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Ellis County Capital
Friday, April 11, 1947
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Higgins, Woodward Damages into Millions


More than three hundred are dead and hundreds injured in a tornado that swept through the Texas Panhandle, and Ellis and Woodward counties, Oklahoma, Wednesday evening at eight o’clock. The storm extended from Amarillo, Texas through northwest Oklahoma to the Kansas line northeast of Alva. The storm first struck at White Deer, Texas, striking at Glaizer, coburn and Higgins, in Texas; Woodward, Mooreland and on through Oklahoma. In a general direction the storm followed the Santa Fe Railway to near Goodwin, this county, where it took a northeasterly direction to Woodward.

Fourteen persons are dead at Glazier; thirty-seven are known dead at Higgins, five Ellis county people killed; more than one hundred are dead at Woodward. The injured exceed more than fifteen hundred with nearly one thousand injured in Woodward.

More than two hundred farm homes, northeast of Higgins, northwest of Arnett, south and east of Shattuck, south and east of Gage, south and east of Fargo, and south of Tangier, were destroyed or badly damaged. Several hundred head of livestock were killed on farms in the path of the storm.

Ellis county dead are Ned Brice Cully, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cully; Mrs. Robert Cully, and Elmer Harmon, all of near Gage; Mrs. Henry Kolander and son, Douglas Kolander, of near Shattuck; also Arley Stout, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stout, Higgins, killed in the storm at Higgins. Mrs. Buck Irvin and son, killed at Woodward.

John Baker and George McLaren, both formerly of near Harmon, killed at Woodward; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, formerly of Harmon, killed at Glaizer, Texas.

Mrs. Miller and baby son, killed at Higgins are the wife and son of Willard Miller, who was reared six miles west of Arnett.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cully, lf 7 miles southeast of Gage, are both seriously injured. Mrs. Cully is the daughter of Mrs. Fae Boone and the late Van Boone.

Clyde Harrell of southeast Gage, is seriously injured and four other members of the family are injured. Mrs. Harrell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Noll of Arnett.

The town of Higgins, Texas, was all but wiped out by the storm and fire that followed, only three buildings were left standing in the business district and they were damaged. Seven men were pinned in the wreckage of a Higgins pool hall and burned to death.

In Ellis county the storm swept from the Texas line to the Woodward county line from three to five miles south of the Santa Fe Railway. Dozens of farm homes were demolished or badly damaged. The known dead in the county is at least five persons.

The storm hit Woodward west of the M. K. & T. track and north of the Santa Fe where more than 200 homes and buildings were destroyed, buildings on the main street were all damaged with some destroyed.

Property damage from the storm will mount into the millions.

Power and telephone communication lines were destroyed wher the storm hit. Arnett has been without power since 8:05 Wednesday night when the tornado hit Ellis county.

Ellis County Capital
Friday, April 18, 1947
Page 1


Damage mounting into hundreds of thousand of dollars in Ellis County in the wake of the tornado which swept across the county from Texas state line to the Woodward county line, on Wednesday evening of last week.

A survey conducted by County Engineer Clyde Wallen and Robert Denny of Shattuck, for the County Red Cross Chater revealed the following facts:

        200 families affected directly by the storm.
        52 farm homes demolished
        133 farm homes damaged
        203 Barns destroyed
        102 Barns damaged
        221 Other farm buildings destroyed
        108 Other farm buildings damaged
        74 Combines destroyed
        135 Windmills destroyed or badly damaged
        Several hundred miles of farm fence destroyed
        Hundreds of acres of wheat covered with debris
        300 head of livestock killed or injured
        Many trucks, cars and tractors destroyed.

The National Red Cross, all government agencies, and all local organizations in the several towns of the county are extending all possible assistance to stricken farm families.

        50 pre-fabricated houses are being moved into Ellis county, from Dumas, Texas, to provide homes for families whose homes were destroyed.


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