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The Old Black Team
By O. E. Enfield
Dedicated to:
E. F. Snowden
17 Oct 1866 to 20 May 1942
Where the drifs bank high and
Are whirling so,
See that old black team in the
Drifting snow.
And you are wondering where
They go
When the wind is high and the
Mercury low?
The plain old driver, who holds
The rains
Has faced the heat and the
The cold and rains.
Yet little he has of earthly
Too little to show for his toil
And pains.
The storm plays wild with his
Grimy cloths.
The pitless frost stings his
Cheek and nose
But on thru the blizzard the
Brave soul goes,
On a mission of mercy, well he
At the end of the street there's
A shanty old
Where now lives a couple, who
Are weak and old
And fortune has left them a
Little of gold-
Such as these he helps, if the
Truth were told.
Go search in the records of
Church and state;
His name's not there mid the
Good and great
But somehow, I think at the
Pearly Gate
The Angels won't make him
Stand and wait.
I never have heard him pray a
Neither sing a song in the
Sunlight fair;
   But where want and sickness
Left their care
I've found him a friend and a
Helper there.
For many a time in the bygone
When sorrow has left it's
Trail of tears,
And the wolf of famine has
Snarled it's fears
I have known him to do the
Deed that cheers.
Yea, many a time, as you
See today
Those old black horses have
Plowed their way
Where the deepest drifts of
New now lay
Helping the orphan and the
Widow old and gray.
Though his face with the coal
Is black as tar;
If ever Christ comes in his
Judgement car,
He'll review life's deeds as
They really are
And leave for this drayman,
The gates ajar.
The, I Think, the Angels
Will bow with pride;
They will clasp his hand as
He goes inside;
They will launch his barque
On the crystal tide
Where peace and happiness
Ever abide.
And the Lord will say, "Thru
The glories of Heaven to you
Are free,
Because from the record I
Plainly see
You cared for the needy and
Thru served me."

Submitted by: Ellis County Historical Society
Enfield family members  Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved.

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