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George William Shepherd

George William Shepherd came to Ellis County with his parents and siblings about 1900 and was a farmer most of his life. When he was young, he delivered mail between Hugoton and Ulysess, Kansas. He also cut ties for the railroad and helped build the railroad around Cripple Creek and Eastern Colorado. He hauled freight from Shattuck, Oklahoma to Ivanhoe, a then thriving small town in Southeast Beaver County.

George married Hazel Vaughn Crail at Arnett. They first met in September of 1912. His brother, Glen was courting Hazel's sister Mabel. Glen and Mable were going to a ball game and planned to meet at the ball field. Mabel brought her sister with her and Glen, brought his brother. Glen and Mabel were married in Sep 1913, George and Hazel in Nov 1913.

George and Hazel were the parents for five children,
     John, married Helen Smith;
     Orville, died in 1978 married Wilma Spencer;
     Thornton, died in infancy 1919;
     Georgia, died in infancy 1920;
      Leo (Buck), died 1965 married Leora Black.

George is buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery, Hazel, in Rest Haven Cemetery in Oklahoma City, Orville, Georgia, and Thornton in DeBolt Cemetery, and Buck in Oklahoma City.

Orville always said he was born in a chicken house when his folks wasn't home. He had so much fun with this. People would say his folks had to be home. He always said, "but they weren't". His dad had to go somewhere and since it was close to time for their baby to be born, George took Hazel over to Walter & Spicie Shepherd's house. They had a room that had been attached to the house. They later converted it to a hen house. When it came time for Orville to be born, Walter, since Spicie had never delivered a baby, stood outside by a window and told her what to do. Walter said it wasn't "fittin" to see another man's wife, so he refused to be in the room while Hazel had the baby.

John always said he was born in a barn and his parents got him drunk the night he was born. They were living in a barn that had been converted into a house. On the night John was born, Hazel said he kept crying and crying, so they gave him some whisky mixed with water. He went to sleep and slept for about 4 hours. He had colic or something, and nothing else they tried to do for him worked.

George and John helped build the Fort Supply Dam.

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