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Donald Gott Memorial
Donald Gott Memorial

     This prayer was given at the "Donald Gott Memorial Dedication"at the Arnett Court House 1994. It was also given at the Air Museum in Oklahoma City at the Dedication there in 1994. Donald Gott, KIA, was the 1st Oklahoman in World War II to receive the Medal of Honor.

     "Almight God, we ask your spirit to consecrate this hour and the sacred memories it represents, receive in love our confession of remorse that we who live on such a beautiful planet must face in life - and death battles those who are enemies of the lives you have created, the freedoms you have given, and the laws you have ordained."

     We raise monumentsof respect to those whose love of life and freedom and divine law has led them to lay down their own life in defense of all that makes any life worth while. We consecrate to their honor this declaration that you are praised by their loyalty and that your presence in our history has led them in courage and received them in eternal fellowship."

     We ask no higher reward than to live worthy of the life their patriotism and faith have poured out on the high alter of human love and faithfulness."

     Almighty God, creator of live, giver of freedom and designer of love, grant us the presence of your spirit as we evoke the memories of those who gave their lives to defend that freedom in the name of love."

     We confess with deep regret that your children must be sacrificed in the name of all that your word has delcared most true and worthy. We seek the consolation of your compassion upon the families of those who faced the worst of conditions in the service of the highest of motives."

     We rejoice that noblest character is provoked into action by the basest of human conduct. We commit our own lives to their challenge of being worth of such loyalty and dedication. Let the memories of their gift of life burn forever to light our lives in giving support and witness to the values they cherished."

     "We ask this in the name of the Son you gave for those same values and for our salvation. Amen."

Dr. Jene W. Miller, Methodist Minister.
Dr. Miller is currently serving the Arnett United Methodist Church.
Permission was given to the Historical Society to print the prayer in this book.
A special thanks to the family of Donald Gott for their contribution.

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