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Ellis County Capital
18 Oct 1918

Word was received in Arnett, last Thursday that Mrs. Brooks Patterson died very suddenly at the home of her parents at Prague, Oklahoma. Mrs. Patterson will be remembered here as Della Demo. She was married last winter to Mr. Patterson and on his having to leave for training camp in the east, she returned to the home of her parents. Her death comes as a shock to her many friends here.

Seldom has it been our duty to record so sudden a deth. A dark gllom spread over the whole community when it was whispered from one to another that "Della was gone."

She was of an affectionate disposition, bright and winning in her ways, so the friendship's circle was to her a large one. Indeed, it may be said of her, that "none knew her but to love her."

Her death was pathetic beyond expression, for not one, as the last good-byes were said but will feel that a loss has been sustained for which there is no compensation.

May time bring its resignation, and may the shores of eternity that receives her soul, surround it with everlasting sunshine and flowers.

Vainly groping after the Infinite meanings we cry: Why shoud so precious, so neccessary a life be taken? The old, old question which will never be answered till the veil of or mortal vision be vent by immortality, and we see, not as now, darkly, but face to face. Then also may we behold the heavenly mansion which perhaps she was called thither, thus early, to help prepare for her loved ones.

"For none return from these Spirit Shores,
Who cross with the boatman cold and pale.
We hear the dip of the golden oars,
And catch a gleam of the snowy sail.

"We only know that their barques no more
May sail with us o'er life's stormy sea;
Yet somewhere, I know, on the unseen shore
They watch and beckon and wait for me."

The entire community extends its sympathy to the young husband, the father, mother and sisters.