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She'd been to a park where is also a zoo,
Noting the animals as children will do,
That evening while talking with her Uncle Roy
She lispingly said, did prim Bercyl Joy.

I saw some old elesunts and a big bear
And lots more fings in pens ober dere,,
I saw some old wolfs, dey looks like dey's dogs,
And teeny-weeny pigs, 'ey is called Guinea hogs.

And lots of more fings I don't know what's their name
But you could see, "ey is there just the same,
There was some fings in a cage," she prattled on thus,
"I don't know what dey is but 'ey looks like us."

 O. E. Enfield

Submitted by: Ellis County Historical Society
Enfield family members  Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved.

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