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Carl L. Brown
Lee Brown
?? - 02 Jan 1980
Ellis County Capital 28 Feb 1930

Two Sons Of County Family Killed By Train

Carl R. and Lee Brown, ages 18 and 21 years, brothers, and sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown of four miles north of Bishop, this county, were killed almost instantly, three miles eas of Fairview, Friday, February 21st 1930, when the automobile in which they were riding was hit by a northboutn Rock Island passenger train. Apparently, the two young men had no warning of the train which is powered by a gasoline engine until it hit their car. They were following another car which was stopped by the driver who saw the train, thinking possibly the driver was having car trouble, the Brown boys pulled around the standing car and were hit by the train.

The Brown family formerly resided northeast of Arnett, three miles north of the Bud Infield farm. Before her marriage Mrs. Brown was a Miss Cronnister. Both Lee and Carl were born in this county. They were liked and respected by everyone with whom they were acquainged. Besides the mother and father they are survived by three brothers and three sisters, and a number of other relatives.

The bodies were returned to Higgins, Saturday. The funeral was conducted from the Baptist Church at Higgins, Sunday, and interment mae in the Higgins Cemetery.

Card of Thanks

We desire to express our thanks to our friends and neighbors wo so kindly assisted us following the sudden and untimely death of our sons and brothers. We will cherish the memory of your kindness throught our lives

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown and Children.

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