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Wisdom ain't in writin' books
Fer posterity to read,
Interpretatn' of some law
Er expoundin' of some creed:
Wisdom's knowin' how to live
To get the most of life.

Wisdom ain't in getting' power
And havin' heads that's crowned
Where hapless slaves go forth to toil
Er tremblin' stand around'
Wisdom's knowin' how to live
So there won't be no strife.

Wisdom ain't in havin' gold
And cornerin' of wealth
Till few have much; many none
And all have lost their health;
Widom's knowing' how to live
To bless the human throng.

Wisdom ain't in getting' fame~
Ambition's dream and goal
While tramplin' down the finer things
That God put in the soul;
Wisdom's knowin' how to live
To fill the earth with song.

 O. E. Enfield

Submitted by: Ellis County Historical Society
Enfield family members  Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved.

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