberger Studio before they were married.

     After they were married, they developed photos at home in the kitchen. They would darken the room, replace the light bulb with the special bulb and let the children watch the mysterious process of development. The kitchen table was also the work space to work on the local moonshiners stills, after shop hours.

      Bessie helped C. J. sell most of the photos for the Plat book. The family has a letter to C. J. telling him she had collected all but $100.00 due from the project. Bessie had a number of photo plates, from C. J.'s work that she gave to Leo when he became a photographer.

     When Leo moved into the Northurp home, he found a set of negatives and developed them. At the time Mr. Northurps son Stanley of Woodward was unable to tell Leo who exactly took many of the photos. They do appear to be different techniques.

     Over the next 35 years or so, Leo worked dilligently with "ol timers" and families to get the photos identified the best he could. Almost every year, someone viewing the collection would give a possible lead to another ID.

     Leo freely gave copies he could made from his stock pile of supplies to those who asked. Many of the photos are found in the 1910 Plat book photo section. Others you will find in A Pioneer History of Shattuck Oklahoma book as well as the two Volumns of the Ellis County Heritage.

     Leo had considered making a "Coffee Table" book of photos from this collection. He had considered donating the collection to the OU Museum Photo Collection. Leo died in 2000, leaving the decision of dispersal to his daughter Peggy.

    Peggy has graciously requested that we continue to share these wonderful pages of history with the world by placing them online. Hopefully, we may add many more photos that Leo took in the future.

     The Bouse family will be controling the copyrights by requesting that you contact Linda Fox directly for copies.

We thank you and hope you enjoy "Uncle Mick's hometown of SHATTUCK"

Linda Fox

PS: Fact: C. J. Bouse worked at the light plant before opening his own "Tin" shop next to the Railroad Track on 1st and Main (now Grand and Main).

Fact: C. J. Bouse was good personal friends with the Railroad engineers. They all had a special "Toot" they would give, so C. J. aka "Bill" to his friends, would know who was arriving. He would then put down his work and go meet the train.

Fact: C. J. Bouse made stills at home on the kitchen table, when he was not developing camera plates.

Fact: C. J. Bouse was a good friend of O. E. Enfield. Bessie had pin of the Socialist Party that O. E. gave as a memento, although C. J. refused to have any part of the political activities of his friend.

     Requests for information about the BOUSE Collection, or how to obtain copies etc can be made to:
, niece of Leo Bouse, representative for
Peggy Bouse Allen, owner of negatives and collection #'s 89-243.
The entire Bouse collection may later contain photo's from C. J & Bessie Bouse collection as well as other photos of general interest.

     A donation will be asked of interested parties to cover the cost of reproduction, CD or what ever format you request. If donation is made in a larger amount, it will go against the expense of maintaining the web site,, that hosts the photos.

     Webmaster has no other information pertaining to these photos and will not be paid any fee by the Bouse family for presenting them online.

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