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Come, friend of mine, and let us go
Where willows wave and lilies blow,
Where lifts the pine her stately spires,
Where sunsets gleam resplendent fires
And iridescent colors curve;
Where man may live in happiness
Nor seek for aught that's more or less
Than fare that's earned by toil and thrift,
To thus create and claim the gift
Which time will bring and health preserve.

Lay down! lay down those anxious cares
O seeking stocks and vending wares;
Of piling up un-needed wealth
At such expense of peace and health
And living in such great turmoil;
'Twere better far to live at ease,
Companion of the birds and bees,
A life devoid of greed and woe
Where grains and fruits and flowers grow
And simple music sweetens toil.

Come, friend of mine, and let us go
Where zephyrs call and streamlets flow;
Long years have flown since we were boys,
"Tis time we taste again the joys
Which carefree hours a quiet lend;
Form all this clamor let us cease
And while we live, let's live peace
Till having reached a ripe old age
As books are written, page on page,
There comes, at least, remoresless end

 O. E. Enfield

Submitted by: Ellis County Historical Society
Enfield family members  Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved.

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