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Dagenhart Family Photos

Faye Dagenheart Cline Photo Collection

John Wesley Dagenhart, son of James William Henry and Margaret (Reynolds) Dagenhart was born 13 Sep 1876. He married Laura Nichols. Children of James and Laura were:

Faye (Fae), wife of David Cline

In 1920 he was in Rock City with wife Laura and daughter Fae. In 1930 he was the Postmaster of Gage. His daughter Fae was a public school teacher and he had a 8 year old son Claude. Claude, who was killed in action 03 Aug 1944, during World War II, awarded the Purple Heart.

Whig Rose Quilt

John Wesley Dagenhart

Maragret Reynolds

Tumbling blocks quilt

Hardware store in Gage

Dagenhart Home in Gage

Ellis County Dagenhart Farm

Dagenhart Farm House

Fae Dagenhart & the Buffalo

Faye on the range

Claude Wesley Dagenhart

Fae Dagenhart

Fae & Claude Dagenhart

John Wesley and Laura (Nichols) Dagenhart

John Wesley Dagenhart

Photos submitted by: Jerry Dagenhart from the Faye Dagenhart Cline Collection.

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