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Why growl about these clouds of dust
Which blight the daylight fair?
Why sit in gloom and fuss and fume
Un-Christian-like and swear?
At sixty-eight I'll simply state
To young folks who have fears
That we lived thru a drouth or two
Which lasted fifteen years.

Why mope and sigh because' tis dry
And gardens will not grow?
We have no showers to cause the flowers
to deck the earth below;
At eighty-three what fun' twill be
If I be still alive
To tell how bad the times we had
Way back in thirty-five

So cheer up folks and crack some jokes
When dirt obscures the sun,
It might be worse, why should we curse
Instead of having fun?
At ninety two if I pull thru
I'll tell to lass and lad
When years were dry and dirt rose high
What a hell of a time we had.

 O. E. Enfield

Submitted by: Ellis County Historical Society
Enfield family members  Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved.

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